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Oh, Konami. I don't even know what to think anymore.

So, I just watched most of the Konami trailer for the pre-E3 thing at the time I'm writing. this. I just had to stop it at Kojima's "brand new, revolutionary idea", because seriously, too much to already mention. First off, no Kojima, Capcom already beat you to the transferring save data idea. Wasn't that announced a few months ago? I mean, if not world-wide, it's at least been known in Japan for some time now. And even as bias as I am toward Konai, even I have to kinda just not be able to take them seriously with some of this stuff. At least, I'm almost positive it was something almost exactly like this. I'll have to come back and edit in a source later though. Maybe I'm just confused.

So, the whole reason I even decided to watch the video was because of people in a Silent Hill thread on SA talking about how the Silent Hill: Downpour trailer makes it look like it was made by competant people, and how we all know the final game will be nothing like this at all. And I have to agree. If the final game doesn't Homecoming the sh*t out of everyone, I'd be amazed. (Also, does GS allow curisng yet? I just don't feel like going back to fix everything if they still don't.) I mean, I had no hope for Homecoming, and I still to this day hate that game. And I have absolutely no reason to ever believe any new Silent Hill game will ever be any better than that garbage. Seriously, I still can't get over as boss that glitched into being invincible. And then did it again after I restrted the PS3. Not just re-loading the game, rebooting the whole system to make sure it wasn't my fault. No excuse for something like that. Also, whats with that waterslide in Downpour. I want a legitimate answer for that thing. Is this game just a mix of the second movie and SH4, like how Homecoming was just a fan service mash up of 2, the first movie, and that exact same copy/pasted half-corpse you see at least once per level?

As far as the Metal Gear stuff I saw, I really have no interest right now. I don't really care to play the same games again in HD, when I'll be skipping halfthe content anyway, and after 100%-ing all the PS2 games back when they were out, I'm to this day too burnt out on those games to want to even touch them anytime soon. I'm sure they'll look nice and such, but things like Yoshi easter eggs aren't really worth the money and time I'd have to spend on them.

I kinda expected a bit of Castlevania news since that was mentioned early on, but maybe it just comes up after the part I watched up to. And speaking of, I just played that DLC for Lords of Shadow (slight spoiler ahead that I'm too lazy to tag, by the way.). I'm happy they're at least attempting to explain that plot destroying secret ending from the main game, but still, VAMPIRES DON'T WORK THAT WAY. And seriously, fan servicing the Forgotten One into the plot isn't doing anything for me either. I swear this reboot is progressively doing more and more to make itself into a teen vampire movie every chance it gets. I just really, really hope that some day soon we can go back to Iga and every game's plot just being the best friend is possessed by/resurrects Dracula, and Alucard forced into every other game just for Iga's own personal self-fan service. As much as I hate how predictable the games were at the time, I never found myself in a situation where I had to force myself to play the game, just to say I completed it like I do with LoS.

Honestly, the only thing I saw so far that I'm kinda looking forward to is the re-issues of Silent Hill 2 and 3. I never actually got a chance to ever play 2, so I really want it just for that, and 3 is my favorite in the series, so I'd gladly buy it in that set again. I'm not getting my hopes up too high for the new movie, but at least the actress they were showing looks very accurate to Heather. So hopefully it'll at least look correct, but I doubt it'll have anything to do with the games beyond that. And I kinda want to get the Zone of the Enders re-issue, but I might as well just get the originals since I see them both for less than $1 all the time.

So yeah, just figured I'd do my usual pointless blog about stuff from E3 or whatever. And it gives me an excuse to link this from the SA thread I mentoned.

Special Bonus 65!

Seriously, some of those comments still leave me dumbfounded. And yes, all the text on screen is exactly the way it was written in the comments they took them from.

Also, the word 'thing' is a typo according to GS' spell check now. So I have no idea how many actual typos are in this blog. I'll just assume as many as usual though. So sorry.