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Contra Slug

I got some time with a classic today. I played some Metal Slug X.

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Just reminded me how much I really love to play shoot em ups like these. Even if they are insanely difficult and it takes me forever to get past the first level. It's so satsfying. As much fun as it can be, it's also similiar to a different game that's also really really really hard and lots of fun.

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Contra is the originator of impossible gameplay with tight controls. What can I say about Konami? Konami dictates a lot of what I play on video games, but I'm not a big fan of Contra. Other than its downright amazing victory song and "Konami Code", it just isn't as fun to me. What makes Metal Slug a superior series? Glad you asked!

metal slug x Pictures, Images and Photos

Metal Slug has hostages to save. They are often tied to poles, or hanging from the ceiling, but it makes things more interesting. Save a hostage and you get items. Unlike Contra, straight up shooting at anything and everything. Running and gunning is okay, but Metal Slug makes you want to slow down and strategize what you want to do next. It's pacing works very well. Contra just runs too fast for my taste. Metal Slug is juuuuuust right.

metal slug Pictures, Images and Photosmetal slug Pictures, Images and Photosmetal slug Pictures, Images and Photosmetal slug Pictures, Images and Photos

Contra has no short term attacks. How are you going to handle those close up attacks? You can just hope that your gun can hit it. In Metal Slug, you can slice and dice with a knife and that is cool. Not only that, you can choose your fighter unlike Contra. Contra's main character just looks like he's been taking some things he shouldn't. It's too gritty, Metal Slug is comically great. I'm rambling, lol. That's what I think really. It's just that Contra is all shooting and nothing else and Metal Slug is more dodging and manveuring. Either way, they are great, and I just like Metal Slug more.

Have a blasting good weekend! :D