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(Final) Fantasy

I got some time before I go to work so I figured that I'd spend it ranting about Final Fantasy. First and foremost, why is it called "Final" Fantasy? I remember watching a special and this was answered for me. Square was in a big hole and they needed something big. They created 3D World Runner which was awesome by the way. They were about to fall off the face of the planet. So, the last ditch effort was Final Fantasy.

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This I can understand. Square needs something big, I get that. This is it, the last go. Oh, it's a massive success. Final Fantasy sells out wherever it is released. People are eating it up fast. Now that we have Final Fantasy, we need to follow up on it. However, what is this about? It should just be called Fantasy II. You can't have a Final Fantasy II. It's not going to work that way (but it has as people bought them). If something is Final, it should stay Final. Adding numbers to the games, changing the characters around, tinkering with stories, giving different locations. It shouldn't be a sequel by the merits of the numbers alone. Which brings me to the next issue I have...

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Does anyone remember when these two games were the same thing? I sure do. Considering that North American audiences got a sequel that was 3 sequels after the original sequels. How fair is that? I read about the translation problems they had but that's not really an excuse. They just wanted to rush it out. It was only 6 months after the original's wide spread fame that this game came out in Japan. They just wanted to get more money out of it. Taking the time to translate it to English doesn't look like a factor. So now I'm all screwed up on which sequel is which and I don't like how they handled the situation. Kind of like the controls..

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Is that picture allowed on here? If not I'll take it down. I'm sure my moderator friends could help me with that. Yagr_Zero and PJ24. Of course I am talking about something that I have never been fond of in any shape of form. "Turn based" games. It just seems silly to take one turn, attack, take another turn with a different party member, heal. Wait to get attacked. Rinse and repeat. It's just silly to play games like that. If you attack something, it should be able to attack you back as you attack it (if that makes sense). I'm not really a big fan of "random" monsters either. It seems like it is stupid to have to fight something you don't see. There's only a couple of games I can say that I like in this format. Chrono Trigger and Tales of Phantasia. They just don't feel like they are turn based games because they don't stand there idlely. You can attack freely if you like and then the monsters attack back. These games are very limited on their random monsters as well. Most of the time you can see them.

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Okay, I'm done ranting, lol. Gotta go to work now. See ya later. :D