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Too many blogs for good titles to be left.

So, it's be around half a year or so, so why not do another blog back here?

So, I've pretty much left Gamespot entirely at this point. It's nothing in particular about the site, but I just kinda lost interest after I left the main unions I spent a ton of time in. I actually don't use many forums at all now, which is really weird for me, since I'm pretty addicted to forums in general.

I guess the biggest thing would be just finishing another semester last Tuesday. I've mentioned it in passing before, but I'm currently majoring in accounting. I have at least another 2 semesters left before I'll be moving on to test for my CPA (meaning I'll be a Certified Public Accountant when I pass that [meaning I'll make HUGE amounts of money for basically the same work. lol]). The nice thing is I can make $80+/hr starting out with just my degree I'll be getting in the near future. And that's just in the Pittsburgh, PA area. So if I go somehwere with a decent pay rate, it would only grow from there. XD

Anyway, on to stuff that would probably be more interesting to everyone that might read this. As far as games, I've been playing a few random things here and there. Atelier Rorona, Binding of Isaac (I still can't comprehend sticker fingers, but I'm sure they make life amazing), And Megaman Zero Collection. Although games really aren't keeping my interest for as long as they used to. I just seem to finish them way faster these days or something.

As far as everything else, I get paid to go to school, so when I got my last payment, I went looking for DVDs of the G1 Tranformers series, and saw a box set of the entire series for 47% off. So of course I bought that on an impusle, and it was totally worth it. lol Although it really is kinda hilarious to go back and see all the early errors and so on, and especially the lack of explanation for so many things. Oh, this huge dude who turs into an entire space center who just suddenly showed up one episode? That's Ol' Kentuky Omega Supreme. And He's been there.

Oh! I also ended up finally giving in and making a tumblr account. I mainly just use it to follow some posts from a few artists that I love, but I did consider making a blog there for a while. It would be much shorter than these though. My main idea was just setting up an ask blog, but I really don't have many people to ask things on there that don't already talk to me on instant messangers or whatever often anyway, so it kinda makes that pointless. Still, I'll link it on here sometime if there ever is any interest in that.

But yeah, that's a super short thing of basically some of the things that have been going on the past half year or so. Kinda actually thought about going through some of my old blogs, but I'm seriously terrified of how god awful most of those must be. Not just in terms of the general content, but just how much complaining I'm sure I used to do in them. lol

And here I am again with no idea how to end a blog. So uh... I tried to think of something clever to link here like a video or something, but I can't think of anything good. But uh... here's this thing I really liked fromthe most recent MMD Cup? (I can't remember how to get links to open in a new tab automatically on here. :< )

And now I'm off to try to make a new avatar for here, or give up because the size limitation is rediculously small, and hard to make anything nice with using things I'd want to use.