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AHHH!!!! Updates of Me!

In much news to everyone, I have been battling the stomach flu! I am feeling much better now, and I really wanted to do a special blog on my favorite Treehouse of Horror segments of the Simpsons. I decided to do this blog on Halloweeeeeeeen and I'll post my yearly photo of my costume. Before then, I was geggat!!!!!! by Yagr_Zero to do a blog about 10 things with myself. I will do sometime soon. I am about to take my laptop in to get it upgraded to Windows 7! I'm so excited. I'll be sure to post my geggat blog as soon as it's all souped up and ready to go! See ya then! :D

EDIT: I'm on my friend's computer at the moment. Waiting for Gmail to load. *makes funny faces* Go crazy? Don't mind if I do! :P Yay for 7 saving my laptop! I was told by the guys at Best Buy that my hard drive was about to crash, so not only will they add 7, they will get me a new hard drive tooooooo!