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Late Christmas, Early New Years blog.

I was gonna do a blog on Christmas, but I couldn't think of a good enough joke. lol. I wanted to do something like the story I had on Easter about the Easter Bunny fighting Jesus Christ to the death to save all our candy form that greedy man, but I just coudn't top that story. lol. I'd link it for those of you that wertn around for it, but it's not worth the trouble, and it's not funny enough to waste time reading anyway. lol.

So anyway, Christmas. This year was pretty good. I got tons of money since that's all I asked for. lol. I was gonna put it toward the Gundam trip, but I'm gonna hold off on that since it'll be around Japan for a long time. One of my freinds was joking around saying I'd probly die from a huge anxiety attaxck if I ever got to see the thing in real life. It's probly ture. lol. I'd have a massive anxiety attack from a mix of hero worship and fear of the Gundam taking a step forward and crushing me. lmao.

I got some good stuff this year though. My dad got me a big frame to put vinyl records in, so as soon as I decide where to hang that up, I'll put one of my limited edition prints in there so I can display it and keep it more protected. lol. I have a bunch of records, but I haven't listened to any in almost a year. I really need to start buying some more soon. I ended up buying Dragon Ball: Raging Blast also. That game has so many issues wirth unresponsive controls and the camera decind to spin in endless cricles or getting stuck on a wall. I don't even know if I'll finsih the whole game or not. lol.

I've been kinda paranoid and sick today though. All last night I was really tired, and when I went to lay down, I was wide away for hours. Around 3 am I kept wondering if I closed the garage door, and kept being paranoid about it for a long time, eventhough I was posotive I closed it. A few hours later I finally went to check it, and it was closed. And then I still couldn't sleep cause I got this bad head ache out of nowhere. My head still hurts, and my eyes hurt form not sleeping very long. lol. Then today I heard someone pounding on the front door. I went to check, and nothing was there. There werent even foot steps in any of the snow, and it's not snowing fast enough for it to cover anything like that, that fast. Then I thought they were back, but it was just the sound of my heart pounding in my chest for some reason. lmao. I think Higurashi made me way too paranoid.

Last night I also found this awesome RPG I've been playing all day. Someone made it in RPG maker 2000, but it's a extremely deep game for something like that. The sriptes are like 8-16 bit, but the system it uses is deeper than most RPGs I've played in years. Like Poison not only makes you lose helth, you also lose 20% ATK, you can't move as good to the point where you might have to crawl on your hands and knees, you can't use charge attacks, and your attack speed is way slower. There's a bunch of status stuff like that that makes it really challenging to play untill you get some money for better items, since all your stuff breaks so fast. The equipment even changes you character's sprite and portait. There's also some joke items, and events, but they take forever to get. It has a bunch of characters to play as too, but I just use the Miko, because I have no idea what the hell any thing else is since it's all in Japanese.

Anyway, here's another Special Bonus for the hollidays. I should probably put a 16+ warning on this one though.

Special Bonus 48!

I coudn't think of anything holiday related, so here's something that will cater to almost every "interest" at least once. They got you covered no matter what oyu like, unless it's something oddly specific. Also, see if you can spot the moment the Bad End happpens. lol. I wish the song was mixed better so I could hear the lyrics, but I can only hear parts about oppai, and stuff like that.

But yeah, this has all my favorites, Rin (who is almost never in fan animations), Reisen, Eirin, Yukari, everyone. lol. Also, Rinnosuke scares the hell out of me ever since I watched that the first time. lol.

I hope everyone enjoyed thier Christmas. I hate winter so bad (mainly the ice since I always hurt myself somehow every year), but at least there's free stuff to make up for it. lol.