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Last Blog of 09.

I'm sorry for the mass posts of blogs lately, but after this one it'll go back to one every other week or so. it's the last day of 2009, and the end of the decade also, and honestly, I'm kinda dissapointed with this year. There's was lots of awesome things hapeeing this year, but everyday life was boring as hell this year for me. lol.

Anyway, I got my last game for 09. I got the collectors edition of Spiral Chaos in the mail today. I had a big discount for my account at a store I always buy from in Akiba, so I got the $120 package for about $50. lmao. So even though I ordered stanard shipping, it was sent out on the 29th, and it got here this morning. I LOVE Japanese mail service. They are always ahead of schedual, and it's so nice to actually get stuff on time, or actually not need to worry about it being sent to the wrong house. I hate when I order something being sent out from 1 state over, and it takes over 6 days to get here with rush shipping. I don't know if I mentioned this enough, but American mail service is probly the slowest, and in my experience, most unreliable (due to packages always being sent to an entirely wrong neighborhood instead of anywhere near my house, and then being forced to wait to see if it is ever returned to the Post Office to be sent to me again, or if I just have to lose money on something I'll never get delivered) mail in the world.

I wanted the game because I like the Queen's Blade Combat Books (I only have the Airi book), I like SRPGs(mainly just Disgaea though), and everyone says playing Japanese games that require a ton of reading (like RPGs) help you learn the language faster, which I'll really need if I don't wanna have a friend around to translate the whole time, if I ever actually go to Japan. lol. The anime gave the series a bad name though. I don't blame anyone at all that hates the series based on the anime.

So anyway, the collectors edition of the game comes with the game, a CD, a figma, and I got an art book. The art book is supposed to be only for pre-orders, but I geuss they had extras or something. I like to collect figmas, so that was basically the only reason I went for the collector's edition. lol. The whole package except the book is in the figma box, and that's all in a big plastic wrap, so I guess I have to open the box to actually play the game. lol. I wanted to keep it selaed if I could since it's a SP figma, instead of just a regular mass production one, but there's no way I'm gonna get a game to just have it just sit around. I had no idea who the character they made the figma of was for the longest time, but it's the main character you play as in the game. I guess her name is Cute. I have no idea why they gave her a name like that, but that's what it is. lol. Also, her eyes are weird. There kinda like Melona's, but with stars instead of +'s.

The only thing I don't like about the game is that not every chatracter is in the game, and not all the ones in the game are playable, unless you hack it like the people from Nico Nico have been doing. I really wanted to get Airi since she's my favorite, but you only get her on a few possible paths in the story, and she won't stay with you in some of those paths. I'm just happy she's playable at all though. lol.

Sega also recently announced another sequal to the Hatsune Miku game. They will have the arcade game out in Spring (or Summer) and they said there's another home game on the way, and to "hold on to the consoles you have now". No idea what that means, but maybe it'll be a PS3 game. Or maybe Sega just doesn't want people to be stupid and buy a PSP-Go on accident or anything. lol. They also announced DLC for the first game that should be out in early 2010. No actual set date for anything yet though.

So yeah, this ended up being way longer than I though it' would be, and I know people hate to read, so I'll just skip everything else till some other time. One last Special Bonus for the end of the year.

Special Bonus 49!

Yes, I posted this back in my Summer Comuket blog, but I love this video, and I figured some people might laugh too. Just so you know, 97% of the subs are wrong, but this was on purpose since atomicpuppy was seeing how many weeaboos would blindly believe, and argue that those were the actual lyrics.The actual song was IOSYS using a cover of Utsuho's theme to encourage the Japan work out act to get more people to actually exercise daily like the act was trying to encourage (similar to the Cool Off act they had to encourage less AC use in the warm seasons).

Also, this video has Rin (doing the Megaman slide at one point. lol), Chen, Reisen, and Eirin. So again, I like it more because a lot of my favorites are in it. lol. Angry German Kid is there too.

So yeah, I'm going back to watchin the 24 hour Three Stooges Marathon. lol