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Why aren't the pics to my Xbox Achievement the right ones on my profile????

If you look at the pics under my achievements, you'll notice that they aren't quite right. The ones there are for Left 4 Dead, Left 4 Dead 2, The Orange Box, and Halo Reach, the the pics it shows for the achievements are not right at all. Is there a way to fix this or is this a glitch on Gamespots/Raptr's part? It really annoys me. Any ideas??

Also I just got Left 4 Dead 2 last night, awesome game. Anyone want to play with me can PM me their gamer tag.


I was very impressed with Microsoft's and Sony's presentations! But damn! Nintendo hit it on the mark!!

Wii U

Wii U is the name of their new console. It has HD and one hell of a controller that you can use in many various ways! Plus the annoucement of a new Smash Brothers and other neato game franchises. I see a very bright future for this company. The same for Sony and Microsoft. I REALLY WANT A PS VITA!!!!

Playstation Vita

Anywho, that was a great show!!! I hope to hear more of these awesome things in the near future!!! What did you guys think of the whole thing???

I got my free PSP games!!!!!

It was really cool of sony to give us free stuff after that whole hacker crap that went on. I got Little Big Planet and Mod Racers!

Only problem is that I can't get the 30 day trial of Playstation Plus. I heard that you need a PS3 to get it, which sucks :(.

Oh well, any way tell me what's been going on with you guys, I recently got a job at the university library as tech support. I'm starting full time this week. :D

Today in teh news...

Bin Laden is dead.

PSN is down.

Some rich people in England got married.

I got new Xbox games.

I like mudkipz.

What's been going on with you guys?

Lots of things have changed...

Remember floppy disks, Saturday morning cartoons, or landline telephones??

God our world has changed soooooo much since even 5 years ago!

Including me....

I've realized that a lot has changed in me since I've first posted on this website. I'll go down the list now:

1. I want to do more with my life!

This one is big. I didn't really care about anything when I was a teenager. I realize now that there are so many things I want to do in life. I want to find that girl, want to get a DAMN good job after college, want to know more about computers, making video games, and work with artifical intelligence for computers. For the first time in my life I have actual dreams that I want to pursue!!

2. I want to actually be healthy! I didn't give two S$#%* about my health as a teen. I just kept drinking Dr. Peppers and eating junk food until I hit 215. I stopped drinking soft drinks two years ago and started to exercise. I'm down to 175, I'm very proud of myself! I bet any of you guys could do it as well!

3. I'm starting to like Indie Video Games...... A LOT! I just bought Castle Crashers today and loving it!! There are soooo many that I have played and damn it, I'm going to keep collecting them! Hopefully one day I can get my own game up there with the greats (Once I make it :P )

4. I'm getting out of anime. I still like having it in video games every so often, but I stopped watching it and reading mangas. It's getting too fan servicey and certain guys I know who like it get real creepy. I tried to get back into it but there is nothing good anymore in the genre...

5. I want things to be CLEAN!!!! I'm SOOOO OCD!! I used to be a huge slob.

6. I really think the Xbox 360 is the best console of the generation. Though I really LOVE the Wii and the PS3 is fine, Xbox 360 is blowing me away with it's awesomeness. I never was ever into xbox before until I bought the 360 last year.

There are other things. But I can't think of any.. I just wanted to post this.... because I think it's kinda interesting. What has changed with you in the past couple of years? Tell me in the comments.

Spring Break is almost over and also selling a rare video game set on Ebay!

Spring Break is almost over NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

Also I am selling Dragon Warrior I - IV on the NES for a starting bid of $80. Here is a link to the item on Ebay:

If you are interested in buying, go ahead and place a bid. Ask any questions about it as you like :D

They are pretty rare games so they are worth it :D

Not much other news at the time. See you next blog!


Well Spring Break started for us. Sorry I haven't been on here in a while. Been super busy with work and school.

Got some new games: Beyond Good & Evil HD, Bit.Trip Flux, Qubed, and a couple others :P.

I am also considering creating my own video game soon. It'll be a 16 bit RPG like game, I'll put details about it later.

Right now, I'm re-arranging my room to be more functional. I've got quite a list of things to do this Spring Break.

Tell me what you gamespotters been up to :P.