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Sorry Everyone..

For my lack of posting, especially on Halloween. Normally, I have a great awesome post for it every year. This time around, I've been very busy. My great grandfather who is 98 years old has developed dementia and he thinks that I am my dad. I'm helping him every day as well as helping my mom too. She had foot surgery after that accident from what you saw, a year later we found that her foot developed extreme amounts of cartlidge. She could barely walk and now she's resting it and it's been a wild ride. It made me pack up and move back home. I am still gaming although I got 3 red rings (AGAIN) and I am on the verge of buying a PS3. Especially as the library starts to get better. ModNation Racers is kick butt and LittleBigPlanet2 is coming out which is neat. We will have to see. Hope you all are well and Go Colts! (Broncos if you are trystkl1826 or katamari!)

Edit 1: September 28th was the 30th Anniversary of Cosmos: A Personal Voyage television show hosted by Carl Sagan. I know it's past but darn it! I wish I made a blog about it!

If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe!

A Glorious Dawn Awaits...

Carl Sagan, you rule my life and the way I see the world. I know you've been dead for 14 years but I really wanted to let you know that. Your books are amazing and your TV show Cosmos from 1980 remind me of how small I am. However, someone on the interwebs decided to make... The Symphony of Science! Reminding me in techno-rap songs, that everything is connected in its own really weird way. Here's to you Dr. Sagan, we miss you...

Carl Sagan Pictures, Images and Photos

A Glorious Dawn

The Poetry of Reality

Our Place In The Cosmos

We Are All Connected

The Unbroken Thread

Interesting that this English guy is so inspired by science huh?

The Poetry Man In The Financial Department

As we left off, Rob was released from his job to create madness in his household. He had numerous bills to pay and it wasn't pleasant. He hasn't gamed in the last few months and it was starting to get to him. He kept forgetting to update his Gamespot blog because he was afraid that the internet would be shut off at any moment. What was he to do in this situation? Where is the bacon on my cheese fries? When he came to, he wound up in.... the Twilight Zone.

twilight zone Pictures, Images and Photos

This world is not my world, Rob thought. It was not the every day that he saw the nothingness of nothing. But nothingness of nothing wasn't all that bad unless you are in the Neverending Story. I must rename this kingdom of nothing. I shalt name it, "KHAAAN!!!" And thus KHAAAN!!! was born through the truly crazy mind. Forged with walnuts and mustard glue, we press forward into the 300 madness. Madness? This is....KHAAN!!!

GREAT SCOTT!!! Pictures, Images and Photos

Then an offer appeared from the great Verizon Wireless company. They said to Rob. We want you as our worker so that you can be our customer care assistant. You'll spend most of your time in financials even though you are terrible at math. Rob said, "what makes you think the great land of KHAAAN! will allow me to work in that fashion?" And then the Verizon Wireless said, "you need work to pay your bills? Trust us, we are not lying" And Rob took upon their offer to help them with whatever they may need. And Rob returns to the world of Gamespot, sad that he had taken so long to post this. He loves you all very much, despite not being here for working so darn long. Hope everyone is well! Greetings from the great jpgalindoas well! We both have Facebooks if you would like to find us when we aren't on here so much. :P

Hello... I'm Mr.


mr. ed Pictures, Images and Photos

How are things with everyone? Good I hope. I've been quite up and down as of late. However, I have found out the value of older television and movies. Which explains Mr. Ed anyhow. One day, I hope to build a collection of the best black and white shows and movies out there. I rarely watch any television anymore unless it's black and white or something that I've grown attached to. I do play a lot of WoW and of course New Super Mario Brothers! In other news regarding my Wii platform, it finally is upgraded to be working online! So that makes me happy to say. And I'm also rehooked on...

Pokemon Logo Pictures, Images and Photos

I have been playing the original US series, (Red and Blue) all over again. It's quite fascinating that after 14 years, still knows how to bring me in. I guess I like raising these delightful pocket monsters. Last time I played it, I can't remember, but I do know that I played it a lot through middle school. It was awesome! I guess, I'm going all nostalgia with everything as of late. But, it's great fun. Especially when you are in the 5th dimension.. where we explore the human mind and its fears and imagination. This is...

the twilight zone Pictures, Images and Photos

TWILIGHT ZONE Pictures, Images and Photos

Gosh, I really love this show. Its almost cruel and sardonic outlook on humanity is highly rewarding. It takes situations us on multiple journeys of disillusionment to gain a deeper meaning. I'll have to do a full blog on this one alone. Fantastic stuff. That's about it but... I thought I'd show you all a picture of my mom's car after the accident. It's not very pleasant but everyone is okay so, the car is the real victim...


Next time, we go into the interesting concepts that Rod Sterling created in his masterpiece of a show. It's going to be a scare. Thank you and good night. :D

What A World! (Blah...)

So, it is snowing nonstop for the next two weeks here in Indiana and I am not too thrilled. It's cold in my house and I am covered in blankets as we speak and I really don't want to do anything. But I won't have to. I was laid off temporarily by my job on Tuesday of last week. They are bringing me back in when the holiday season is over. Hurray for just sitting here and freezing and doing nothing all day. However, it is nice to catch up with you all and write a blog for once. I was going to introduce my newest phone, the HTC Hero.

HTC HERO ANDROID Pictures, Images and Photos

That's the older version of it. I got the newest version with the Android 1.5 capabilities. It's really neat in my opinion. Though it does have a big update coming soon, to Android 2.1! It was only 99 dollars upon new contract that has everything I need on it. 69 dollars a month is not bad compared to what I was paying last time. Woohoo.. it's a nice phone, and I like it. That's not the main thing about this blog though.

road rage Pictures, Images and Photos

I just thought I would rant about stupid drivers who do not even try to be drivers. These kinds of people upset me because they often wreck and blame it on the other person even though they did all the problems. In such case, my mom was sitting at a red light wanting to turn to the left and in the middle lane. It was dark and the lights were on and the signal was on as well. This was before all the snow came, by the way. Some guy ran into her from behind at full speed (about 30 mph) with his van and didn't even slow down. No skid marks on the road. Her tiny little blue car spun out of control into the area where she was turning and nearly got hit by other cars coming the other way. She almost hit an antique store that was across from her.

He got out and apologized over and over, some onlooker called the police and an ambulance. My mom went into shock and the ambulance had to take her away. My dad arrived on the scene as fast as he could. He realized that the lights were still on and went to talk to the police. The policemen told my dad that the man said that she was sitting there with no lights or turn signals on and he ran right into her because of it. My dad was like, "how do you explain this?" The lights were on. They looked for the skidmarks and there wasn't any. The light was red when my mom was sitting there, so even so, he'd have to stop to turn.

We found out later that he did this before to someone, and sued them and won. Although, he still had to pay the other side money for what happened. So, more than likely, he's going to ride his case if he can make some money off of my mom. She was released from the hospital about 2 days ago and is doing better, but still hurting a lot. She was lucky that she wasn't hurt a whole lot more than she was. Though, she is afraid of what might happen to her from this creep who could be a con artist... Swindling his way through life. My mom was an innocent bystander in this and he could have killed her. Does that even matter anymore to people? Isn't this supposed to be the time of goodwill and peace? I would love that if people weren't so inconsiderate such as that man... All I can say is, what comes around goes around, and he is not winning this one.

Thanks for stopping by and listen to me rant about my job and my mom's accident. But hey, at least I got a brand new phone out of it.

Happy Halloween 2009!!!!!

I was going to do some Treehouse of Horror references but, I'll just show you some awesome pictures instead. Here's my scar from when I smashed my face into the picnic table.


Next up is some pictures of the 5 pound chocolate bar I told you all about.




I actually ate it but I kept the wrapper to show that I did have it. lol. I hate eating chocolate now because of it.


This is Hairy. My mom's piggy bank as a child. She passed him on to me. He is a monkey. But it is Halloween and he is a Koala!


This is Rocky. He's one of my house mates. He decided to be Homer Simpson for Halloween. He bought LOTS of candy that we wound up giving away elsewhere from our place because of small amounts of kids came to our neighboorhood. It was fun, lol.


This is his girlfriend, Tatiana, she dressed up as a porcelin doll for Halloween, hehe.


This is my other housemate, Curtis. He is an evil pumpkin who is "cool with the kids, yo". He's a very interesting fellow despite his not so interesting costume. I should tell some stories that we have together, you would all enjoy those.


This is his nephew, Ben. He is "Killer Bob Sanders". I told him that he didn't need a weapon. Bob Sanders is scary enough on the Colts defense!!! :P

And here is me in the year 2009!!!


There was a tv show called the Adventures of Pete and Pete, and I loved it as a kid. I decided to be something different than my strange word puns this year. So I became Artie, the Strongest Man..... In The World!!!


I will flesh this blog out soon. At the moment, we are playing Sceneit! Hope you all have a great Halloweeeeeeeeeeen!!!! :D :twisted:



So I have been tagged, and I am using my really old Windows 98 computer because my laptop had issues. They had to send him away to get the motherboard and the hard drive fixed before they put Windows 7 on there. They said that sometimes laptops have problems like that. I knew that it was having problems when I couldn't even watch a 1 minute Youtube video on it. It was always glitchy which made it hard for me to do anything on it. Posting blogs would take a long time too because I'd type and nothing would show up for 20 mintues. Thankfully, they are fixing it and putting 7 on there for me. I can still be here because of my old computer that works great still. So, here I am. 10 things about moi!

10. My favorite food is breaded pork chops. I double dip all my pork chops in flour before pan frying them and covering them in gravy later. It is heavenly!

9. When I was 9, I tripped on a stump and rolled face first into a picnic table. I had 12 stitches in my right eye which nearly left me blind in that eye. My glasses help correct my right eye's weaknesses after that. They took out a piece of wood about the size of your pinky out of my eye. I swear that when I look at something that is straight, it often looks crooked to me.

8. I suffer froma disability that limits my short term memory. In order for me to remember something, it must be constantly repeated into my brain until it sticks. Otherwise, it is lost. Tape recorders and sticky notes are my best friends.

7. Played wide receiver in football throughout high school. Left fielder in baseball high school through college. A side of me that I never told anyone about on here. Had a lot of fun, but this is a video gaming blog most of the time, so sports only show up in games here. Didn't think it was important.

6. I have a mini refrigerator in my room that holds my pop in it.

5. I once won a 5 pound Hersey's Chocolate bar for selling 179 items in a fundraiser. Perhaps I should take a picture of it and show you all on Halloweeeeeeeen.

4. Many people believe that I look like Shaggy from Scooby Doo when my hair is down and I just wear my goutee.

3. I am an insomiac, I sleep very rarely, but there are ways that help me go to sleep. Like listening to Simon and Garfunkel or Peter Gabriel to help me at least a little bit.

2. The greatest console of all time is the SNES. I could play my SNES for hours and hours and hours. It's one of the few lasting systems I own and it still runs perfectly!

1. My favorite game characters will always be Mario and Snake. Mario's reign takes me back to my childhood where things were simplier and gaming was in its second wave. I missed the Atari generation but I am an NES kid through and through. 2010 will prove to be my 21st year as a gamer. Solid Snake is the kind of character that brought me into a new gaming realm of sophistication. It's not always going to be as charming as Mario but growing up with the gritty Metal Gear Solid kept my heart into gaming until I can't anymore!

AHHH!!!! Updates of Me!

In much news to everyone, I have been battling the stomach flu! I am feeling much better now, and I really wanted to do a special blog on my favorite Treehouse of Horror segments of the Simpsons. I decided to do this blog on Halloweeeeeeeen and I'll post my yearly photo of my costume. Before then, I was geggat!!!!!! by Yagr_Zero to do a blog about 10 things with myself. I will do sometime soon. I am about to take my laptop in to get it upgraded to Windows 7! I'm so excited. I'll be sure to post my geggat blog as soon as it's all souped up and ready to go! See ya then! :D

EDIT: I'm on my friend's computer at the moment. Waiting for Gmail to load. *makes funny faces* Go crazy? Don't mind if I do! :P Yay for 7 saving my laptop! I was told by the guys at Best Buy that my hard drive was about to crash, so not only will they add 7, they will get me a new hard drive tooooooo!

Contra Slug

I got some time with a classic today. I played some Metal Slug X.

metal slug x Pictures, Images and Photos

Just reminded me how much I really love to play shoot em ups like these. Even if they are insanely difficult and it takes me forever to get past the first level. It's so satsfying. As much fun as it can be, it's also similiar to a different game that's also really really really hard and lots of fun.

contra Pictures, Images and Photos

Contra is the originator of impossible gameplay with tight controls. What can I say about Konami? Konami dictates a lot of what I play on video games, but I'm not a big fan of Contra. Other than its downright amazing victory song and "Konami Code", it just isn't as fun to me. What makes Metal Slug a superior series? Glad you asked!

metal slug x Pictures, Images and Photos

Metal Slug has hostages to save. They are often tied to poles, or hanging from the ceiling, but it makes things more interesting. Save a hostage and you get items. Unlike Contra, straight up shooting at anything and everything. Running and gunning is okay, but Metal Slug makes you want to slow down and strategize what you want to do next. It's pacing works very well. Contra just runs too fast for my taste. Metal Slug is juuuuuust right.

metal slug Pictures, Images and Photosmetal slug Pictures, Images and Photosmetal slug Pictures, Images and Photosmetal slug Pictures, Images and Photos

Contra has no short term attacks. How are you going to handle those close up attacks? You can just hope that your gun can hit it. In Metal Slug, you can slice and dice with a knife and that is cool. Not only that, you can choose your fighter unlike Contra. Contra's main character just looks like he's been taking some things he shouldn't. It's too gritty, Metal Slug is comically great. I'm rambling, lol. That's what I think really. It's just that Contra is all shooting and nothing else and Metal Slug is more dodging and manveuring. Either way, they are great, and I just like Metal Slug more.

Have a blasting good weekend! :D

(Final) Fantasy

I got some time before I go to work so I figured that I'd spend it ranting about Final Fantasy. First and foremost, why is it called "Final" Fantasy? I remember watching a special and this was answered for me. Square was in a big hole and they needed something big. They created 3D World Runner which was awesome by the way. They were about to fall off the face of the planet. So, the last ditch effort was Final Fantasy.

Final Fantasy: NES Pictures, Images and Photos

This I can understand. Square needs something big, I get that. This is it, the last go. Oh, it's a massive success. Final Fantasy sells out wherever it is released. People are eating it up fast. Now that we have Final Fantasy, we need to follow up on it. However, what is this about? It should just be called Fantasy II. You can't have a Final Fantasy II. It's not going to work that way (but it has as people bought them). If something is Final, it should stay Final. Adding numbers to the games, changing the characters around, tinkering with stories, giving different locations. It shouldn't be a sequel by the merits of the numbers alone. Which brings me to the next issue I have...

Final Fantasy II Pictures, Images and Photos Final Fantasy IV Pictures, Images and Photos

Does anyone remember when these two games were the same thing? I sure do. Considering that North American audiences got a sequel that was 3 sequels after the original sequels. How fair is that? I read about the translation problems they had but that's not really an excuse. They just wanted to rush it out. It was only 6 months after the original's wide spread fame that this game came out in Japan. They just wanted to get more money out of it. Taking the time to translate it to English doesn't look like a factor. So now I'm all screwed up on which sequel is which and I don't like how they handled the situation. Kind of like the controls..

final fantasy 3 shit Pictures, Images and Photos

Is that picture allowed on here? If not I'll take it down. I'm sure my moderator friends could help me with that. Yagr_Zero and PJ24. Of course I am talking about something that I have never been fond of in any shape of form. "Turn based" games. It just seems silly to take one turn, attack, take another turn with a different party member, heal. Wait to get attacked. Rinse and repeat. It's just silly to play games like that. If you attack something, it should be able to attack you back as you attack it (if that makes sense). I'm not really a big fan of "random" monsters either. It seems like it is stupid to have to fight something you don't see. There's only a couple of games I can say that I like in this format. Chrono Trigger and Tales of Phantasia. They just don't feel like they are turn based games because they don't stand there idlely. You can attack freely if you like and then the monsters attack back. These games are very limited on their random monsters as well. Most of the time you can see them.

phantasia Pictures, Images and Photos CT Title Pictures, Images and Photos

Okay, I'm done ranting, lol. Gotta go to work now. See ya later. :D