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Dewy's Adventure and Manhunt?

I bought the Wii at launch and it has been a heck of a system so far. I love it just as much as I do my 360. They are great platforms and have great potential in them both. I remember reading the response to Dewy's Adventure. A lot of PS3 gamers criticized it without batting an eye and claimed that the Wii will turn into the Gamecube due to the "kiddy" games. That honestly makes me laugh, because they don't realize that the Wii already has more games than the PS3 and not all of them are "kiddy". Trama Center, Madden, Sadness, Disaster: Day of Crisis, and the dark themes of Twilight Princess even are definately not "kiddy". Let us not for get that THQ and Midway are bringing us wrestling titles to the Wii and those games are violent as well.

The Godfather: Blackhand Edition, Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicals and the recently announced Manhunt II are on the way. Would you consider it kiddy now? I don't think so, it is kid friendly with games like Elebits and Dewy's Adventure, sure, but when you get games like Manhunt II, it's not all kiddy now is it? I smelled a hint of jealousy to a certain PS3 gamer, but hey, you can't please everyone. I'm glad that Rockstar is expanding its gaming to the 360 and the Wii, the Wii definately needs them. It may not get GTAIV but it does get Manhunt II so it's a great thing. The Wii is branching out for all gamers, nongamers, children, and adults. With that, anyone who critizes the Wii for the games with a kinder nature are ignorant fools.

Whew.. Now I feel better. Thanks for reading my rant of insanity, lol.

Guitar "Villian"

As we all know, Activision has trademarked "Guitar Villian" and "Drum Villian". This seems like a strange place to start with the Guitar Hero franchise. However, it leads to a lot of possibilities. I know there is a lot of you who are very negative about this whole thing. I'm not really too worried. Activision at the helm and Neversoft diligently finding music for the new games. Neversoft has always found some great music for the Tony Hawk series, and I'm sure they'll find great music for the Guitar and/or Drum games.I don't feel like they are going to mess it up at all. Heck, I think that some spin offs will bring us what we want and faster than it would if they just worked on one game for 10 months. It's also a good thing because Activision and Neversoft have the money to get the songs that we can only dream of. In the recent interview, they said that they are going to keep the formula the same so, we won't have to buy extra equipment, ect. That is unless you want the Drum Villian. For those pessimistic people, relax. Activision overlooking the whole process won't be as bad as you think.

~The Clown of Poetry~