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Jupiter or Thor is Perfect!

We will need Atlas for our long distance stuff.

Tony Atlas Pictures, Images and Photos

The Titan will be even better!

titans Pictures, Images and Photos

They shouldn't have cancelled mammoth!

Mammoth Pictures, Images and Photos

Wait until you see our submarines with Polaris!

submarines comparative Pictures, Images and Photos

Attention all personel, this is CVTS: Operation with start on my mark at: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!

Space Shuttle love Pictures, Images and Photos

Hey smilin' strange
your looking happily deranged.

Smile Pictures, Images and Photos

Could have settled to shoot me,
or have you picked your target yet?

Archery target Pictures, Images and Photos

Hey Sandy,
Dont you talk back!
Hey Sandy,

SAND Pictures, Images and Photos

Four feet away,
End of speech, it's the end of the day!

Sunset Pictures, Images and Photos

We was only funnin'
But guiltily, I thought you had it coming!

Judge Judy Pictures, Images and Photos

Hey Sandy,
Don't you talk back!
Hey Sandy!

Sandy Cheeks Pictures, Images and Photos

My 5 Year Anniversary Topped off with the Number 1 Game in my List!

Considering that I had a big day of tests to deal with, it is finally here. The moment you've been waiting on! I should have used my ESPN Bracket on the one I put onto the Yahoo one that I am in. I am doing 3 times as better on that! Shoulda, woulda, coulda... ah well. Without further waiting...

metal gear solid Pictures, Images and Photos

Metal Gear Solid for the PSX is the ultimate game of all time! It combines a shockingly real and powerful storyline with fictional characters. How often is there a game that warns us of reality? Well, a mainstream game. After all, Terrangima does that but no one knows of it until my unvealing! If Super Mario Bros. 3 is my childhood. Metal Gear Solid is my coming of age and becoming a man!

Solid Snake behind crate Pictures, Images and Photos

The graphics at the time were so amazing that my eyes popped out of my head and I drooled at them. Looking back in it, the graphics are realistically done. Even to this day, they do a lot that most games cannot fathom. They are absolutely amazing. For a 10 year old game, you couldn't ask for more! The sound effects make you believe you are in a movie. They are ambient, suspenseful, AND absolutely stunning. The voice actors are authentic in every way. The lips move with the words and you can feel their emotions as well as see it. The greatest song in a video game has to be "The Best Is Yet To Come." The music that begins the game. Inspirational!

mgs1 Pictures, Images and Photos

The story is the best of any game. It feels so real because they use true to life events and figures along side the fictional ones to make a compelling story. They give you the idea that this stuff is happening to this day and it is. There's a saying at the end of the game explaining that there are loads of nuclear weapons out in the world today. This game is for adult, especially those who like suspense, wonderful storytelling, and a strong sense of urgency in the world we live in!

Metal Gear Solid Pictures, Images and Photos

The gameplay is so deep that you can do it anyway you want. While you are working toward a central storyline, you get to be sneaky or not. You can kill a lot of your enemies or let them live. This is the biggest thing for me. I hate the idea that we always have to kill everyone in a game. The purpose is to kill kill kill! NO! Not Metal Gear Solid. This game is revolving around the story not the action. Stealth is often the key and that's how I like it. No blood if it could be helped. What an amazing game!

Metal Gear Solid Pictures, Images and Photos

Beautiful graphics, the greatest true to life story ever concieved, ambient sound, and never ending gameplay makes for the GREATEST GAME EVER!!


Top 25 Games: 25 -2!!!

We are so close that I can taste it! I am so excited for tomorrow it's not even funny! :D This isn't the end for the list though. As I plan on doing LOTS of honorable mentions. Because there are lots of amazing games that I love that I couldn't put on here. So, here is my list!

Number 25! Sonic Mega Collection
Number 24! God of War

Number 23! Echo Night
Number 22! Mario Kart Wii
Number 21! Resident Evil 4 (GCN)
Number 20! Halo 3
Number 19! Mega Man Anniversary Collection

Number 18! Barkley: Shut Up And Jam Gaiden
(I say in this blog that I was going to have two basketball games in this list. However, I took out the game I was going to put in and put something else in its place. So, that one basketball game I willrefer to in this blog will be in Honorable Mentions.)
Number 17! Super Mario Galaxy
Number 16! Super Street Fighter II
Number 15! WWF No Mercy
Number 14! Twisted Metal
Number 13! Tony Hawk Underground
Number 12! World of Warcraft
Number 11! Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (GCN & GBA)

Number 10! Tomba!
Number 9!! Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
Number 8!! Conker's Bad Fur Day

Number 7!! Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Number 6!! Katamari Damacy
Number 5!! Silent Hill
Number 4!! Chrono Trigger

Number 3!! Terranigma
Number 2!! Super Mario Bros. 3


My Top 25 Games: Number 2!!

My Ball State Cardinals are in the NCAA Tournament... in the Women's because they are the MAC Champs! Woeoeoeoe! However, they face reigning champions, Tennessee. Barf. I'm in a group with Yagr_Zero for the men's and my bracket is called.. "What'chu Talkin' Bout Vitale? Anyhow, I am back yet again with my Second favorite game of all time! Here we go!

Number 2!

Mario Bro's 3 Pictures, Images and Photos

This is my childhood. When I first saw this game, I knew that I had to have it. The first two Marios were already in my collection. And this, this would be the penacle of my NES collection. And it still is. This game is perfect in every single way which made the Angry Video Game Nerd believe it was the spawn of Satan!

Super Mario Bros 3 Pictures, Images and Photos

The graphics push the NES to the limit of amazingness. The backgrounds were amazing even though all of the hills had eyes. :shock: All of the characters are reanimated and remade. There was a ton of fun to be had just by going through the map screen. Holy cow, look at that! Those things move! A moving map screen for the win! The music was catchy as well as fun to listen to. It mixes the old with the new and makes it spectacular!

super mario bros. 3 Pictures, Images and Photos

The controls are the best ever in terms of movement and precision. And boy howdy, you really need it. The gameplay is addicting and challenging too. With your new barage of utilities including Hammer Mario and Raccoon Mario, your mission is to get to the end of the level. Simple idea but it definitely works and the obsticles are defintely tough. I could go on and on and on about the gameplay. I am sorry but I cannot continue. Because if I keep going now. I will never stop and I would be the Shakespeare of Super Mario Bros. 3. Not even thousands of monkeys for eternity can say how much fun and amazing it is!

super mario bros. 3 amazing Pictures, Images and Photos

I hear that that they have made it for the GBA but I have yet to try that version. I'm thinking about it much. Will it hold up? Does anyone know about this and have played it? Because even if it is just the same thing along with Mario Bros. then it is STILL worth getting. Super Mario Bros. 3 embodies the video gaming kid in me. As much as I like these new games that come out. Super Mario Bros. 3 is the origin of the joy I get from playing video games. Without it, I'd probably have put the first Super Mario Bros. here. This was a tough decision between those two. But I'm happy with my decision.

Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3 box Pictures, Images and Photos

Amazing graphics, wonderful music, never ending gameplay, smooth control make Super Mario Bros. 3 the second most awesome game ever concieved!

My Top Games: Number 3!!

This next game is the final RPG in this list. Unfortunately for those who enjoy Final Fantasy, it isn't any of those. I seriously do not like them at all. Nothing against any of you that like them, I just don't like Final Fantasy. The next game is so special to me that I have to play it through ROMs, because they did not release it in the United States. It was either between Tales of Phantasia or this game. It is the last of a trilogy that started with Soul Blazer and Illusion of Gaia. Square bought Enix, the creators of these amazing games. This is its shining glory. PJ24 can find it I'm sure as they released a European version of it. I have a theory of why they didn't bring it to the United States. I don't want to discuss vital information though. I want you to experience it for what it is...

Terranigma Pictures, Images and Photos

This is one of those games that is lighthearted on the surface but deep down it is a heartbreaker. It is a thrilling game which you take control of a teenager by the name of Ark. He accidentally freezes his people when he opens a box in which his elder told him not to touch. You'll get to know the thing that came out of the box, Yomi, who will guide you on your quest from his box. Along the way, it appears that things are not how they are supposed to be. You are to ressurrect the world in which we live. I don't want to go any farther with the story because I'll give it away. But it is one of the most gripping stories ever told in a video game.

Terranigma Pictures, Images and Photos

The graphics in this game are the best I've ever seen in a SNES game. They pop out at you with a multitude of different colors and textures that pop right out of the game. You'll be amazed to find lighting textures, nearly 3D rendering, and much much more. It gives this game a Nintendo 64 feeling. They are meant to be seen to be believed. For the SNES, its graphics were definitely out of this world at the time. Although I never had the chance to play it on a SNES console, I know that I would have been amazed at this games technical prowless.

Terranigma Pictures, Images and Photos

The sound in this game is amazing. The music feels like it is orchestrated but it is not. Great work for them to do this kind of music the way they did. Not only that, each song they have in this game has a purpose. It gives a feeling about what is to come or what is happening. It takes on a life of its own. This game hits so real with your heart and the music is completely in tune with what you are feeling at the time. From the sadness of finding your people frozen solid to the pitter patter of joy that you get from Ark's love. To the raging boss battles to the roar of dungeons. The music does a lot in this game. It opens the game with a heart beating which has significance to the entire game. How cool is that? Who knew the SNES could provide such auditory experiences?

terranigma Pictures, Images and Photos

The gameplay is a lot like playing a Zelda game. Which is much like the previous games in its trilogy which I highly reccomend as well. While they are in a trilogy, they are all loosely based off each other and they all can be played as stand alones. That's why the others are not mentioned as much here. While I'd love to have the other 2 involved, this is the one that stands head and shoulders above any other RPG in my opinion. You level up as you kill the baddies in your dungeon and get extra Strength, etc etc. Much like a typical RPG. Much like Zelda, you use items in certain places to reach your goals. You use leaf flippers to swim, etc. You also use certain weapons to break rocks, etc. Everything has a purpose. Some things don't work as well as other things with certain items, etc. You can't use a Grass Rod on a boulder, doesn't work. Little details like these make the gameplay amazing.

Terranigma 6 Pictures, Images and Photos

If anyone wants links to try this out, send me a PM, I'll be happy to take you to the sites to get it. One of the most compelling stories concieved that combines philosophy and theology, the most beautiful graphics the SNES has ever seen, music and sound that grab a hold of you and don't let go, all together with Zelda like gameplay; make Terrangima my TOP RPG and NUMBER 3 on my list! :D

Top 25 Games: Number 7 - 4!

We are moving faster than a train powered by walnuts! Here we go!

Number 7!

THE LEGEND OF ZELDA - OCARINA OF TIME Pictures, Images and Photos

If this isn't in your top 10 then I don't care about you. :evil: Just kidding. :lol: It is one of the greatest games ever created; however, there's more Zelda's that I debated on putting here. I'll have an honorable mentions list and lots and lots of Zelda will appear there. hahaha.

Number 6!

Katamari Damacy Pictures, Images and Photos

The most addictive game I've ever played. I can't get enough of Katamari Damacy and all of its other games. The original one stood out to me because it was the most bizarre, strange, and witty game at the time. It came out for a lowly 19 dollars at first! Now they are all going for 30 at the least. There's nothing like rolling stuff up with a sticky ball! :D

Number 5!

PSX Silent Hill front cover Pictures, Images and Photos

This game scared the (explicative) out of me. Not in a killing lifeless zombies kind of way. More like, this game is closing in on me and I can't breathe. Although the graphics are not the greatest, Silent Hill sucked you into its world and other world and twists your mind like a rag. Now that's a game!

Number 4!

Chrono Trigger Pictures, Images and Photos

I don't know how many hours I've lost playing this game. I can say that it has to be a lot. lol. It redefinied how I saw RPG's with its gripping story and many many many many alternate storylines. It was not cut and dry like a lot of the Final Fantasy games. This was different and definitely deserves to sit here. The SECOND best RPG ever. There will be at least one more!

Number 3 will be on the 15th!
Number 2 will be on the 18th!

The comprehensive list of 25-2 will be on 19th!

Followed by the epic number 1 and my 5th year anniversary on the 20th!

My Top 25 Games: Numbers 10-8!

Keeping up the neck breaking speed, here's 3 more!

Number 10!

Tomba Pictures, Images and Photos

Tomba for the PSX was the most awesome platformer that was not made by either a blue blur or a plumber! It was quirky strange, and funny. 3 things that I absolutely love! there was a lot of objectives and things to do. The sequel wasn't half bad either. I wish they would make more of these.

Number 9!

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night Front Pictures, Images and Photos

One heck of a game this is. I've always been a fan of Castlevania but this takes the cake of all cakes of the series. I do enjoy the GBA and DS versions of Castlevania but this is wow. They recently put this on the XBL. I am unsure of how much it emulates the original. Should I try it?

Number 8!

Conkers Bad Fur Day Pictures, Images and Photos

What a cool game this turned out to be. Very adult and fuzzy too! This game was something out of the ordinary and I just wish they would do something better with the franchise than let it wittle away.

I'll be back tomorrow with 7-4! :D

My Top 25 Games: Number 14, 13, 12 and 11!

My Five Year Anniversary is fast arriving so I got to go really fast. lol.

Number 14!

Twisted Metal 2 Pictures, Images and Photos

Fast paced, explosions, and cars: what more do you need? My only complaint is that the controls hate me! :evil:

Who doesn't love Sweet-tooth? :twisted:

Number 13!

TONY HAWK'S UNDERGROUND Pictures, Images and Photos

The last great skating game in my opinion. The controls were at their best, the story was amazing, and there was a lot to do. Great music too! Not to mention the replay value. I could play this for hours and hours. Too bad none of them today can capture my interest. Not even Skate which people seem to love.

Number 12!

wow header Pictures, Images and Photos

This game is so addicting it makes my eyes bleed! :shock: I'm playing it right now! Somebody help me! :cry:

Number 11!

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets us.jpg Pictures, Images and Photos

The Game Boy Advance and Gamecube version of this game together make this list because they work together very well and recreate the vision of the Harry Potter universe in my head. Unfortunately, no other Harry Potter game comes close to it. The closest is Order of the Pheonix which gives me great hope for the Half Blood Prince!

Soon, I'll do 10-4. and leading up to the big day, I'll do numbers 3 - 1 individually. Hopefully it will work out. Have a good one! :D

My Top 25 Games! Number 15!

The Sho-evil-war blog with that one guy will be put on hold until I get my cartridge back. I can't wait. I got my Top 25 Games to do! I got to get to number 1 by the 20th. I think I can do it. Here's number 15!

It's that time of the year again. The time where legends are born or so to speak. The biggest event in the World Wrestling Entertainment!

Wrestlemania 25 Pictures, Images and Photos

Wrestlemania! And for that, it's only fitting that one of my favorite games is a wrestling game. Growing up and watching Hulk Hogan rip up his shirt and kick some butt! The best game to ever grace the specticle of professional wrestling!

WWF: No Mercy Pictures, Images and Photos

WWF No Mercy is one of those games that, even if you don't like wrestling, you like to play because it is fun. The controls were easy to understand. Anyone could pick up the controller and play this game. After a few minutes, you'll be wrasslin' like the pros. That's a big plus of the game. Everyone has their own moves, taunts, and kinds of play. It's little details like these that No Mercy does right.

WWF No Mercy: Kane Chockeslam's HBK (N64) Pictures, Images and Photos

The graphics may be blocky and absolutely terrible today. But at the time, they looked just like the superstars that I watched on TV! This was as authentic as I could get. The sound was amazing as it had all the themes of the wrestlers that you know and love. Considering I never owned a playstation. I had to watch my friend play as he had games like SmackDown! Way back 10 years ago, lol. Man, it's fun to look back. People complain about realism and other things with today's games. Well, back in this time, you can't complain because this was the greatest wrestling game ever! Everything else fails in comparison.

Jeff Hardy's 2006 return appearance hack in WWF No Mercy for N64 Pictures, Images and Photos

This game was the first to feature "Legends", that's right. Way back before the PS2 incarnations, No Mercy took a hold of an idea before its time. Andre the Giant and Jerry Lawler, Jim Ross, Fab. Moola, and Mae Young all appeared in this game. Who knew that Legends would be such a big part today? Well, No Mercy started this trend and it is definitely going strong to this day. In fact they have a new game called "Legends of Wrestlemania" coming out. Not sure how that will go, but we'll see.

WWE Legends Of WrestleMania Pictures, Images and Photos

This game has a lot of options. A lot of great things that were added. Including a special referee and a ladder match along with other great things. The WWF Shop was a great idea to unlock things. These things were to be used for your created wrestler. The CAW mode was more than spectacular this time around. You have everything you need to have a wrestler from scratch. This works well, especially if you add one of the deepest and most inthralling story modes ever concieved. You could go numerous ways with these stories and you'd have to go through them over and over again. It took a lot of time to get through all the storylines. Especially if you wanted all of the unlockables. This was a wrestling fan's dream and a gamer's delight! I love this game!

bryan danielson face Pictures, Images and Photos

Unbeatable controls, wonderful options and variety of modes, deep create a wrestler, extremely massive story mode for each title belt, you have number 15 on my list!

My Wild 23rd Birthday That Ended On An Anticlimax.

I was going to do a Sho-Evil-War on my birthday today but it is not to be. I'll explain.

So, I get woken up by my mom at 6:21 AM. "You were born on this day at this time!" And I'm like "Mumiwuzsleepn" "Oh, I know, I just thought you'd be happy to here that this is when you took your first breath." So when that was all done and over with, I was awake. Hyped up for the rest of my day. So I turn on my television and find out that there's actually a television show that I liked. I've heard about it for a long time now. And that is....

Monk tv show Pictures, Images and Photos

It really seemed to catch my attention. Unlike most of the other television shows out there. This character seemed to touch me somehow. His mind seemed oddly familiar. How he thinks and the way he talks. It is like looking into the mirror! However, I'm not really afraid of anything though. It seems like I could be on that brink if I wasn't so composed in writing. It just bothers me that the last season is coming up. I always miss the greatest things when they are in their prime. Like another television show that I love!

xfiles Pictures, Images and Photos

After Monk, I decided to do my sho-evil-war but my cartridge was dusty. It's another SNES game which is rare to find and I'm lucky to have found it. I'm going to have it cleaned as I heard that blowing on it is bad. The main character of the game has turned 80 this year! I'm not sure if anyone other than me knows of him. We'll see when I finally get that up. ;) Hopefully after the cleaning, it works. If you know who this guy is, say that you do, but don't say who he is. I want that to be part of the sho-evil-war.

the adventures of tintin Pictures, Images and Photos

So I go to French where we watched movie trailers so that was pretty neat. Then I had a test in foods. I was like "today is my birthday, that warrants me an A for this test right?" And she was like, "You get an A for coming in and participating, but the test we'll see, is it really your birthday?" "Yes, I am 23 today." Then we both laughed. So I take my test and I am ready to plop down but then I remember.. oh! I have this to worry about!

comedy Pictures, Images and Photos

I have to get my teeth cleaned tomorrow! So I had to drive back home because my dentist is in my hometown. So, here I sit with my mom and dad. I had a great day of ups and now I'm not doing anything. But I guess, I'd rather be doing that than paying bills! :P Soon as my cartridge is fixed up and clean, I'll have my next sho-evil-war up! I'll have the next game in my Top 25 list shortly after that! I so want to have my Number 1 game on my 5th year anniversary! Can I do it? I hope so! :D Have fun!