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Progress... sort of.

Today I finally got to get everything sorted out about the stolen card number and stuff that I was talking about before. The good thing is that almost none of the charges went through, and I don't have to pay anything he did. The bad thing is that the only thing that showed up on the statement I got from the bank was the Warcraft thing (of course). So based on just one charge for only $14.99, they can't really follow up on it. They said since it's such a small amount, the people in charge won't take it as a serious enough thing to look into it. I guess that's fine though since I didn't lose anything. I was really looking forward to being able to press charges though.

Anyway, I had other stuff I wanted to talk about before, but the whole incident Friday just pissed me off, and I wanted to blog about that instead for the time. So also on last Friday, I got another of my giant boxes of manga on my door step when I got home. lol. More of the usual. I also got an advance copy of the first 'Spice and Wolf' light novel that's gonna be out Dec. 15 (shameless promotion. lol). I hate the English cover. I saw it in the box and I was like "Hey, you got furry in my socially acceptable media." Why did they decide to go with the live action cover? I mean, I read the thing on their website about how "no one in America reads manga, and we did this to get more people into manga", but really? Was a live action Horo really needed? I mean, they could have at least had the woman cosplay as her in clothing. It's not like Horo is nude the entire series, it's only for like one night. Anyway, other than that abomination of a cover, they did a really good job with the translations. I haven't read any of the manga adaption yet, but I have seen a few episodes of the anime adaption. I don't completely hate the anime yet, but that's just because it's hard to hate Horo. lol.

The good thing about the novel's cover is that they have learned from all the death threats the fans sent, and you can get the original cover for the English release too. To do this, you have to buy the magazine published by the company that has the rights to the novels. lmao. Way to be greedy. They say you can also get it if you get the novel from one of their "on-line distributors", and of course, they don't mention who thse people might be anywhere. I'm pretty sure most bookstores websites will tell you if they will have the dovers in stock or not since the novels are on-line sales only, and they won't charge for the slip cover at all if you get it. I really prefer the original cover to the live action furry myself, but that's just me. lol. The illustrations are really good quality on the original cover too, so it's worth trying to get one.

I was also trying to get a copy of the first volume of 'Zero's Familiar' with my free stuff, but it's been on constant back order since it came out, and I never requested it before then. lol. I'll have it by the end of January, hopefully. The rights to publish the light novels in English have been bought back in 2007, and they still haven't even started on the first one yet, so I figure the manga would be better than nothing. Eventually I'll probably just read the novels on-line or something. I hate doing that though. Also, I hear the anime adaption is sh*t. Go figure.