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Oh, okay. So now we're all r*tarded

Apparently, 80% of something can now be decided for, by only taking about 3% of something as an example. Probably way less than that relistically. Link. Psychological issues =/= mental retrdation. I'll openly admit the problems I have, but just because someone's kid is retarded, doesn't mean 80% of a group of people are.

Besides that, how are they even taking 80%? There's thousands of hikikomori corpses found all year, just in Japan. So out of the thousands unaccounted for that died, the other unknown number that are still alive, and just aren't accounted for I nany way, and based on the less than one hundred people that check into a clinic to get help, 80% of us must be mentally retarded. Oh, I'm sorry, 80% of the tiny number of people studied are "retarded", because they are 100% mentally healthy. No sh*t. They wouldn't be going to a clinic if they weren't liek that. This is why I hate people.

So by their logic, 80% of Americans MUST be fat sh*theads that stuff their faces full of cheeseburgers 24/7. I mean, people buy Mc Donalds, therefore, they must all be lazy fat sh*ts that weight 1,000lbs each. There's just no way they can't. Right? Don't tell me that's wrong. I studied about 10 people, and at least one of them prove me right, therefore, at least 80% of the country must be like that.

/sarcasm (Since no one wants to understand that I like to make jokes.)

Plus, that report means that 2,800,000 people are retarded, in Japan alone. That can't be even slightly true. Learn to fact check before spreading your slander.

Also, I can't say the word I had to censor in the title on GS. Anything that is all stars in this blog is probably that word.