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My PS3 melted...

So, I've had my 80GB PS3 since back when MGS4 came out. It was my second PS3, because my first was one of those 40GB releases that had the laser defect that got recalled and discontinued. The 80GB one lasted me until just the other day. I think Saturday was when it finally died.

For anyone that might ever have a broken PS3, that hair dryer trick doesn't work at all. I tried it, and it seriously just burned everything up, and changed nothing about getting the console to stay on for more than a second.

I usually wouldn't be too upset about this kind of thing, beyond having to pay for a new one, but this goes back to how I hated built in memory for games when that started. If they still used memory cards, I would have had no loses. All my trophies were synced, so nothing there was lost, and a memory card would have just allowed me to just move my saves to anything else. The problem being, I can't even move my HDD without it trying to reformat itself when I put it into a new PS3. I can't use a trasnfer thing, because I can't get the PS3 to turn on for more than a second. And that also means stuff like USBs are out. By the way, my 80GB had every memory input thing imaginable, minus floppy discs. The new one just has 2 USB slots. That's complete crap to me.

I seriously started to feel sick when I started some games over agan. The majority of my games were 100% completed anyway, so I have no desire to ever play them again. And if they weren't complete, I really didn't like them enough to play them more anyway, in most cases. But then there's games where I just had so much invested in them. I think I lost a combined total of over 600 hours just in saves between Disgaea 3 and 4...

So yeah, moral of the story: Don't play games unless you wouldn't mind losing everything, and then being stuck with a downgraded console when you get a replacement. (I'll miss you, convenient built-in backwards compatability, and stragely longer t.v. chord thing. ;_; )

Actually I still use the old chord, because my PS3 would literally have to hang from the back of the t.v. if I used the short one they boxed in with my new console. Which is really weird to me that they'd change something like that.