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Boredom, Mokou, and other stuff.

Another random blog from being bored. Before I forget though, I'm kinda wondering about something. We have this restaurant around here called King's. I've never been sure if it's a local thing or not. I've seen them pretty far away form here, but I'm not sure how far out the chain goes. Anyway, if you guys have one near you, does the food always make you sick too? I've only eaten at the one closest to where I live, but the food there used to be awesome when I was in high school, but the last few years it's made me sick every time. I don't mean like oh man, my stomach hurts, I mean like I throw up and there is some black semi-solid mass in my toilet. Just wondering if this happens to anyone else, or if it's just special to the one here only. lol. One of my friends was in town, we ate there, and both of us got sick from it (big shock), and it just reminded me that I wanted to see if anyone I know on GS has the place near them, and if the one near them makes them sick every time too or not. lol.

Anyway, I finally beat the Extra Stage in Imperishable Night. I've been playing the game for years, and I could never beat Mokou. I finally beat her, and then, out of habit, I hit no when it aksed if I wanted to save the replay. =__=' I never wanna play the stage again. I love the stage theme and Mokou's theme, but it's like a 8 minute fight, and it just feels like an eternity in that kind of game. I think she might be harder than Yukari, but Yukari takes way longer. Also, you do all that work, just to get some stupid pun about a word that sounds like the word for jelly doughnuts that doesn't even work in English anyway. So yeah, even if I had the video saved, I wouldn't upload it, just because I died like 7 times in the fight. lol. I lost count of how many bombs I wasted. I might upload other stuff soon though, but I dunno. It's kinda pointless though since the view counter has been broken for like a year, and I never get comments anyway. My first video on here got over 100 views in the first day though, so I guess someone liked it. I took it down a few weeks ago just because the quality was sh*t, and I can do way better on that stage these days.

So anyway, I'll be going back too college in the spring, I guess. I'm gonna be going for arts this time, and I already have a bunch of the classes done, so I guess that'll make it way faster. At least with less classes working at the same time won't be as hard as it was. Plus since all I do for work is review games, manga, and anime, I can just get it done anytime I need to, and get paid the same for just like 30 minutes of work. lmao. I still can't really find any other jobs to do because of my injury from when I was working at the hospital, but I'm happier doing this instead of any other job I've had in the past. lol.

I also decided I wanna try to get some games I never finished done before I start back at school again. I was playing Valkyrie Profile 2, because I never actually got past chapter 3 before I quit out of frustration. I love the series to death, but that game's difficulty just jumps so fast out of nowhere in the middle of that chapter. So right now, I'm trying to get 4 spoiler characters to level 45 each before the end of the chapter so I can get the best items they give based on their levels when they leave. My main team is only level 23, but I found a guide that has a way to get the spoiler characters form level 8 to 45 in about 40 minutes, and it's been working great so far. The only problem I have is that you need to learn specific skills through the whole game. To learn skills, you need to have specific items and equipment on to start learning the skill you want. The problem I have is that it goes by a system of runes and colors each item has, and I'm color blind. So for the longest time I was waiting to get green runes to learn some vital stuff I needed forever ago, and it turns out the stuff that looked like it was dark brown was green this whole time. When you equip it, it changes colors and looks bright green, but when you just look at it, it look like a darker shade of the grey runes or like a brown color.

I hate color coded systems in games. That's why I was so happy Team Shanghai Alice made a color blind patch for their games a while ago. I really hope some day they get some kind of recognition for coming up with an inovation like that. I'd like to see mainstream game companies catch on to how much that helps a ton of gamers. Then again, leave it to the mainstream companies to only give a sh*t about how many of the same Guitar Hero games, just with a new name, they can sell to sheep in a month. More specifically, Western game companies are all that matters in the world of gaming, so why the hell should I expect people who put effort into thier games to get any kind of anything. I bet we'll have someone win the Peace Prize for just talking about stopping a war before that could ever happen. It would have to be someone like a president or something at that. Oh wait.