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Why you should watch John Wick

I've always been a fan of Keanu Reeves's movies from Speed to Matrix until to this day and age JOHN WICK.

The first John Wick made everything become interested with assassins, he set the trend for action movies like what he did back in the day with the matrix. Everything was going slow-mo because of it. With the simple plot of John Wick and the intense action scenes started the popularity. Everyone can relate especially when dogs are involved.

The second John Wick put spice in the story to make it more interesting, although there were a lot of action scenes... the pencil one did great of making its name. It was mentioned in the first film that Baba Yaga can kill with a pencil and then in two, they showed what they meant.

Finally, the third one... I just watched it recently and I could say that the plot wasn't big of a deal and there were some scenes that made the serious concept into funny ones. BUT! Action scenes were ooh lala PERFECT!! My favorite scene would be at the beginning of the film. I really thought that this will be the end but since they announced 4, I can't wait for how it will turn out.