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When you expect flutes, it's whistles..

So I notice that everyone is wondering of the blog I did the last time. This is the essence of a band called Dead Can Dance.

Dead Can Dance Pictures, Images and Photos

Brendan Perry and Lisa Gerrard created music like nothing else anyone has ever seen. They broke up a while back ago, but their music lives on. The name says it all, "Dead Can Dance" is an anagram. Not only does is it playing with a word like "decadance", it's also true of every sense of the word. Their music brings the past to life, they played music that was popular wayyyyyyyyyy before the twentieth century. I quoted from their songs, "Fortune Presents Gifts Not According To The Book", "Severance", "In the Kingdom of the Blind, the One-Eyed Are Kings", and "The Carnival Is Over". It is absolutely riveting how well they give us a sense of the past and how it repeats. From Renaissance music to African Drums, Dead Can Dance does it all!

Dead can Dance Pictures, Images and Photos

Not sure if any of you have heard of Salad Fingers. Salad Fingers is a strange man with lots of weird things about him. He likes to touch rusty spoons and wants to go to France one day. Not to mention that he enjoys the pleasures of nettles and has three best friends named Hubert Cumberdale, Majory Stewart Baxter, and Jeremy Fisher. I suggest watching him and his wacky adventures. There's eight of them. You can find them on Newgrounds, here.

salad fingers Pictures, Images and Photos

What surprised me is that David Firth, the creator of Salad Fingers, does techno music. I'm not really a fan of techno music, but David's is dynamite! I really love it. He goes by the name Locust Toybox when he comes out with his albums. It's absolutely wonderful work he does, animation or music. Because he's done other animations too, which are just as strange (or more so) as Salad Fingers. It's really neat how that works out. Besides, when you expect whistles, it's flutes!

Salad fingers flute Pictures, Images and Photos

When you expect whistles, it's flutes..

My shift has changed! Now I work from 4 pm to midnight. Not really sure if that's a good thing. I'd prefer my last one, but this will do. On with the blog...

Dead Can Dance Pictures, Images and Photos

If it were within, within our power, beyond the reach of slavish pride to no longer harbor grievances behind the mask's opportunists facade.

mask Pictures, Images and Photos

We could welcome the responsibility like a long lost friend and re-establish the kingdom of laughter in the doll's house once again.

Ville Valo-I love this laughter Pictures, Images and Photos

For time has imprisoned us in the order of our years, in the discipline of our ways and in the passing of momentary stillness.

Time Pictures, Images and Photos

We can see our chaos in motion.

war Pictures, Images and Photos

Fortune presents gifts not according to the book.

Blank Fortune cookie Pictures, Images and Photos

Because in a village a poor lad has stolen one egg. He swings in the sun while another gets away with a thousand crimes.

GHO egg Pictures, Images and Photos

When all of the leaves turn to dust, will we remain entrenched in our ways?

Fall Pictures, Images and Photos

They are driven by a strange desire, unseen by the human eye. The carnival is over.

Photography Pictures, Images and Photos

Finally! *celebrates*

My job interview went well and I got my job! That's what's been keeping me busy lately these days. It's been tough to do any gaming and I really wish I could. The PS3 Slim is making me drooooooooool. Especially with a lot of great games for the PS3 I haven't played and I really really want to! Here's a top five list of PS3 games I want to play. I'm going to have to gather some of your usernames once I get started. :P

5. Mod Nation Racers

I really like racing especially with my Mario Kart Wii. This game appears to have that kind of feel. Plus a lot of customization options. It looks to be a really wonderful experience.

Mod Nation Racers Pictures, Images and Photos

4. God of War III

This game is totally amazing already. I saw it at e3 and I told myself that I really wish that I could play it. And with PS3 Slim's price tag, I'm totally able to now! :D

3. Little Big Planet

I demoed Sackboy's adventures in Gamestop before and I believed I wanted more. I just didn't have the money to do so and now that I am working, I just may pick this up. Mod Nation and Little Big Planet could keep me going for hours on end!

2. Katamari Forever

Yes! Yes! Gosh yes! I am addicted to Katamari. I can't get enough of it's hilariously fun and addictive joy. Anytime a new Katamari comes out, I need to have it. Does it have anything to do with katamari? His blogs and sense of humor are joyously fun and hilariously addictive. Is it possible to be addicted to two types of katamari? :shock:

Katamari Forever Pictures, Images and Photos

1. Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

No description needed. This IS the game I have been waiting so patiently to play. Metal Gear Solid is the most absolutely wonderful experiences one can have in any game. The finale will finally be mine to play and I can see how it ends!!! Muahahahahaha!! :twisted:

Hopefully I am back for good now. It's been a bumpy ride lately but I'm happy to see all of you. :)

EDIT 12:10 PM: Lunch time is awesome. Hurray for food! Also, I'd like to mention that I am all giddy over Gran Turismo 5. It's going to be brilliant!

The Ups and Downs of e3's Big 3 Presentations

I'm going to go through my experiences of watching e3 through Gamespot with all the big presentations. ^ means something good, v means something bad.


^ The Beatles: Rock Band looks amazing AND they brought out Olivia and Yoko. The biggest surprise is that they got Paul and Ringo. Massive props! Tony Hawk Ride may have given me a reason to love playing skateboarding games again. Loving Shadow Complex already,looks to be a great throwback to the past. The options available in Forza Motorsports 3 look amazing! Customization is a big plus for me and I hope it plays as well as it looks. I'm leery on racing games. Fantastic news for the likes of, Facebook, and Twitter.The intergration with my Zune Video and other things as well make for a wonderful experience. I'm hoping that it all workssmoothly. METAL GEAR SOLID RISING AND NATAL!! *falls over and goes into a seizure*

V Only 45 songs on the Beatles game itself. Barf.. At least there's downloadable content. Liked how Modern Warfare 2 and Final Fantasy 13 looked, but that's all I can say about it. Didn't give me anything I'd want to actually play. Not a big fan of massive online shooting games like Crackdown 2 and Left 4 Dead, but I can understand why people would like them. They look exciting. The new Halo games look like nothing special to me. Just doesn't grasp my interest like the trilogy did in the past.


^ New Super Mario Brothers Wii looks insanely fun. It'll be great when you get a group of people. I hope it's online. Hilarious idea to do this with a Mario game. Especially with all of the pits and enemies floating around. It just seems like it would be great to both play with your friends and against them at the same time. Interesting Wii MotionPlus footage. It looks like a great counter balance to what Natal is doing. It gives a better range of motion than the waggling nature we have come to expect. Wii Sports: Resort and 3rd party support looks to capitalize on MotionPlus. I'm psyched for the new Mario and Luigi RPG and Golden Sun. Great things coming in the RPG collection from Nintendo. Wario Ware DIY and Mario vs. Donkey Kong have great promise with their customization promise. Mario Galaxy 2 and a Metroid game that looks like one of days past. I'm stoked!

V The idea tha Wii Sports: Resort will probably be at full price due to the packaging in the Wii MotionPlus. I can understand Tiger Woods and Virtua Tennis. But, I think that Wii Sports: Resort should be $29.99 at the most. That is unless they surprise me with a really really deep gameplay in Resort. We'll see. Wii Fit stuff. It's great to have this stuff, but I do stuff like Yoga without the game itself. So, it is something I can live without. I am pleased with the idea that more and more people are gaming. I can see why games like St(eye)le Savvy and Women's Murder Club are on there, but not for me obviously.Wii Vitality thingamig. What in the world can you use it for? I'm lost and confused on that thing, I hope to get more details before I call it crazy.


^ Uncharted 2 looks great. I really want to try that out. I'm really excited to see what Agent looks like. Gran Turismo game is also blowing my mind. Especially when they added NASCAR to the mix. Whooo! Add some Indy cars and you can call me sold! (If I had a PS3.) On that subject, ModNation Racers looks really neat. Just like Little Big Planet does. I'm really loving the whole customization of these games that are coming out. Last Guardian looks outstanding and I'm sure it will be one heck of a game. The motionsensing devicelooks verypromising as well. I am happy that it does have buttonsbut Iam still more impressed with Natal.God of War 3! Holy cow, my whole being can't comprehend it yet. It's still blowing me away.

V A very PSP oriented e3 for Sony. There's nothing wrong with that, but I think their strength is in the consoles. Even though Peace Walker isbegging me to touch it. The new Metal Gear Solid game for the PSP was the only thing I saw that I really liked out of it. The 249.99 price tag is steep. Rock Band doesn't seem like a PSP game, neither does some of the other games. I found the applause for games like Petz and Hannah Montana interesting. These are the same people who dislike the Wii for having these games. WTF? I thought I would be more in tune with Assassin's Creed II and I knew I wouldn't be into Final Fantasy as always. They all looked appealling but I have to say no. Not really my kind of bag in terms of what I like to see.


^ The rush and the thrill of the days past are back. I missed this kind of e3. I never am able to be there for real, but I cannot say how nice it is to see such enthusiasm in gaming. Especially with the motion sensor devices that are coming our way and the outreach for people who will use these technologies in new ways. Especially with what is possible now. I can say that these next few years are going to be amazing!!

V I couldn't watch the Microsoft conference because of something crazy. I really don't know what was happening here on Gamespot but it didn't give me any feed. I had to wait for a while. It still gave me the emblem but still. It is annoying that I had to rewatch it all over again to see two of my idols returning on stage together. (Paul and Ringo) People who need to get a grip on these presentations. Lots of people tend to hate on what Nintendo did this year. I think they pulled through nicely. My biggest pain in watching these things is seeing how people nitpick to death. They said that Nintendo was awful this year and I can say that Nintendo doesn't need to be ALL AMAZING. They revolutionized this business and they are trying to keep their product growing and they are doing a great job. Games like The Conduit, The Other M, Galaxy 2, Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, and more are perfect for the hardcore gamer. While games like Wii Fit Plus and Wii Sports Resort are for the casual. Nintendo needs to keep their base happy. They are already ahead of the curve. The people say that they aren't, can't see that. If it wasn't for the Wii, we would not have Natal or Motion Sensing devices for the PS3. The Wii MotionPlus is going to be coming out way earlier than the other two. It's the same exact thing as what Sony showed us, however Microsoft took it to the next level. Nintendo didn't need to be as "impressive" as Microsoft and Sony this year. They are already impressive and will continue to be. It's time we realize that Nintendo is the trend setter for our generation. 20 years ago when I started playing and now. Nintendo IS the definition of great gaming. Whether fan boys want to realize it or not. Sony and Microsoft are now catching up!

Thanks for reading my thoughts on this year's big 3 conferences! See you around! :D

SHO-EVIL-WAR! Tintin: Prisoners of the Sun (SNES, 1997)

Did you know that this Belgian reporter has turned 80 this year? An amazing feat if you ask me. I wondered how Snowy can live that long. 80 x 7 = 560! Snowy is ancient and still bounces around happily with his cowlicked friend. Tintin. I have heard rumors that Steven Speilberg is directing a Tintin movie and that is awesome! Only if I, also a writer, could have as much fun as Tintin. He's gone everywhere! To the moon, under the sea, what a life. I simply love this guy, but then there comes a time where love becomes disgust. Infogrames, the same people who brought us Alone in the Dark, Unreal Tournament 2003, and Roller Coaster Tycoon, decided to make 3 games based on Tintin. Tintin in Tibet in 1995 for the SNES as well as Destination Adventure in 2001 for the PSX. Both of those games were never published in the US and you need a mod chip to play them. Therefore, the only game to play is this one. Adventures of Tintin: Prisoners of the Sun for the SNES released in 1997!

TinTin Intro

What a pile of moldy cheese this turned out to be. The best thing that has to be said about it is that the graphics are very much like the cartoon. I was surprised to see how well it turned out. They are vibrant but not too much. Just the right amount of color that would make you feel like you are reading the book. It even has the text bubbles that you would expect to see in a Tintin book in the game. Despite my praise here, there's often people or objects in the way of the action. You are walking by and there's a man's ugly mug looking straight at you in front of Tintin. It say, oh, look what we can do with the graphics. That's nice and all, but you have a problem. Every other screen has this same guy standing there. It's like you are in the Flinstones or something. Running in loops! That's terribly annoying. My only gripe about the graphics.

Tintin 1

The sound isn't so bad for the first few times you listen to it. It's got its pows and its bangs and its aughs! But the music is just the same song looped over and over. Again with the Flintstone rubbish! Why does everything have to loop? It's like playing a mobius strip that gets you nowhere! Monotony is the best cure for anything that this game can do. I guess I can gripe more about that, but I already did so in the graphics so why bother?

Tintin 2

The gameplay is standard, get to the end of the level fare. Which is fine for a while. But since this is Tintin we are talking about, we just can't have a straight shot at anything. First off, the time never goes out. I pointed up in my first gameplay picture. I watched it go around 5 times before it finally gave me a time up. I can understand that if it went around once, it would be a time up. It's a clock so it needs to go around once! I could eat a sandwich and watch Monk in the time it takes to give me a time up. In one level, I had to climb a tree to find a bloody handprint, control the Captain who does nothing at all as well as Tintin while dodging bullets, pick up a stick to hit the man shooting the bullets at me, only to realize that the man shooting at me was behind a door! I was a bit irritated to say the least. Suddenly, we are in a car swerving other cars trying to kill us. So we went through all that trouble to find the guy shooting at me only to get into a car with no climax? Why did I need to pick up that stick? Gah!

TinTin 5

The validity of this game is just so wrong. Why would a bloody handprint so high up in a tree? There's a scene in the first level where you have to dodge people. They don't even look like they are bad either. Dodge the janitors! They'll hurt you Tintin! Same with that little girl's ball in the cup! Don't let the ball in the cup kill you Tintin! But then, there's no death in this game. You don't even die, you get tired. If I got shot in the chest 6 times in real life and all it did would make me tired, then everything would be nice then wouldn't it? Just a big string of mishaps this game throws at you in its EVIL intentions.

TinTin 4

Wait a minute... I just realized something...

Tintin Lion King 1

TinTin Lion King 3

Tintin Lion King 2

This game is a complete rip off of The Lion King! The Lion King (1994) for the SNES, PC, NES, and Genesis was one of the best sidescrollers to ever be conceived outside of Mario for the platform. It followed everything perfectly from the movie AND played wonderfully. I must say it's a great movie adaptation to game. At least the SNES and Genesis ones did, I never played the others. We all know how much I love that movie. I jus' cant w8 2 b lolking!

Tintin, you are awesome, and I love you. But I can't forgive you for copying the great Lion King. I love to read your books and watch your show, but I will never pick up another video game of yours ever again. I can only hope that your movie is as great as the show and the comics. Thanks for 80 years of great reading!

Happy e3 everybody!! :D

Arrrrrrggg!!! Finally!!!

I have decided to change my Firefox with Flock. I really like Flock. It's my favorite so far. BUT, it would not let me go to anyone's blog's except... Katamari's until now. Not that I don't want to go katamari's blog, because I do want to. His blogs are awesome! But, I'd like to go to everyone else's too. Mine including! So, I can finally do my next Sho-Evil-War! Then a big blog is coming after that. It's big enough to be a documentary. I am thinking of breaking it up. We'll see...

Happy Memorial Day for us Americans! One our two days of memorials. And when Memorial day is here. So is the...

2009 Pictures, Images and Photos

Which I go to every year. I will have pictures perhaps soon. I really enjoyed myself. It didn't get rained out or anything. I sat behind Mario Morales' pit. The guy who wrecked Marco Andretti in the first 12 seconds of the race! Bahhh!!! It was a great time though. Helio Castroneves won the race with more than 2 seconds! Was really thrilling because, a guy caught fire a few rows down. I forgot his name. The same guy who got flipped on his side and ride the wall backwards! He broke his back when that happened. Let's hope he gets better soon shall we?

Helio Castroneves Pictures, Images and Photos

I've been job hunting all month and I have problems where I am. I even went back to Muncie and it's rough there too. It's upsettling really. I wish I lived in Muncie so I can actually have a chance there. My best friend and I are looking for houses down there as well. It's a long never ending process. I hope that things turn up soon. I'll be sure to check in and let you know, now that my Flock works with Gamespot blogs! Yay! That's all for me today. Like some robot once said...

huhu Pictures, Images and Photos

I'll Be Back!

Long See No Time!

Howdy! How's it going? Good I hope. I've been overrun with a bazillion things all at once. I do plan on getting my next Sho-Evil-War, but I hope to do it soon. Here's what I have been up to!

Currently I am studying for finals this week and graduating with a BA in Creative Writing on Saturday!

graduation Pictures, Images and Photos

I had 3 presentations which I got A's on them all! They were on...

Breast Cancer Supporter Pictures, Images and Photos

Breast Cancer! Which my mom and her mom were diagnosed with. I needed a visual aid, so I baked up some pink marshmallows and had my mom speak to the cl@ss She was great. Giving great advice and she spent some great time with me. :)

Notre Dame de Paris Pictures, Images and Photos

This is a wonderful musical in French that I really love. I had to speak 10 minutes on something that I really enjoy in French. So, I chose this! So wonderful! Here's a song that I used in the presentation! Belle, is the most famous song out of them all! But overall, it's fantastic. It has English subtitles so don't worry. :P

Mountain Pose Pictures, Images and Photos

The Mountain Pose of Yoga! So relaxing. It's good for your posture, strengthens your thighs and reduces back pain. Who needs back pain? Not me! lol.

I also got to meet the Galloping Gourmet, Graham Kerr! I bet katamari knows of this man. Especially with his new Recipe series. I've got to post some of my own! Graham Kerr is amazing and I really enjoyed talking to him. I wrote him a poem and it was presented to him which he really loved. It was an honor to meet such a fantastic guy. Buy the way, for a 75 year old man, he's built like an ox!

Mom, Graham Kerr, and I

And finally I did a poetry reading! It was great fun! I sort of stumbled in the beginning, but I really got into it by the end. I need to do more readings to hone my craft. lol. Here's a picture of all the readers and me. Laura, beside me did some freaky fiction which was awesome. Rocky on the other side of me did a D'n'D story which would make any roleplayers happy. Followed by my mentor, Brent Blackwell who read a chapter of his book about a man stalking Ricki Lake, he does readings for this story every year. I get involved every year as well, hehe. It's awesome really. Then Derek beside him did a story based on customer service which had everyone cracking up.

Poetry Reading! Ricki Lake 2009

Well, that's all from me for now! If you want to see my reading, I posted it on youtube. Here's the links. My dad thought I was done so he stopped it to start it up again.

Poetry Reading Part 1
Poetry Reading Part 2

Feel free to see my other videos. Most are just bizarre, lol. See you soon!! :D

Top 25 Games: Honorable Mentions! Volume 1

Here's a few of the games that didn't make it although I thought about putting them in.

NBA Jam T.E. Pictures, Images and Photos

NBA Jam: Tournament Edition was going to be placed in where the Harry Potter game came in. However, I really debated on it and since the two Harry Potter games of the same book work together to leave an impact on me. NBA Jam is razzlin' dazzlin' best basketball game ever! I loved shooting 3's with Larry "Grandmama" Johnson who couldn't shoot a 3 a day in his life. Funny stuff really. Such a great player he was. But he was no Reggie. After all, he's on fire! Boomshakalaka!

ETERNAL DARKNESS GAMECUBE Pictures, Images and Photos

Eternal Darkness is a combination of Silent Hill and Resident Evil. Its action is great and addictive. The story kept you on the edge the whole time. There's nothing dull about this game. I just wish that they made more games like this for the Gamecube because it would have helped it in the long run. For the first time, we have a spirit bar where if it drops low enough, you get scared to death. Your character starts hallucinating, the screen starts melting, and all sorts of things. It really is something to see to believe. If you can last that long! :twisted:

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Pictures, Images and Photos

What an amazingly deep game this turned out to be. I was expecting this game to be like the other Grand Theft Autos, shooting, fighting, and sleeze. However, this game really appealed to me, foul language and all. There was a lot of stuff to do in this game. Not all of it was based around violence and women. One can go to the gym, get a hair cut, visit friends, hang out, go out on a date, dance, and play the video games in the video game! Grand Theft Auto IV is alright, but I believe that San Andreas has it all. Also, this game is freaking huge! Good luck finding your way around this massive terrain!

rock band 2 Pictures, Images and Photos

Rock Band 2 is everything and more for the first one. This has a lot of great songs to play from the get go along with all of the other songs of the past game! How cool is that? Also, what other rhythm game will give you 20 free songs right from the start? It's challenging but not insanely hard. I've got to play this game again whenever I get my freaking 360 back! :evil:

Okay, that's it for now. I'll have more later. But before I do. I'll have the Sho-Evil-War with that one famous Herge character. What was his name again? :P


As Hungry_bunny is AWESOME and knowing what I was talking about in the last blog, it was the lyrics to the theme song of the greatest kid show ever. The Adventures of Pete and Pete! I decided to make a blog about it, because I found out that the band who played the music in this show, has a CD out. The CD has music from the show, and I wanted to get the songs ever since I heard them back in 1994! So, I bought it from Amazon! The shows themselves are also on DVD which is awesome! But I read that the last set has been cancelled. I really hope they pick it up so we can buy it! I know I would. hehe. Anyone remember my blogs in 2006 with the kid shows? Ahh... those were the days.

The Adventures of Pete & Pete Pictures, Images and Photos

My Yahoo Bracket isn't THAT bad after all. lol. Considering I'm in 3rd and Yagr_Zero is in 7th! Although my bracket on ESPN has Michigan State winning and I have 7 out of 8 members in the Elite 8! :D In the Yahoo one I have 6 out of 8. Not bad I believe! I am also leading all my friends! If all goes well, I'll have my 4th championship among them! Which is amazing in every way I can think of!

., Pictures, Images and Photos

Next blog, I will do some honorable mentions from those that did not make my list! Will be fun, that's for sure. After that, I will FINALLY do my next Sho-Evil-War!!!

EDIT: My Bracket is terrible! That is all. :P