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Still exactly the same, huh?

So, after all this time, I come back for a visit, and absolutely nothing has changed. It's actually kinda sad. I don't know how to explain it, but I figured at least a few things here and there would have improved with the people and if I really wanted to be delusional, I could have expected some of the main bugs with the site to be fixed, but I've seen some new ones (to me) in the few times I've visited over my absence to add a few things to my list and so on. Like how I can be on a page for say, Sweet Home, I'll click the forums link, and it takes me to the reviews section for Modern Warfare (360 version, or course). How do you have bugs like that, and not fix it? But again, expecting way too much from this place if I actually expect basic coding like that to be taken care of. Also, how the hell did I gain an entire level while I wasn't here more than a few minutes on a few random days? I thought it went off activity, and not just how long you've been a member.

I'm not even sure what I was gonna originally say in this blog. I'm just so bored, and now disappointed by the complete lack of anything new. When I quit the site, I actually couldn't even leave a few unions no matter how many times I tried. I was apparently banned from one, and I couldn't quit the one I was leader of at all, even days after making a new leader and demoting myself down to member. But again, simple bugs Gamespot doesn't care to take the 2-10 minutes needed to fix. And I was checking on some of the people I used to know a little bit before I started writing this, just to see what's new. Unsurprisingly, even they are the same. Weeaboos are still weeaboos blissfully behind by half a year of what's even remotely a current trend, or news, or even relevant in Japanese entertainment, ignorant children are still just as ignorant, delusional fanboys still haven't grown-up at all, and so on.

Anyway, now that the entire 1 game Gamespot decress as existent is added to my list and out of the way, and I can now officially know the rest of what I wanted to add tonight simply can't exist or be at all real. I mean, how could any of it? After all, it's not even on the 360, the only video game console to ever exist. Also, I still can't stop laughing at the nude pictures and racism incidents M$ are getting themselves into in the past few weeks with Kinect.

Other than the boring sh*t no one would even care to read anyway, I have no idea what to really mention as an update. Progress in life, basically. Tons of new people, new things were going on constantly for a while, and so on. But why write that here when I'm sure only, at max, 3 people will even skim this, just because I haven't made one in so long. Also, I almost forgot we have to censor curses here. Because, you know, we're all children and we have to protect our innocent minds and all. Why did I ever spend so much time here? XD

I guess this is where I'd put a Special Bonus, but what would I even use? To be honest, there hasn't been anything too great to share here recently anyway. If anything, it would just be a Cat Face video. But there hasn't even been a new one of those in a while, so it's not worth linking one so old. And as a final random thought, I have no idea how I lived with the 80x80 avatar limits here. I'm so spoiled by basic standard features on every other forum these days. Like, technical issues being tacen care of, or actual discussion value in the community. Some day Gamespot. Some day.