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:D guess what? read this!

well i got my xbox :) a few weeks ago. so if anyone wants to add me on xbox live my name on there is Cloudmip. just send me a message with ur gamespot username in it pleaseee :P so i know who ya are. everyone add me please i need buddies on there! :D thankkkks

ugh ==;;

I will resume on GS in a few days, there has been a death in the family :( so I gotta get some stuff done. I'm sorry for not making this post sooner...

My Top 25 Favorite Bands: 15- 6

Note: Sorry I didn't post yesterday, I wasn't home. That's why this post has 10 bands instead of 5.

15. Papa Roach

Favorite Song: Scars

14. The All American Rejects

Favorite Song: Drive Away

13. A Day to Remember

Favorite Song: 1958

12. Panic! At The Disco

Favorite Song: Time to Dance

11. Three Days Grace

Favorite Song: One-X

10. Fall Out Boy

Favorite Song: 27

9. Killswitch Engage

Favorite Song: Arms of Sorrow

8. Green Day

Favorite Song: Letterbomb

7. Hollywood Undead

Favorite Song: Dead In Ditches

6. Rise Against

Favorite Song: Ready To Fall

Don't miss the next post! :P


My Top 25 Favorite Bands: 20- 16

20. The Fray

Favorite Song: Syndicate

19. Paramore

Favorite Song: Brick by Boring Brick (its really fun to play on guitar :D)

18. Nickelback

Favorite Song: Savin' Me

17. Maroon 5

Favorite Song: Won't Go Home Without You

16. Linkin Park

Favorite Song: Numb (or if you can count from a movie, it's Leave Out All The Rest)

Okay guys, that was my top 25 bands 20- 16. I will post #s 15- 11 tomorrow!


My Top 25 Favorite Bands: 25- 21

I know I made this post before, but think of this as an update... it has changed.

25. Nine Inch Nails

Favorite Song: The Hand That Feeds

24. Alexisonfire

Favorite Song: Pulmonary Archery

23. Slipknot

Favorite Song: Wait and Bleed

22. My Chemical Romance

Favorite Song: Welcome to the Black Parade (and yes, I have their older CDs, I just really liked this song haha)

21. Good Charlotte

Favorite Song: The River

Don't miss the next part, #20- 16!


Medal of Honor vs CoD: Black Ops

Which do you think looks cooler? I love both series but the truth is I think Medal of Honor looks cooler. Maybe its just because I've played some Frontline recently, but I am more hyped about it. Don't get me wrong, Black Ops looks awesome! So I have a feeling a lot of you will be getting one of these two games, if not both. IF I get a 360, then I will probably get them, but depending on ratings/reviews, I'll probably get MoH first. I know Black Ops is coming to Wii, meh. I'd rather play it on a different system. The only shooter I really like on Wiiis Metroid Prime 3. No, I didn't pick up Other M. I might sometime... same thing goes for Kirby's Epic Yarn, when it comes out. But right now I am truly focused on Xbox 360, but I guess I'll just have to wait... haha. :D


starting over.

Its cloudmip again, and this time I do have time. I'm going to say one thing right now: I cannot make any promises, but I hope to get involved with the GameSpot community (that's you, reader! :)) once again. A lot has gone on since the last time I blogged. I have sold a lot of my games for money for other things. I know you will probably laugh at my gaming set up, but I am not going to lie, here it is:

PS2 slim, Wii, DSi, PS1, PSP 1000.

I am still debating on whether or not I should get an Xbox 360. I want one, but I don't know how my money situation will be at the time when I will get it. My friend and I hope to get them sometime in the November-December timeframe, but we are both still not sure. If I do get one, you can definitely expect me to get on GS more. I will try to read your blogs, and I might comment on some more than others. I will probably not have enough time to read every post you guys post, but I will try. And I will also start putting impressions for games again. But I am not going to post every day, or sometimes even every week for that matter. I am not getting new games that often anymore, but I am still playing them for a couple hours a day. I will most likely update whenever I feel like it, or whenever I feel the need to. But I'll try to post at least once a week. Think of this as a new start for me and please accept my new style of posting.