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Apparently I'm a pack leader?

So, I was stopping by to check for some new threads in a few game specific forums like I usually do when I'm trying to avoid 6 hours worth of accounting homework, and I noticed my badges in my profle were different. I haven't looked at my profile in months, so I was surprised to see a few new ones. I got Bad Taste at some point. Which apparently you get for owning anything Japanese. Oh, sorry, not owning enough generic FPS games. By going so far out of my way to not appease the GS Genie, I got that negative mark forever on my account. Oh darn.

I also got Pack Leader, which is odd, because I only voted to make a troll bracket of who I knew all the 7-year-old user base of this site would vote for.

[spoiler] The winner is always the same few characters in these things. Extreme user bias always determines the results. [/spoiler]

Apparently that was a good way to go. So from the description of the badge, I got it for beating "everyone on my friends list" at picking the brackets. Is there anyway to see who we voted for and compare them? Or do I just have to rely on memory and assume I actually did beat everyone? Also, did that event end yet? I'm just wondering who actually won it.

And now I'm out of relevant stuff to say, and no special bonus filler to put at the end. Uh... So how 'bout that Sonic Generations, huh...?