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Medal of Honor vs CoD: Black Ops

Which do you think looks cooler? I love both series but the truth is I think Medal of Honor looks cooler. Maybe its just because I've played some Frontline recently, but I am more hyped about it. Don't get me wrong, Black Ops looks awesome! So I have a feeling a lot of you will be getting one of these two games, if not both. IF I get a 360, then I will probably get them, but depending on ratings/reviews, I'll probably get MoH first. I know Black Ops is coming to Wii, meh. I'd rather play it on a different system. The only shooter I really like on Wiiis Metroid Prime 3. No, I didn't pick up Other M. I might sometime... same thing goes for Kirby's Epic Yarn, when it comes out. But right now I am truly focused on Xbox 360, but I guess I'll just have to wait... haha. :D