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Easy mode in Megaman? How bout the game just beats itself next time?

Seriously Capcom? Why the hell does there need to be an Easy mode in Megaman. Shoot thing, thing dies. That's not that damn hard. I saw the trailer showing the comparisons, and they block of all the spikes and have less, and weaker, enemies. Do we really need that at all? Is the casual fad really that influential these days? I mean, why even play the game at all? I know some people don't like tough games, but Megaman isn't hard. 9 was one of the easiest, and the only ones easier than that were 2, and 6. The point is, if you suck at a game, either don't play it, or get better. It's not that damn hard. I mean f*ck, even Super Hero difficlty in 9 wasn't that bad. Things just took more damage.

I dunno. This is why I hate newer games so much. I'm just waiting to see them make another one where they have all the pits sealed off, the spikes blocked off liek in 10, enemies go out of their way to avoid you, and there is no boss in any stage. Maybe then the games won't be 'impossible' like all the 'retro' and 'hardcore' 12 year olds think 9 was. If you even have to call youreself a hardcore gamer, you probly aren't. More than likely, you're just some stupid ass kid trying to sound like you know something. I f*cking hate kids. There almost as bad a s weeaboos. If you had an N64, who gives a f*ck? That doesn't mean sh*t. If you are 10 and bout an NES, or play NES games on an emulator, that doesn't mean sh*t about you as a gamer. Stop saying that makes you old school or retro. You completely miss the point. I love how so many people swear PS2 and sh*t like that is 'retro in a few years'. No. F*ck you. That's not how it works. It's not like we rename the Atari and Intellevision era ever 5 years to keep it up to date. I don't really even agree that Dreamcast would have made the retro cut off, but whatever. People are sh*t and 'gamers' are just as bad.

It's getting to the point these days where I don't even have any interest in most of the new games announced. "Yay, Demon's Souls" some may say. While I look at it and say, "Wow Atlus, you used to make really fun, and unique games. Why have you suddenly decided to make Western games? I don't need to save Harry Potter from dragons more than that one time I did when I tried Oblivion." And people f*cking shoot rockets out their ass if you even point out that the game is just a Western RPG made by a Japanese developer company. It's not my fault almost every Western RPG is the exact same thing every f*cking time.

I can't even trust the series I love anymore. Castlevania is getting it's God of War game thanks to whoever the f*ck finally said they need someone who isn't Iga to direct the series. I mean, I like Iga as a director, but I get it, the best friend turns out to be bad. Yes, yes, fine. He does that in pretty much every CV game he directed. Time for a new gimick. Megaman is gonna start getting the fake 8bit retro treatment in every game now. I mean, I liked the idea, and it was nice to see it for 9, but if you are gonna do it every single time, it loses it's fan service charm, and just gets old fast. Even the RPG series I love get sh*tty updates. I mean, look at the Valkyrie Profile fan fic they put out on the DS. It completely invalidates it's own main plot in the first few minutes of the game. There isn't a single thing related to the cannon of the series in the entire game what-so-ever, and in the post game, Hrist even points out how horrible the game is. She even mocks it in her rant saying "It is called Valkyrie Profile, not Mortal Profile." and she's right, why do I have to play as some generic Square emo kid, when I could have had a decent continuation of the series from the open ending that 2 leaves off on. At the least, let tri-Ace and Enix make the game, instead of leaving Square incharge of everything.

This is why I started playing doujin games so much. At least the circles that make a game are free to do whatever the f*ck they want with thier series. But then you have the whole weeaboos eventually finding the game and ruining the fanbase thing. I remember when back when I could talk to fans of games like Shuusou Gyoku, and have a decent coversation about the game. But now weeaboos ruin any f*cking doujin series they can find. I miss when Touhou was a big secret to the rest of the world, and I could talk to real fans. I swear the other day a friend was doing a stream, and when they played Idolmaster, a radom person in the char said "OMG!! That girl has a black dress. It's just like Touhou." How the f*ck does that have anything to do with that? That would be like me walking around, seeing a building, and saying "That building is made of bricks. This is just like Contra." It just makes no sense to compare the two based on something that random.

Anyway, this rant is just gonna keep going on and on, so I'll just stop here.