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Back for a while.

I got a new computer, and I'm back. Everyone can once again be astounded by the greatness that is Cloud1914. new computer broke a few days ago actually....but then I remembered that I have another computer class during school, and I'm constantly running out of things to do...then I remembered gamespot and decided to come back.

My luck...

Well hey...guess what everyone?!?! I've just gotten alot more free time!!! This means that I'll be able to get on gamespot far more often to help everyone keep up with the latest news in video gaming...or at least thats what I should be saying, but unfortunately, my life doesnt work that way...

My laptop is busted...the charger port broke and I'm currently using the last of my battery power to type this message...I can't say I'm the least bit surprised by this, I have horrible luck..

Im back....again...

Ok im finally back, and I should be back for quite a while, though certain things are happening in my life that are making me pretty busy, so I may not be on often.....also I have school now, so my free time is very small, but at least now I can be online every now and then.

I'm back!!!

Well I'm back from my little vacation now.

And I wasn't sick, I don't get sick......Ok well maybe I was a little sick....but I'm alot better now and Nobody should worry about me.