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Another year at GS.

So, tomorrow is the 14th, and that will mean I've been at GS for two full years now. lol. I seriously thought I was here for longer, but Iguess it just feels that way. So it's been two years, and I'm already at level 36 as of when I write this. lol. I would be a full level higher, but I got modded that one time for reporting some one for posting child p*rnography in the DS forums. Why did I get moded for reporting it? Because the lolicons in charge were mad that they had to take it down I guess. It's not my fault it's disgusting.

Anyway, not much to talk about GS related this year. I haven't done anything on here in a long time. lol. I'm gonna be starting a new union soon, but I'm still working on the banner and stuff. I had two ideas, and finally decided on the one haven't mentioned anywhere. I haven't really talked about the union yet except in a PM or two with one of my friends, just because it'll be the first of it's kind on here, and I wanna make sure it stays that way so we get a better chance of getting a decent ammount of members at the start. lol. As long as I get enough charter members to actually start the thing, I'll be happy though. I haven't put much work into the banner recently just because I'm lazy though, so who knows when I'll have that done. I wanna try to have it by the end of December though. I haven't used any kind of photo editing thing since like 2003, so it's taking me a long time to get used to how to use the newer stuff. lol. Plus the 50k limit for a file size is insane. How do you get a picture that size to be that small? I make it under the full isze limit and it's still a few hundred over the limit. lol.

Game wise, I'm pretty much stuck in everything I'm playing. I give up on Valkyrie Profile: Silmeria's post game. I spent over 15 hours just level grinding and skill learning for my final team along the way through the last area, and I still get stuck. Basically, I got every possible treasure in the first run of the Seraphic Gate, and I'm up to the Ethereal Queen, and that's it. I aboslutely cannot beat her. My team is all level 88-94, and I just can't win. Right now my set up is Lenneth, Hrist, Silmeria, and Zunde. Zunde is only there becuase he's level 94, does tons of damage, and I don't feel like raising a replacment for him, which is my main problem. I'm using everyone's best possible weapons, I have Lenneth using the Levantine, with Psychosoma skill on her to get it to be better than the Dainslief, and Silmeria even has that armor that gives her ghost staus so physical hits can't hurt her since she's my weakest character in the team. It's just way too hard becuase Ethereal Queen is almost completely surounded by things that take dmage for her. If you attack from behind, her wings block everything, her spear blocks her right, and attacks form the front and left are just regularly gaurded by her. So each attack is doing about 1,000 damage until she stops gaurding, and then they do way more if we break her guard.

The main problem with the fight is that she is level 90 and has 1,400,000 HP, and even after 30 minutes of fighting, she was only at a little less than half health. I hate it. Even Hrist does like no damage even when she uses Trial of Existance. Everyone keeps telling me to use Freya, but she's level 50 when you get her, and I really don't wanna spend the time it takes to get her caught up just for one fight. I give up on the fight. I tried my best, ran out of itmes to heal after 40 minutes of fighting, and since Lenneth is the only one with magic, it's just not possible with my set up. It's not worth wasting the AP needed for Heal anyway since it only helps one person at a time in this one anyway. Plus, even if I do beat her, I have to do it again 9 more times, each time with her stat being doubled over and over, and there's no way I can do it. lol. I just hate how in the first game, I could destroy her so easily, and then in this one she is like made of Skintanium Armor (horrible reference, I'm sorry). lol. So officialy, I beat the main game, and almost the entire post game, so I count that as finished. lol. So for now, Touhou 12 remains the only game I have never been able to completly finish, but that's just because the gimikcs in that game are way too difficult for no reason.

Anyway, Special Bonus time! lol.

Special Bonus 46!

One of my friends sent that to me a month or two ago, and I kept forgeting to share it here. lol. They did a really good job wit hmaking the new objects for the MikuMiku Dance program, like the knives and stuff, but Sakuya looks way too much like Miku. You can really see it in the face especially. I guess it was just easier to edit the existing model that to make a new one though. lol. Other than that, it's pretty good. I always liked the voices SOUNDHOLIC gives to the characters since they fit really well most of the time, and this is probably the best Sakuya voice anyone has ever used. It's way better than that tsundere one IOSYS uses for her. Plus I'm really happy someone fianlly remebered to put in Sakuya's Luna Dail. Everyone forgets it, just like how no one remembers Chen's earring, eventhough she's the only character in the whole series that even has an earring.

Also, here's a link to the original song if anyone wants it.

Special Bonus 47!

I haven't had anything Neru related in a long time, so here's something I found the other day form back in the dark ages of MMD animations. lol. It's still kinda funny to go back and see how bad Miku's English used to be. lol. I love the way she says 'home' in the disclaimer. lol. Do they really need a disclaimer though? I mean, is there really some otaku out there that's gonna take up juggling and and waste their life on that pointless skill, and then blame Miku for it? That's their own falut. lol.