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The Gundam came back!

I just saw news that they are going to set up the 1:1 scale RX-78-2 Gundam again in Japan! I'm so excited. I might actually have a chance to see it this time. lol. They are going to put it back up in the city where Bandai makes all the Gundam model kits, so I'm praying this means it will be a permenant thing this time. I mean, seriously, how can you make a almost 60 foot tall Gundam, and then just take it away after only 3 months of it being on display?

I was trying to save money to go to the Winter Comuket this year, but I think I'll just say f*ck that, and go visit the Gundam when they get it set up again. lol.


Night Ver.

I think seeing that would be better than a trip to Comuket and Raitaisai festival combined. lol. I just really hope I can get the rest of the money for the trip in time to see it if they don't keep it around this time. lol. And just like my blog header says, donations are always welcome. :3

Also, I just got a Master Grade Crystal Ver. model kit of the RX-78-2 for free from one of my friends last week, because "It's impossible to build", so this news is really motivating me to finish it now. lmao. I'm so excited.