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This is why I hate internet shopping.

So, today around 3pm, I get a courtesy call to let me know that my credit card number has been stolen. Forst off, shouldn't that be more of a personal emergency or something? Courtesy just makes it sound like, "Yeah, just reminding you about that doctor apointment" or something. But no, to them it's like "Yeah, someone could buy a car, a house, a gun, or other things in your name, but it's no big deal". F*ck credit unions. So the guy calls me and tells me that since 8am this morning there have been over 9 pending payments that they had to cancel my card over. Out of all this, the guy only tells me that the first few were $1 charges to make sure the card works, and the rest were the dude paying for World of Warcraft. ARE YOU F*CKING SH*TTING ME?! Out of all the bull sh*t in the world, you steal a credit card number for that?! If you play that game, you need to claw your f*cking inards out right f*cking now!! I f*cking demand it of you, because you obviously have no purpose in life! I f*cking hate people.

So I ask the guy if I have to pay for all this sh*t or not, and he tells me I have to call customer service about any questions. Fine. I call them right after I hang up with that guy, and I eventually get transfered to a recording telling me they are gone for the day when it was only like 3:20 something at the latest. The f*ck kind of credit union closes that damn early in the day?! If you aren't 24/7, at least be open till 9pm. So they eventually call me back after I left a message, and the woman tells me she made sure my card is canceled, and she ordered me a new card. The main problem is that now I have to wait until Monday to go see if any of the charges went through. She said they can help me dispute the charges if any did go through, so at least there's that.

So after all that sh*t I went to file a report about it, and I gotta wait till Monday again so I can get an updated statment from the bank over all this to show the police so they will have it on record, and they can track the guy because he was stupid enough TO BUY F*CKIN WARCRAFT WITH MY SH*T! HOW F*CKING STUPID DO YOU HAVE TO BE?! All afternoon I've been trying to figure out how my number got out. It's come down to this. It was eaither Gamespot selling my number from when I upgraded my account, or Borders book store. I use Paypal for literally everything else I buy online, and unless Paypal sold the info, there's no other way they could have got it. I only used the damn thing in a real life store once in my life, so I doubt it was that store.

I'm still pissed because my entire life I was the kind of person that never wanted any kind of credit card because of sh*t like this, and that's what I get for trusting peopel for once. Every f*cking time I get f*cked over. I still say the fact that the charges were not only started at 8 am, but that they were all in English should have tipped the credit people off sooner. Almost everything I buy with that card is billed in Japanese, and if it's not, it's from the book store. I never used the card unless it was in the late afternoon or at night, and I'm never even up at 8am anyway, unless it's for work. I never even make multiple purchases with it, ever. I only use it once a month at the most. I mean seriously, they could have called before it got to around 10 charges instead of waiting all f*cking day. They need to pay more attention to spending habbits to stop this sh*t sooner. That's just extremely basic psychology. For all they know, someone could have murdered me and took the card, but f*ck no, they don't care untill it's amost 12 hours after the first part of a f*cking spending spree. I f*cking hate people, I f*cking hate how everything is dependant of internet transactions, and I F*CKING HATE PEOPLE!!