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澳洲投資移民是香港人熱門移民國家之一,其次就是加拿大投資移民。直至今日,移民為澳洲做出了巨大貢獻,移民的加入大大解決了澳洲老齡化問題,提高了澳洲生產力並促進澳洲經濟增長。移民在家庭團聚及推進澳洲國際人道主義事業上也發揮了重要的作用。最近的斯坎倫基金會社會凝聚力調查顯示,將近三分之二的澳洲人認為多元化的外國移民使澳洲更加強大。澳洲也成為了香港人移民最多的國家之一,Start Up Visa香港人移民澳洲有幾種移民方式可以選擇。想了解更多可向移民顧問查詢

We are a devoted team of experienced migration consultants, who are dedicated to provide an honest overview of prospective projects and Permanent Residence visas. Been in the sector for years and the Vision is found in 2020 and based in Hong Kong, for the imperative call of migration service. We understand your need of genuine opinions like all others, yet we deliver a sincere after-service like no others. The Vision team consists of members who are specialised, in the real context, one-stop processing from collecting KYC to granting the permanent resident visas, in multiple countries. We partner with registered migration firms and immigration lawyers from Australia and Canada, for securing your skilled migration or business migration visa application on the right track. We only propose the secured projects which are genuine routes to get your next citizen passports. When you wish to migrate at the least cost, we don’t propose you to start a business venture if you have an option of skilled migration. When your family wish to migrate to South, we don’t urge you to the North. Because we know it is a huge cost in terms of time, economic and swapping opportunities. Because we know such a huge cost needs a Vision. Explore your next destinations below.

Immigration consultants in the global field, senior immigration consultants handle international immigration services for clients. We assist Hong Kong families to immigrate to Canada, Australia, Britain, Ireland and European countries through investment immigration, skilled immigration, and entrepreneurial immigration programs. The team of lawyers has the qualifications of MARA in Australia and ICCRC in Canada , and provides confident and guaranteed services for Hong Kong people to immigrate abroad.

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