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My Top 25 Games: Number 25!

Starting a fun new set of blogs, I decided to do a top 25 list. My big 100th blog is coming up too. I have major plans, hehe. But without further waiting..

Sonic Mega Collection Pictures, Images and Photos

Summing up my half of my childhood experience, SONIC Mega Collection has every single Sonic and Sonic related game for the Sega Genesis. The speedy blue hedgehog stormed his way through my screen and I loved it. These 2D sidescrollers are furious, challenging, and most of all fun!

Sonic the Hedgehog Pictures, Images and Photos

The visuals are amazing and vibrant. The animation and controls are fluid and works very well. These are the two big things about the Sonic games. It's all about SPEEEEED and if it is choppy, then it wouldn't be as good. Instead, it's everything that makes the SPEEEEED great. Also, these games have awesome music. Genesis Sonic games sound better than most games today. This is Lava Reef Zone 2's music and it is my favorite of Sonic & Knuckles. Most of the music is as good as this is. It's outstanding!

Sonic & Knuckles Pictures, Images and Photos

There's some other games which I think that could be different. Instead of Dr. Robotnix's Bean Machine, they could have put in Sonic CD. But alas, that wouldn't make it a Genesis only thing now would it? That's alright because Bean Machine isn't bad, nor is Flicky. It's a minor gripe but it doesn't affect anything. Sonic CD would appear on Sonic Gems Collection which I have yet to find.

Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine Pictures, Images and Photos

All and all, Sonic's Mega Collection takes every Sonic game for the Genesis and puts them together. Making it a ton of fun, giving me nostalgia feelings, and creating the utimate Sonic package. That's why it is Number 25 on my top 25 list!

Happy Halloween 2008!!!!

It is time to enjoy the spooky amazingness of HALLOWEEN! It's a great day that we all love. Especially for katamari it is his birthday! How awesome is it that to have a birthday on Halloween? I have two gifts for him. This is the first.


Katamari's Poem

Katamari, you are an awesome friend.
As I thought I would write this for you
To help celebrate your spooky birthday!
And to let you know that your blogs and
Many comments along with funny SPAM
Are the best in every single possible way.
Reading them is a joy and your quotes
Introduce us into your coffee filled world.
So, we hope that Axel does not throw his
Poo and ruin this poem. But still that's
Okay, it is his way of thanking you for
Everything you have done for him and
Me. We're always happy for your friendship!

rabid monkey Pictures, Images and Photos

Axel REALLY out did himself this Halloween. I have done something similar to last year but completely different. This year, I thought that that this idea would be a great one. I am Pirated Music!!! :D


Notice the Super Mario bandana. :D That is actually my belt when I was growing up, lol. I have the whole pirate thing going and my shirt has CD's, cassettes, and vinyls on it. I hope that everyone has a GREAT Halloween! And a great birthday as well, Katamari!! :D

Creepy Crawly!!!

Hello everyone! Long time no see, no? I needed to do a bloggy because this is going to be the preview of my yearly Halloween picture amongst other things. I have a nice set of things planned and I'm sure that it will not disappoint. Last year I was an illegal alien. Don't believe me? Take a look!


Recently I've been in a dreadful mood. I've had to rewrite the same paper for a course three times. (Still working on it by the way.) I had 3 midterms in the same week along side homework of dooooooooooooom. Then today, I was involved in something extremely horrifying. Before I even mention it, I would like to add a disclaimer.

Warning Pictures, Images and Photos


Warning WAR Pictures, Images and Photos

So, today, I was going to French nothing new was happening. Cold day, really bad. I wore a sweater and heavy jeans. Suddenly, I run into a guy with giant sign that said, "JESUS DIED FOR YOUR SINS!" He starts yelling at my face "Jesus died for your clothes, died for your body, died for your soul, died for your family, died for your possessions, and died for your friends! You don't need to go to cl@$$ you don't need to talk to any professor, you don't need anything else! The only answer is JESUS!"

jesus saves Pictures, Images and Photos

So I blink a few times. Stunned and confused by this. I start laughing because I think of Jesus dying for my boxer shorts. He did say that he died for my clothes right? So with my knowledge of the text and many other religious texts, I decided to ask him a question. "So, other pagan gods such as Mithra and Dionysis have lived and died in a similar way than Jesus before he even arrived. Explain that one for me."

mithra Pictures, Images and Photos

"He's the son of god, that's all you should know, there's no way that these men did these things before him!"And my response: "look them up, there's a thing called knowledge, and if you weren't afraid to leave your bubble, you might actually learn something." I try to walk away but he pulls me back. "You don't understand, I know the truth and you need to be re-educated" "I grew up in a church, I've heard all this growing up! I study this stuff and I come to my own conclusions and it is not the same as yours!"

Albert Einstein. Pictures, Images and Photos

"I have free speech on my side to tell you what I believe is right!" "We all deserve that privilege and I have no problem with you saying what you believe is right." "Well.. Good, because I am right!" "What I do have a problem is that you are forcing your beliefs onto me! That's considered verbal abuse, so if you know what's good for you, then you'll leave me alone!" "I am right, that's all there is to it!" "It doesn't matter if you are right! What matters is that you should respect others and their opinions and if you don't agree with that, go back to fantasy land and never come back!" So I finally walk away, he yells to me as I go. "You are going to Heck! (the other word with two L's but I won't say it because I don't know if I can.)" I shout back, "Ignorance is Bliss!"

bb Pictures, Images and Photos

This scares me more than anything. The fact that people are so willfully ignorant to the world around them that they have to literally force their way. That's history in a nutshell. Encountering it today left a bad taste in my mouth. As I said, I've done research and studied religion of all kinds. I respect those who believe in whatever it is they do. As long as you don't challenge me. Because I will get hasty and I turn into a chainsaw. Thank goodness Halloween and scaryness is supposed to be here. It's going to be a great ride, I know it. Enjoy your day and I'll see you soon! ;)

Chainsaw Pictures, Images and Photos

There's only ONE famous plumber!

The final debate of Obama and McCain has ended. And the backlash of it all is outstanding. McCain weezed and clawed and scratched... and all Obama can do is smile. That's not what this blog is about. This blog is about the "world's most famous" plumber. This man stole the show, they referred to him a grand total of 12 times. 12 times! He doesn't even have a plumbing license! This is yet another diversion for people to get into and behind. McCain's plans are no different than Bush's. Obama's plan are still shakey. But that doesn't matter! They didn't touch on anything that was important. All they could do is go to that guy. I'm not even going to call him by his name. It bothers me that the United States has come to this. The media has jumped all over this guy and are calling him the "world's most famous" plumber. He's not. He's a flash in the pan. Besides, he's only seen once. He's also just a United States citizen. That's it. He's not world famous at all.

On the other hand; there is a famous plumber. He essentially made up my childhood outside of the sports I played. He started my life in gaming over fifteen years ago. He is always a great guy to hang around. His face is plastered all over the world. I love him and millions of peope do too. And he should be; he brings joy whereever he goes. He is absolutely fun in the majority of everything he does. Because we all know that Hotel was a mistake. His alter ego is Captain Lou Albano. He is an icon. There's only ONE famous plumber! Because honestly, his brother is a sidekick. Yet, we love him too anyway.

Mario Pictures, Images and Photos

25! Among an Annoyance

Ball State is officially the 25th school in the nation in American football. That's always great news. Especially after the amazing victory we had. Same with the Colts and their amazing comeback.

I scheduled LOLcat Stor-E Tree! And Gamespot gave me lots of trouble with it. So, I'm going to have start over again :evil: Ah well.

I hope that everything's good with you guys and gals. I'm getting ready for Halloween! I got my awesome costume set in line. hehe. It's going to rock! :D

Have a wonderful day!

5 and 0! And Other Things..

So, the Colts, Giants, and Patriots are on Bye. Big whoop. Not really. Considering that Indy needs it now, Giants probbaly don't, and I have no one to bash. It's alright though, despite not having Dante Love, BSU won! We are on a roll, winning by twenty yet again. For the second week in a row. Are ya scared yet Yagr? ":twisted: Sorry for your loss tryst, the Chiefs got the better of you.

Meanwhile, I changed my avatar to the greatest image of purity. Yes, you got it right. Applesauce. Speaking of which, that means that everytime I post on your blog, you will enjoy the basking glow of it. The blogging word of Gamespot needs a little more randomness don't you think?

I've got plans for an awesome blog coming up soon. It's a sequel to a well known series which I've done before. Does anyone know what it is? hehe. Here's a hint.

Anyone playing anything interesting? I'm still playing

because so darn fun! :D Had to take back Rock Band 2 unfortunately. :( Both games are great, I reccommend them. Especially when you get your friends over, they are even better!

Have a wonderful day everyone!!!! :D

Back on Course...

So my apple sauce got mixed reviews but that's okay. I was expecting it. It was like a Warhal tribute from me. Except, I used apple sauce, good stuff. Cinnamon.

Anyway, my American college football team, Ball State, beat the poo out of Indiana! 42 to 20. It was a great game. Although their star player was injured. Too bad. :( I wishes him well and get to feeling better soon.

I'm glad they won, because the Colts did not. I personally think that their new stadium is giving them stage fright.. or gas. Something like that. They lost to the JAX, deja vu from previous years. A field goal sealed it for JAX back then and it sealed them now. I never thought I'd see a Young-less Titans team go 3-0 while the Colts are 1-2. Kind gives me a queazy feeling. Although, it warms my heart to see a blowout performance from Miami over the Pats. Also, trystkl1826 must be feeling pretty good right now. The Broncos are on a ROLL! Giants won, at least 2 out of 3 teams I like won. Whooo!

Now how similar is that to tryst's Broncos? We'll see.

That's kind of creepy if you look at them side by side. :shock:

Currently I'm playing:


Both games are great! Although I had to rent Rock Band 2. I'm waiting on that for a different time of the year. hehehe. So what are you all playing?

Have a great day!!

Conjunction Junction!

So I no longer "feel asleep". But, I am running with the Defias Brotherhood. Gosh, they've killed me too many times. It annoys me really. The Brotherhood is from WoW. Which I am lvl50! Haven't played it in a while though. Too busy with homework and going to an American Football game (Thanks PJ)! :D

My football team whooped Navy! 35-23. It was great fun! All up to the point where a guy on a bike who was doing drugs asked me and my friends if we were cops. We was like... uhhh... no? I mentioned I live a drug free, alcohol free, and tobacco free life. He was like "you will rule the world man" and I laughed when he rode away. Crazy guy. :P

As for the title, I want to mention that my favorite kid show is.... School House Rock!

For one thing, you learned something with each short. You also get some awesome music that sounded great! Did I mention that you learn something? And that you get some great tunes also? Mix the two, and you get the one and only Schoolhouse Rock! I saw it on DVD, and I had to pick it up. Every single English related parts, I watched first off. Showing me my memories and my love of words. It's a poet's dream is it not?

I found some of them on Youtube. So what do I do? Share them of course! :D

Verb! It's What's Happening

Conjunction Junction

Lolly, Lolly, Lolly (Get Your Adverbs Here)


A Noun Is A Person, Place, or Thing

Unpack Your Adjectives

Rufus Xavier Sarsaparilla (My favorite one! Highly recommended!)

Have a great weekend everyone! :D

Edit 1: Extra School House Rock! It involves subjects and predicates. I particularily like this one since it's like how I am in a way. Especially the poem writing part, hehehehe. :D

The Tale of Mr. Morton

Tell us a story, Wishbone!

"I have never let my schooling interfere with my education."
-Mark Twain

I haven't been too active as of late. And for that, I'm sorry. I've been trying to redo my room and get started in my cl@$$es. I had my first set of rounds today and I already have quite a bit of reading. It's always some kind of pleasant. For me anyway. My books this semester were $550. Nearly broke my wallet into sevens. Oh well, if it's for learning, I'm all up for it.

Recently I've been watching a lot of old PBS shows from when I was a kid. In particular, Wishbone, Sesame Street, Reading Rainbow, Mr. Rogers, and Magic School Bus. Then I watch what they give kids today. It hurts me to see the differences. What there is on now is not very educational. Seems like they are dumbing kids down. The shows I watched made me think growing up. Made me want to learn. I don't get that same feeling. It's sad really.

Wait wait wait a minute....Dark Knight? Can't escape it!! Ahhh!!

That's better. Funny how I love both the books of the Magic School Bus and the show as well. Anyone remember those crazy learning games they had? I know I do. I've got LOLcat 3 in the works. Keep an eye out for that. That's the second reason for the title. I think it's a hint of some kind. haha. We'll see. :P For now, I've been reading MAUS.

It's educational, informative, amazingly drawn, and accurately portrays what really happened. Amazing stuff really. It's for one of my courses. My prof is awesome enough to assign books like these. Helps me learn lots. Have any of you read these books?

Well, I'm through. I'm going to eat dinner now. Hope everyone has a wonderful week and I have survived the game that eats people alive. ;) Still here, PJ. Didn't even need a shotgun, lol.