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Long time no bloggy.

Hello all! Been a while no? My days are long with hellacious homework and tests. I had 3 in a row last Friday. Man, I'm wacking out on insanity right now! :shock: My birthday is in 3 days! For it, I will have a NEW sho-evil-war! I will have the rest of my top 25 games done by my 5 year anniversary here on Gamespot! My number one will be on March 20th! Count on it. :D It's great to be back!

I've seen two movies lately.

The Wrestler Pictures, Images and Photos


Slumdog Millionaire Pictures, Images and Photos

Needless to say, both movies deserve Best Picture at the Oscar's. The Wrestler shows us how hard it is for them to relate to real life and the roar of the crowd is mind numbingly amazing. If you've ever been to a wrestling event, you can feel the energy in the air. It's just amazing. It ripples down your spine and you can do anything! This takes you behind that roar of the crowd and it definitely is out of this world. Go and see it. :)

Slumdog Mllionaire is a story about a Indian teenager whom tries to win the love of his friend. He goes onto a show that is the same as Who Wants to be a Millionare to do it. Through his life he learns a lot which equate to the questions on this show and it is unbelievable how it all transpires. He learned a lot from when he was growing up through poverty and everyone thought he was cheating. Was he? :shock: You'll have to watch and find out. It defintely deserved its Oscar this year.

Well, that's enough from me for now. I'll see you on my birthday! Have fun! :D

Help! I'm A Poet!

Hello everyone! How are you all? Good I am hoping. My last blog had many many references to one of my favorite musicians ever and his second album, Absolutely Free! This album has been out for a whooping 32 years now! Amazingness. His name is Frank Zappa!

frank zappa Pictures, Images and Photos

Zappa is one of those guys who isn't in it for the money, he wanted to make music that was "something other than the norm of American entertainment." And boy did he do that. Zappa wrote, played, and composed music that was so strange that it makes you wonder if it is actually music. Well, it is and it definitely sounds out of this world. In his oddball sound, he dedicated his second album to what else? Vegetables! This is just a sample of his work, considering he has over 60 albums during his lifetime and there's a lot more coming! Zappa passed away 15 years ago, leaving us some amazing music to listen to!

zappa Pictures, Images and Photos

Zappa wasn't only a crazy fool with talented great music. He was a satirist and it definitely showed in his work. In his album "We're Only In It For The Money", he bashes hippies to the extreme. And this was back in 1968, during the height of the movement. Singing "I will love everyone, I will love the police as they kick the **** out of me on the street" in a song called "Who Needs the Peace Corps?" There's another song on there called "Flower Punk" which is a complete rip off of "Hey Joe" but it is so effective. He has made fun of everyone from corporation figureheads to homosexuals and no one is sacred. It's amazing how he can be doing that long before anyone else did. Hurray for satire!

zappa Pictures, Images and Photos

Zappa, in his pompous insane ideals stood true right when it needed it. He made sure that no one can completely censor music or anything else. Especially in forms of art, he fought this group called the PMRC who tried to censor every album and everything else they thought was explicit. Zappa, along side Dee Snider of Twisted Sister and John Denver :shock: Stood up against any kind of censorship and won. There is that little label saying that it has explicit content on it. Which is pretty funny since that label actually causes more people to buy it according to a study. Epic fail on the PMRC!

parental advisory. Pictures, Images and Photos

I thought that I would dedicate these two blogs to him! For his dedication and service, he definitely inspires me to be myself and I can't thank him enough for that. Go out and find any of his works! I reccomend Absolutely Free, We're Only In It For the Money, Hot Rats, Joe's Garage Acts: 1-3, and Freak Out! I could do a lot more but that's enough. :D Have a great day and "don't you eat that yellow snow, where the huskies go!"

zappa Pictures, Images and Photos


For Hungry_bunny... carrots Pictures, Images and Photos

This blog is about vegetables, they keep you regular and are good for ya!

I am the duke of prunes....and you... you are my dootchess, dootchess of prunes!

prunes Pictures, Images and Photos

If it really is a prune, it knows no cheese!

cheese Pictures, Images and Photos

Call any vegetable! Call it by name! Call any vegetable....

An Abundance of Tomatoes Pictures, Images and Photos

And the chances are goooood, that the vegetable will respond to you!

Veggie Tales Pictures, Images and Photos

Rutabaga, rutabaga, rutabaga, rutabay-y-y-y...

Rutabaga Pictures, Images and Photos

A prune really isn't a vegetable. Cabbage is a vegetable..

30 Pictures, Images and Photos

A lot of people don't bother about their friends in the vegetable kingdom. they think: oh, ah, what can i say? what can a person like myself say to a vegetable? But the answer is simple, my friends! Just call, and tell them how you feel about muffins:

muffin Pictures, Images and Photos


one of my mini pumpkins Pictures, Images and Photos

Wax Paper.

Wax Paper Pictures, Images and Photos


caledonia Pictures, Images and Photos


South American Mahogany Armoire Pictures, Images and Photos


ELBOWS! Pictures, Images and Photos

Green things in general!

grass. Pictures, Images and Photos

Suzy Cream Cheese! Oh mama now! What's got into ya?

Cream and cheese Pictures, Images and Photos

Call any vegetable! Pick up your phone!

Phone Pictures, Images and Photos

Call one when you get off the train!

website Pictures, Images and Photos

My Top 25 Games: Number 16!

I can't believe that the HYPER refeference gave it away. I am indeed HYPER but it was serving a pun for things to come. How can I not be, 6 cups of coffee! Here's the list.

French Press
Drip Method
Spiced Vienna
Mocha Frosted

Great kudos to katamari and Hungry_bunny for figuring that out! Here it is, number 16!

Super Street Fighter II Pictures, Images and Photos

I am not a very big fan of fighters at all. The fact that this sits where it does is amazing really. They just seem silly and redundant in my opinion. Unless it is competitive, then it just seems alright. However, the Genesis version of Super Street Fighter II won my heart!


The graphics are filled with life! It is amazing to see really. When I first played it on a console, I was amazed at how well it translated from the original arcade version. Yes, I remember the arcade version. I never played it but I loved watching the demos. It took away the long boring time during the laundromat. Articles of clothing moved with each motion, the backgrounds were magnificent. Suited to each character, it was amazing for the little me. Having been weened on the NES and Atari. However, I disliked the use of "sweat" in the game. I still do! It is just terrible. The picture below shows what I mean.


Awful... On a different subject, I love the music in this game. Unlike the SNES version, it does not stop after the end of the round. It just keeps going and that is amazingly awesome for me. The grunts of pain and shouts of moves were perfectly done. Which is why it is awesome to say all those great things. HUNDRED HAND SLAP! HUAH HUAH HUAH! I love that. lol.


Okay, who keeps making the pictures like this? Are they trying to tell us something? :shock: Never mind.. (takes a deep breath) Okay, the controls and the gameplay is just the best in any fighting game. Each combo and special move feels intuitive and you can do anything you want to. It is a game that one needs to practice at, and the more you practice, the better you get. That is great in my opinion. Not enough games do that as well as Street Fighter. They do everything right in 2 player mode. Lots of modes, and a Win/Loss record of everything. For a guy who doesn't like fighting games, this impressed me a lot. Definitely more so as a kid.


Whoever is doing this to my pictures is going to get it.:evil: Censoring such a beautiful thing. I hate censorship! Even if I don't agree with the previous pictures! (takes off glasses and rubs his eyes) Okay.. must stay focused... Great controls, wonderful music, amazing graphics, and a deep two player mode. Make Super Street Fighter II for the Genesis number 16 on my list! And I dislike every other fighting game, so thank goodness for Street Fighter! Buy Street Fighter IV! I say at least download the Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix from Live or the PSN. You'll not regret it.


Now THAT is a Street Fighter pic to be proud of! :D

A Blog Will Go Here....

When I return from my class (how is that not censored) tonight that is. Just reserving the space for......

NUMBER 16 of my top games!

I've had to make 6 cups of coffee (all different kinds) in Foods today.

Needless to say,

I am feeling rather HYPER!


Don't forget to waitress your tip!

Sho-EVIL-War! The Blues Brothers: Jukebox Adventure for the SNES (1993)

I have finally come to a proper name for my shovelware entires. Alas, welcome to Sho-EVIL-War! From now on, I'm going to do specifics on each title that I deem "Sho-EVIL-War" and explain exactly why it is that. Because, after all, they are more EVIL than anything else I know in the gaming world. (Also I declare WAR on these atrocities.) I should know, I'll have 20 years of experience at the end of February! You've already seen some of the horror. Now, you'll get details of the exorcisms. I'm starting off my demonic ressurrection of The Blues Brothers: Jukebox Adventure for the SNES!

Blues Bro Intro

Table of Contents

I. Overall Description
II. Graphics
III. Sound
IV. Gameplay
a. Run and Jump
b. Enemies
V. Miscellanious
a. Various Problems
b. Two Player Mode

I. This is a sequel to another horrible game which I played for 20 minutes as a kid. The game wasn't mine (thank goodness) The Blues Brothers for the NES. I have nothing wrong with the Blues Brothers, in fact I love the movie and the SNL skits. One of John Belushi's greatest characters as Jake wasn't as insane as Bluto in "Animal House" (college cl@$$ic) or as his kick butt samuari self on Saturday Night Live.

John Belushi Samurai Pictures, Images and Photos

II. From what I remember as a kid, the first one was boring and got really annoying. All you had to do was go to the end of the level with finger numbing obsticles that made the game unplayable. I would do that one but I can't find it anywhere. Instead we get this second generation game that I despise just as much! It was designed for kids and it really shows. The colors are off the wall crazy. Pinks and blues and green and the only dark color is from the Brothers' suits and the enemies. Why does everything have to pop out at you but then... the enemies are just as dark as you. I don't understand. These colors are of the Blues Brothers and it is supposed to be cool. But it isn't. Instead, the enemies are dark too. Can't they be as trippy as the rest of the environment?

Blues Bro Graph

III. The sound is terrifying. From the star you'll hear: "Roc'Roc'Roc'Rock-N-Roll!" Once is enough but it isn't. Every once in a while you'll find power ups (most don't do anything) and then you'll hear "Roc" again. The music tends to loop quite a bit and there's no way around it. Why not change it up a little? Isn't Blues Brothers supposed to be about MUSIC? It is but in a dehumanizing way. This game is about 25 levels long two player mode, 40 one player mode. The looping of sound is just awful. And when you die, you get a YELP! sound. What are they? Dogs?

Blue Bro Sound

IV. a. All you do in this game is throw records (music related product) and avoid obsticles to get to the Jukebox. It's just a platformer with stupid disease. Each brother has his own strengths and weaknesses. Elwood is tall and can jump higher. Jake is short and jumps like a moose. Where else have I heard of such a thing?

Super Mario Brothers 2 Pictures, Images and Photos

b. Hmmmm... anyway, they have the stages set up exactly the same each time. So if you are Jake and you need to jump on a platform that's a bit higher than you, you can't. You are too fat and fall to your death. All there is to it. Then you got to start all over again! The enemies are the strangest things I have ever seen, a lawn mower with eyes, an angry snail, flies with faces on them, jumping bear traps, and so forth. They respawn in even as you are on the same screen you killed them in. It's like "you killed this enemy, here it is again! Enjoy!" Why would a snail have to be angry? And why does he want to stop the Blue Brothers perform? Perform? What? More like not!

Blues Bro Enemies

V. a. The only thing that they do is throw records and try to get to a jukebox. It says "tune up your instrument and get ready to play some blues!" I haven't seen any instrument at all in this game. Unless records and jukeboxes are instruments, but they are not. No guitars, no drums, no microphones, nothing. That bothers me to shreds. They have time to make ticked off lawn mowers and wacky enivornments but no instruments? Not going to go well with me.

Blues Bro Various 2

Blues Bro Various 1

b. Two player mode is a pain in the freaking rump. My friend and I played it recently to find that lots and lots of obsticles have to be precisely done or else you are going to die. If one of you dies, then both of you got to go back to the beginning. And you have to be straight on or what happens? Death. We spent 30 minutes trying to jump on a chain to get us both on it. And we still died. This game is so bad that my liver gave out. Thanks Jukebox Adventures! At least they didn't make a sequel...

N64 Blues Brothers Pictures, Images and Photos

What? NOOOOOOO!!!! :cry: I hope you all liked the new format of the Sho-EVIL-War! Can't wait to do more! :D

A Singluar Poem Extravaganza! (For My Friends)

I decided to do this on the fifth day of the new year. Besides, without all of your support, I'd probably have forgotten to update this thing, hehe. So here's a poem dedicated to all of you! A stanza for each of you.

(In No Particular Order)

I. cryptosopodium

One of my first friends of the site! A
leader of unions, knows how to throw
cows at us humans. No! Stand back!
Just kidding, thanks for showing me
ropes when I started here, seriously.

II. JpGalindo

Axel and I miss writing poems for your
comments; it's not the same on LIVE,
but I'm glad that we still talk. I will see
you when my 360 returns. Have fun and
enjoy yourself. By the way... SPAM POEM!

III. katamari

Espresso monkey ruler seduced by many
mistresses. Filled with joy and coffee, it is
always a great day with your posts. Witty
intellect with a stash of oddball pop culture
references and it is a blast my good sir!

IV. PJ24

Shotgun pumping, smooth interviewing,
smart mouthing, proud of his native UK
(I would be too! The United Kingdom is
awesome!), and an all around great guy.
Hope you get through all those games!

V. Yagr_Zero

Alas my Miami-ian rival, it's time to salute
you! Always a laugh and lots of ****ing
stars, we two are never afraid to speak our
minds about anything. Even if mine doesn't
make sense. Good luck in your engineering!

VI. s_h_a_d_o

I bow down to your endless knowledge of the
things I really am lost in. Your ideas are always
welcome and great ideas they are! I heeded
your advice and working on doing more concrete
stuff. You'll like what I do with the next blog!

VII. s0njas0n

Your well thought out blogs are wonderful
and you always seem to baffle me in the
gaming sense. Your collection continuously
grows and every addition is a spectactular
one. You do it better than anyone else I say!

VIII. quiquexbs

Your name is cool and you, your blog, and
comments are cooler! From your Turkey Day
blog to the apology for one of your avatars,
you are definitely on the edge of something
people wouldn't like. But I'm not those people.

IX. darthzew

You are one cool operator with all you do,
with your head on straight and filled with
humor, it's great to have you on Gamespot
and great work on your video that you posted
recently, it was definitely awesome! Way to go!

X. jollyroger78

What they say about wine applies to us. We
"old farts" of the gaming world. We get better
as we get older. I will reach 20 years this year
and you will reach 28, I look up to you in awe
of greatness. Thanks, my gaming mentor!

XI. trystkl1826

Hey T, it's me. C.O.P. I miss you and I hope
that you are doing well. We definitely need a
gianormous hug right now. The Broncos lost
4 straight and missed the playoffs. The Colts
lost to the team that defeated yours! I cried.

XII. VixDiesel

I am stuck on Bleach thanks to you, but I am
not complaining. It's a wonderful show and I
have you to blame for it. However, I am in my
hometown where my parents have a whooping
12 channels. I don't know if it is still on the air.

XIII. Hungry_bunny

Your wacky facts of the day are always hilarious
and I'm glad that you do them. You are so fuzzy
and warm, I wish I could give you a carrot. I do
not like it when bunnies are hungry. But then it
would not be you, because you are great, hungry!

XIV. marbigmarbig

Oh where have you gone, marbigmarbig.
You and your goofy personality is like brillig
toves! Jabberwocky, you see. Haven't seen
you since we played Halo 3 and beat up my
friends! That was fun since they always win.


Your love of Metal Gear Solid is strong young one,
some day, it will be of games past. Much like how
the original Mega Man games are. And then, you
will see why I chose the Mega Man Collection over
God of War. But they are all great games anyway!

XVI. xwest06

I love how you organize your blogs
they are convenient for all of your
readers. It is set up nicely and you
have a great taste in sports games,
In other games to especially Street Fighter!

XVII. For Everyone (friends, nonfriends, etc)

If I left you out, I apologize I have a horrible
memory, you see, it is much like a goldfish's
and I can't always keep up with stuff. Hope you
all enjoyed my second poetry extravaganza!
Even if it is one huge poem of monsterous!

Happy New Year!!! Oh Wait... Plus Top 25 Games: Number 17!

Sort am a little late. lol. Happy REST of the Year, hehe. We got 364 days to go! :P Let's have some fun shall we? Starting off the new year with my number 17 game! Which is.....

Cooking Mama: Cook Off Pictures, Images and Photos

Cooking Mama is AWESOME! But, I'm only kidding, lol. This is my favorite Wii game thus far!

mario galaxy Pictures, Images and Photos

Sorry PJ24 but I do not like Brawl. It's too confusing of a fighter for me. There will be a fighting game on this list, but it is not that. This was a hard choice, between this and Metroid Prime: Corruption and Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicals. A very hard decision but Mario seems to win a lot with me. He's just great.

Mario galaxy Pictures, Images and Photos

This game is pure platforming! When he's true to his roots, Mario NEVER disappoints. It's highly colorful, coin grabbing, star bit munching, "snack happy goodness."

Super Mario Galaxy Icon 1 Pictures, Images and Photos

There's definitely a lot to do, and it is fluid along side making great use of the Wiimote and Wiichuck. What's even better about this game is that sometimes it'll go into a 2D format, giving it a nostalgic feeling. Reminds me of another game that will appear on the list. We'll see what that is later.

Super Mario Galaxy Pictures, Images and Photos

I think that this game has the best soundtrack out of every Mario game ever. It's full and beautiful. It's orchestrated to perfection. The sound effects are also great. I love the quirky sounds of the stars and all sorts of other things. The game looks and sounds wonderful. The platforming of this game is fun and frustrating sometimes, as a Mario game should. Is there any other reason why this game is where it is? Many! I just can't go through all of the reasons. lol.

super mario galaxy Pictures, Images and Photos

That is why Super Mario Galaxy (not Cooking Mama) is number 17 on my list! :D

Plans of 2009!

Good evening to everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful Peace that Should Spread Across the Calendar Day! Before I get started, I like to remind you of my Indiana heritage. Where the weather can change faster than a blink of an eye. As we had 3 straight weeks of ice storms and sleet and snow and ewwwwwwwww, today definitely took an odd turn. Today it was 61 degrees outside. Yes, you heard me right. 61 degrees. I swear that's got to be a record or something. I put out my trash in a t-shirt and jeans. Normally, it doesn't happen until February at the earliest. Either we are in bizarro Indiana or we are experiencing Global warming. :shock: We'll see what tomorrow brings with a side of doooooom!

al gore fire Pictures, Images and Photos

It was brought to my attention that I should start a webpage somewhere. I think that is a marvelous idea! That way I can oversee everything that I write without any problems. I can focus on shovewerewolves individually. I can post my LOLcat Stor-E's in their entirity. I don't want it to be a blog type of thing. Because blogs can and will go by quickly and a lot of the things I want to do, I don't want to go by quick. Including my Top 25 games ever! I could focus on those without having them disappear after posts. However, I don't know how to make websites or how to do any of that. One of my plans is to find out how to make an "interwebs" so I can bring you all individual works of awesomeness and more. We shall see where that road takes us, won't we? I'll keep you all posted. :D

Technology Pictures, Images and Photos

I've accomplished a lot of things this past year. I'm at a creative high and I hope to remain that way for a long long long time to come. I have my first two books swirling in my head and I know EXACTLY what I want to do with them. So, another plan of mine is to at least write around half of my first book out. I want to be able to set it up in a wonderful way of cool. I already have the centerpiece written. I don't want to put it on here because it is a whopping 16 pages long! I don't want to spoil any of it for you either, so you'll have to wait, just like everyone else. ;)

Bukkit Pictures, Images and Photos

Finally, my biggest and baddest plan is to make it to graduate school. Being the poet that I am, going to graduate school to become a prof in it would definitely be the greatest thing I could do for this year. It is really difficult to do that, because of the very tiny amount that most schools take. Some only allow like 2 poets, 2 fiction writers, and 2 non-fiction writers a year. Indiana in Bloomington is one of them. So, I figure, I'll apply to places all over the world. Finding the ones right for me and the ones that will most likely accept me. I've been eyeing: Witichita State (my fiction prof graduated from there), San Franscico State, University of California in Fresno, Antioch University in California, University of Orlando, and many others. I've narrowed my list down to 7 places, most of them in the US. I hope I can get into at least one. Another thing I need to keep you all posted on, hehe. Because I just might wind up somewhere near you! :D

grad school comic Pictures, Images and Photos

Hope you all had a great year and a better one to come! See you all very soon! I'll have a new member of my Top 25 list around the New Year day! It is the last Wii game of the list! What will it be? :shock:

No Xbox, No Internet.... Make Rob Go Blah...Blah...CRAZY! BLARGALALAG!!!

Living in Indiana in December - Early Feb is enough to for anyone to go crazy. Right now, 3 ice storms ran through and destroyed my means of transportation. I have also internet problems out of my butt! That's always fun right? I'd have the latest in my countdown or more Shovelwhar(yes, I an changing how I call it everytime I talk about it) blogs out but I cannot. At least transferring music from CD's to my brand new 120 GB Zune is keeping me sane with my computer fun!

zune Pictures, Images and Photos

My 360 came up with the dreaded 3 rings of death as well. I was able to get on it earlier today and now it is in need of help. Gosh! Second time in 3 years. Right at the best timing! I really have nothing better to do because I am stuck in the middle of nowhere. Luckily, I had a back up plan. I brought my Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!! :D And on it I am playing..

wind waker Pictures, Images and Photos

which I have yet to finish. Now seems like a great time! I have a whopping 4 weeks of from college and am happy with my grades which are:

Holocaust Studies: A
World Literature: A
French 201: A-
Senior Seminar: C

That disgusting C is result of my 20 page paper which was HALF of my grade. I am definitely pleased with my other 3 cla$$es though. Showing off my awesomeness is great you know. I need only a few more points for a 3.0 GPA which I hope to knab in the Spring! Then it is off to grad school to become a Poet Prof! Don't worrry though, I'll always be the clown. :) As soon as I get my internet stable, I'll have an announcement for my plans of 2009! I am very excited really, hehe. Oh, and a day of consumerism is near! I'm not really religious so I don't like to call it Christmas so instead I call it...

peace Pictures, Images and Photos

Peace and Love which should Spread Itself Across the Calendar Day!

Have a great day and a Wonderful time on the 25th! :D