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So I have been tagged, and I am using my really old Windows 98 computer because my laptop had issues. They had to send him away to get the motherboard and the hard drive fixed before they put Windows 7 on there. They said that sometimes laptops have problems like that. I knew that it was having problems when I couldn't even watch a 1 minute Youtube video on it. It was always glitchy which made it hard for me to do anything on it. Posting blogs would take a long time too because I'd type and nothing would show up for 20 mintues. Thankfully, they are fixing it and putting 7 on there for me. I can still be here because of my old computer that works great still. So, here I am. 10 things about moi!

10. My favorite food is breaded pork chops. I double dip all my pork chops in flour before pan frying them and covering them in gravy later. It is heavenly!

9. When I was 9, I tripped on a stump and rolled face first into a picnic table. I had 12 stitches in my right eye which nearly left me blind in that eye. My glasses help correct my right eye's weaknesses after that. They took out a piece of wood about the size of your pinky out of my eye. I swear that when I look at something that is straight, it often looks crooked to me.

8. I suffer froma disability that limits my short term memory. In order for me to remember something, it must be constantly repeated into my brain until it sticks. Otherwise, it is lost. Tape recorders and sticky notes are my best friends.

7. Played wide receiver in football throughout high school. Left fielder in baseball high school through college. A side of me that I never told anyone about on here. Had a lot of fun, but this is a video gaming blog most of the time, so sports only show up in games here. Didn't think it was important.

6. I have a mini refrigerator in my room that holds my pop in it.

5. I once won a 5 pound Hersey's Chocolate bar for selling 179 items in a fundraiser. Perhaps I should take a picture of it and show you all on Halloweeeeeeeen.

4. Many people believe that I look like Shaggy from Scooby Doo when my hair is down and I just wear my goutee.

3. I am an insomiac, I sleep very rarely, but there are ways that help me go to sleep. Like listening to Simon and Garfunkel or Peter Gabriel to help me at least a little bit.

2. The greatest console of all time is the SNES. I could play my SNES for hours and hours and hours. It's one of the few lasting systems I own and it still runs perfectly!

1. My favorite game characters will always be Mario and Snake. Mario's reign takes me back to my childhood where things were simplier and gaming was in its second wave. I missed the Atari generation but I am an NES kid through and through. 2010 will prove to be my 21st year as a gamer. Solid Snake is the kind of character that brought me into a new gaming realm of sophistication. It's not always going to be as charming as Mario but growing up with the gritty Metal Gear Solid kept my heart into gaming until I can't anymore!