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Issues with Batman Arkham Origins considered trading it in but decided against it.

On Sunday and today I suffered from slowdown I think and maybe screen tearing issues or framerate problems and today one of these problems happened about 10 minutes into the game.

Now I have weighed up my options regarding the game and have come to the conclusion of putting the game to one side for now in the hope that these issues will be resolved with patches or an update because I was enjoying the game I mean it's not as good as the prior 2 games but still a very entertaining game.

I did actually consider thinking of trading it in and playing it again at a later date in the effort the bugs will have been fixed with the game but I think that maybe I should hold onto it because I actually got the game fairly cheap because I traded alot games I used to help me get credit note so I won't have to pay as much for the game and they were just sitting there collecting dust.

Also with it being a flat November and December as well apart from Ratchet and Clank I might be tempted to come back and play through it by the end of the year.

I mean for about the first 3 or 4 hours in it was running pretty well I just got to a certain part and it started playing up. Hopefully the issue can be fixed and one day I can return to it and hopefully beat it because I was enjoying it.

An all time low by McShea Bioshock Infinite Reviewed again

Tom McShea the guy that gave Skyward Sword a 7.5 and The Last of Us a 8.0 but this is an all time low even for him as he reviewed Bioshock Infinite a game that came out way back at the end of March a 4.0 whereas the reviewer before him gave it a 9.0.

Now I am sorry this is just mad and I am sure he is doing it to get the users chatting about it. Me I gave the game a Perfect Score 10 in fact it's my 2nd favorite game of the year. I just can't defend the review at all it is apalling and anyone who thinks a game is worth that score is as daft as he is. Seriously what game was he playing.

Plus loads of people in the media in websites like IGN,Gametrailers and various magazines across the world all the reviewers probably do get a chance to play it but did he miss it or is this some sick joke.

The same week he gave Beyond Two Souls a 9 he can give Bioshock Infinite a 4. Now I haven't played Beyond Two Souls and with mixed reactions in the gaming media I doubt it will even come close to being better than Bioshock Infinite.

Bioshock Infinite will probably be given awards across various websites and magazines this year making Gamespot and McShea in particular look a right idiot.

Shall be an interesting end to the year sales wise

With Sony and Microsoft releasing the PS4 and XBoxone with games like Assassins Creed 4,Battlefield 4,WAtch Dogs etc it shall be interesting to see if Nintendos big games this fall can maybe push sales for their console. I mean Mario and Donkey Kong have been massive sellers for them in the past and there's also the likes of Sonic as well.

Handheld wise Nintendo should sweep all before them with Zelda A Link Between Worlds and Yoshi both coming out. The Vita has had virtually nothing coming out for it and the system looks finished from the looks of  things.

It shall be an interesting end to the year will Nintendo pick up the pace thanks to their 1st party titles or will either the PS4 or XBoxone steal the holiday season.

Sold GTA5,Beyond Two Souls Demo and 3 other games

No doubt the main headline of the blog might strike you with some surprise but I sold GTA5 today after beating it and putting about 60 hours of gameplay into. I tried online it was flat in my opinion but overall the game was great but not something I could see myself playing again so I traded it in and got money for it.

Also this week one of the PS3 late Exclusives Beyond Two Souls had a demo out and it was pretty good it seems different to most games and I know many will moan about it being an actual movie like the game before it but for me it looks really interesting and I want to play the full version a week on Friday when it hits the UK.

Now  from the GTA money and from a couple of other games I traded in I decided to give Dishonored another try. I thought normally second time I do better with a game and hopefully it shall be the same with this. Also got Tom Clancy Splinter Cell Blacklist as well and a PS3 Exclsuive that has just come out Puppeteer. It looks like a very original platformer like say LittleBigPlanet and with it being a game like that I had to get it and I shall probably be playing that tomorrow.

Anyway I just thought Id give you a quick update on what I was doing gaming wise.

Games I shall hopefully be getting before the end of the year

With the big rush starting to gather pace here are a few titles I am getting and might be getting. Some games I might be getting might even have come out already this fall but it depends how I feel and if I should rush out to get them.

Must Gets

Beyond Two Souls: The next big PS3 blockbuster and hopefully one of the best reasons to not go russhing out for a PS4. Beyond Two Souls is a game created by Heavy Rain producers Quantic Dream so I am expecting a top notch game.

Batman Arkham Origins: With the last 2 being very installments I am hoping this will follow suit. Everything looks good so far but will it miss the magic touch from Rocksteady.

Ratchet and Clank Enter the Nexus: The dynamic duo return in a epilogue story to fully end the Future series and after 2 lacklustre installments it's good to see the series going back to basics.

Watch Dogs: Without a doubt a massive title for me Watch Dogs looks like being the next level in Sandbox gaming and I fully expect it to blow me away. Fingers crossed.



Assassins Creed 4: I want to say this shall be an excellent title but after number 3 I can't get excited for this. It has been 3 years since we had a good one in Brotherhood.

Splinter Cell Blacklist: With a bunch of PS2 Splinter Cell games like Pandora Tomorrow and on my shelf those games might determine whether I get it or not.

Rain: A PS3 download which launches this week looks very interesting but I shall wait for reviews first.

Puppeteer: Looks a very fun and creative game and with it being a platformer it could tickle my fancy.


There might be others but those are games I am getting or will be interested in getting.

Grand Theft Auto 5 beaten plus thoughts

Yesterday I ploughed well over 25 hours of gameplay to beat GTA5 and my overall thoughts were it was a much improved game over GTA4.

I perferred the missions because it had a checkpoint system,the characters I liked all 3 but my personal favorite was Trevor Phillips who just kept making me laugh at times. The shooting was improved and there was also side missions and the game had alot of vareity even stealth at times.

The Heists were the main highlight planning your stratergy and getting the goods. The thing I also felt was well handled was that each character had a certain job and it implented the story very nicely with some superb switching between characters mid mission. I also liked that characters had stats for driving shooting and stamina it showed like an RPG element to the game. 

I also have just recently bought properties to buy Movie Theatres,Bars,Cab Firms and even Airports and sometimes it required you to do certain tasks at times.

Plus it had some fun events that didn't feel tacked on. There was a couple of flaws with the controlling of the helicopter and plane landing sometimes and also sometimes in certain cut scenes characters would use inerapproiate words that might upset certain people because of their skin color and they might take offense by it.

Overall though an amazing game it delivered in my opinion and a top game. No matter what anybody says GTA5 in my opinion was an incredible game. Very interested to see what GTA Online is like

Will GTA5 live up to it's massive hype or will it fall short?

There is no denying the hype this game has been getting from sites,magazines and other media. Grand Theft Auto 5 is expected to be the biggest most open world game Rockstar have ever produced.

With stuff like underwater parts,3 playable characters,customiasble vehicles and the newly added GTA Online which won't be avaliable to play until October 1st.

Whilst I will agree I don't think a game like this deserves massive hype it's getting but I can see why it gets it because GTA3 was groundbreaking when it came out. I will come on record and say I have enjoyed playing GTA3,Vice City,San Andreas and 4 with San Andreas being my personal favorite.

Are they the best games in the world? Not for me. Are they enjoyable games? Yes I do enjoy playing them and I hope GTA5 will be the same but will it be GOTY?  I am gonna say unlikely in fact I am thinking Watch Dogs will be better and even then they have to dethrone The Last of Us.

Yes I have pre ordered GTA5 tomorrow and I hope to get it will it be a good game definetly will it be one of the best games ever depends on the person you are really.

I won't lie though I have been looking forward to it and it should be a very enjoyable game.

Rayman Legends

I bought Rayman Legends yesterday and all I can say is so far I am loving it the  game is so much fun with it's new additon called challenges,the scratch cards let you see if you get a certain prize some of them you revisit some of the first games stages and the bosses are also very inventive. It is a beautiful looking game. 2D platforming hasn't been this good in ages.

Even if the Wii U ends up doing badly it will still be okay for the Big N

A blog I thought I wouldn't be doing but I am sticking up for Nintendo. Sure the Wii U might not be my cup of tea and it hasn't won me over but even if it doesn't do well at least Nintendo weren't afraid to try something different.

I mean unlike Sony and Microsoft pushing graphical capabilities it isn't really doing much but Nintendo are at least trying to push gaming to the next level. In my opinion  loads of people gave the Wii a right bashing but to me I thought some of the games towards the end of it's life cycle were actually quality titles. I mean I am laying Kirbys Epic Yarn now and really enjoying it.

I mean Nintendo won't be going 3rd party because they will still make profit from the handheld market and maybe the Wii U is missing just that killer appearence to convince consumers to buy one. I mean it has been a bad year but who knows the titles coming out could be some right belters. I am not saying they will be.

Nintendo made a massive profit with the Wii and DS maybe this time they maybe got caught out they might go back to basics after the Wii U but they can wether the storm because unlike say SEGA the Mega CD, 32X and Saturn were massive dissapointments and cost them a lot of money and when they finally made the underatted Dreamcast the damage had been done through past systems. I think even the GCN made a profit. For alot of the PS3 lifespan they were in the red.

Nintendo might not have a lock on the console market this gen but the handheld market the company is dominating it's crushing the Vita. So while the Wii U is not my cup of tea I will give Nintendo the guts for not just upgrading their graphics at least trying a new way of playing games.

Plus most of their system seller could very quickly change that.

How much further can consoles go?

I have been thinking about this really and after playing The Last of Us I am wondering about how much further can you really go and if the next gen is gonna be any different because in 2009 Uncharted 2 looked the real deal in terms of visuals then 2010 came GOW3 and 2011 Uncharted 3. In 2012 we also had some incredible looking games and in 2013 we have had brilliant looking games like Ni No Kuni and The Last of Us.

Now just to clear things up with everyone I am not getting a PS4 or any next gen console anytime soon mainly because I have about nearly 50 games on my PS2 I haven't touched yet but still to come are GTA5,Rayman Legends,Gran Turismo 6,Beyond Two Souls,Assassins Creed 4,Ratchet and Clank Into the Nexus,Batman Arkham Origins,Watch Dogs and even MGS5 will be on the likes of PS3.

Also to go with that I have a few titles on Wii and some Gamecube games I haven't even tried out yet. Me personally I pick gameplay over graphics anyday of the week.

I am just thinking will the hardware ever stop will we be seeing a PS7 and so for or will it stop one time.