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Why didn't anyone tell me about this? (Added Edit- R.I.P. Dio)

Seriously, why didn't anyone tell me how pointless my life was without an HD t.v.? Do you really hate me that much? lol

So yeah, got my first ever HD t.v. today, to replace the one that broke a month and a half ago. I love the sh*t outta this thing. I got it all hooked up. Now I can use it for my PS3, PSP, computer, and pretty much anything else ever. I had no idea how amazing anime was meant to look this whole time. I need to go re-watch every Gundam series I like now. I'm just so excited. It seriesouly looks 1,000% better now when I watch anything. It looks like I can reach out and finally be able to grab Holo's tail. lol

I tired out my USB connections on my t.v. just to see how well it would look, and it's awesome. I can play doujin games on my t.v. now too. I put on Imperishable Night, and I had no idea it was so damn colorful. lol. Queen's Blade in HD is hillarious to me too. The on the map sprites are so much more detailed than I realized. They even actually show armor damage in those tiny sprites and everything. Stupid tiny PSP screen, taking away from my experience. lol

So yeah, I'll finally be able to get back to Star Ocean 4 now. Which is basically all I'll be doing now that school is out. No reviews lined up for a while, so it's like vacation time for me. lol. Oh. I finally saw my final grades for the semester. I got an A in both classes. That's huge for me, because I haven't had an A in school since high school. lol. So I'm in a really good mood because of so much good stuff going on lately, and just thought I'd share my boring details with all of you. lol

Special Bonus 62!

New Nico Nico meme, you say? Truley, with all the good stuff coming out this Summer, and with everything so far, this may end up being the best year of my life. lol.

I'm a huge fan of the guy that does that artwork. He's my favorite Sakuya artist, and my second favorite online artist (right after Yu-cat). Still no Tako-Luka version of the meme yet though. But you can bet I'll make a huge deal about it, as if it's important, when they do make one. lol

-Edit: I just now, as of this edit, found out that Ronnie James Dio died today of stomach cancer. I don't know if I can get over something like that. :< Here's a link to a report about it. I wish I could have seen him live at least once before this happened.