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Hello... I'm Mr.


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How are things with everyone? Good I hope. I've been quite up and down as of late. However, I have found out the value of older television and movies. Which explains Mr. Ed anyhow. One day, I hope to build a collection of the best black and white shows and movies out there. I rarely watch any television anymore unless it's black and white or something that I've grown attached to. I do play a lot of WoW and of course New Super Mario Brothers! In other news regarding my Wii platform, it finally is upgraded to be working online! So that makes me happy to say. And I'm also rehooked on...

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I have been playing the original US series, (Red and Blue) all over again. It's quite fascinating that after 14 years, still knows how to bring me in. I guess I like raising these delightful pocket monsters. Last time I played it, I can't remember, but I do know that I played it a lot through middle school. It was awesome! I guess, I'm going all nostalgia with everything as of late. But, it's great fun. Especially when you are in the 5th dimension.. where we explore the human mind and its fears and imagination. This is...

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TWILIGHT ZONE Pictures, Images and Photos

Gosh, I really love this show. Its almost cruel and sardonic outlook on humanity is highly rewarding. It takes situations us on multiple journeys of disillusionment to gain a deeper meaning. I'll have to do a full blog on this one alone. Fantastic stuff. That's about it but... I thought I'd show you all a picture of my mom's car after the accident. It's not very pleasant but everyone is okay so, the car is the real victim...


Next time, we go into the interesting concepts that Rod Sterling created in his masterpiece of a show. It's going to be a scare. Thank you and good night. :D