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I knew those cicadas were up to no good.

I started watching the series 'When The Cicadas Cry' recently, and holy f*ck. Why didn't anyone tell me how awesome that series was? I always thought it was just yet another loli comedy or something, but I was completely wrong. Most of the time I ever saw anything of it was because some of the people I sub to on Youtube would use clips for stuff like this. It might not make sense if you don't play Megaman. lol. Anyway, I've only watched the first 8 episodes as of when I'm typing this, so please don't spoil anything for me. At first I was just watching it because Funimation was promoting it and showing it, but I got hooked when I saw episode 2, and the further I watch the more hooked I get. I seriously might end up watching the rest of the series tonight in one sitting when I finish this. lmao. It's like when I really get into a light novel and end up reading the whole thing right after I get back from the store. lol. I really really hope this one doesn't just turn to crap in the middle of the series like so many other anime I watched with such high hopes.

So anyway, yesterday was Thanksgiving. For me, that means I get to go to like 7 different places, and have a ton of food. lmao. I had about 2 lunches, and 4 dinners yesterday, and I seriously haven't gained a single pound. I dunno why, but I never gain weight, and it kinda worries me since I'm underweight and since a nurse I used to work with said it's weird for someone of my height to be able to be so thin and be healthy. lol. For anyone who hasn't seen me, or doesn't know me outside the internoots, I'm 6'2" and I weight about 156lb. lol. So yeah, I'm not sure how much someone like me is supposed to weight, but everyone says I'm underweight or something. I dunno.

Anyway, since pretty much no one in the entirty of my family ever stays married, I have like a million places I could go to eat every year, but most of my family either doesn't talk to me, treats me like sh*t because I'm not their kid, or I just don't talk to them. So if I ever do eat with any family, it's usually with my dad, who takes me to his gf's house, cause god forbid we not go there one year. This year I skipped eating with my dad, because I would have had to be up before 9 am, and there's nothing worth that, unless I have to work or something. lol. Also, I hate his gf and her family, so I just made up some excuse when dad called. I ended up going a few places, and had pretty much every kind of turkey you can think of. I still say deep freid turkey is the best though. One of my best friends invited me over, since she invites me over for like every holiday ever since high school, and then we went to visit a few other people later on. Also, one of our friends invented this game when she was drinking that made me laugh until I cried, but I can't really mention it here, because GS will probly mod me for it or something. When the game become the new fad, I'll at least know who started it. lmao.

I wanted to have some kind of special bonus at the end of this blog since I haven't had one in like 3 months, but no one did anything interesting enough to link for a long time. So anyway, here's an old Miku / Castlevania thing I still really like. I hope eventually I'll be able to figure out the Vocaloid programs enough to be able to do stuff like that. lol

Special Bonus 45!

Out of time is my favorite song in the original, and one of my top 3 favorites out of the NES games.

Also, here's one more.

I might as well add that since it's like right there on my favorites list. lol.