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Oh Comuket, you never stop amazing me.

Holy f*ck. Comuket this year had so many amazing things for sale. I unfortunatly can't aford the trip and still have enough money to buy everything that I would immediatly spend money on without a second thought of return trip money, so I just found all the stuff online about the tons and tons of new things out this year. I gotta say, I'm the happiest I've been in a long time. lol.

First off, like usual there was tons of new doujin manga, games, and CDs. There's tons of everything form anything you could want, but my main focus was of course on the two new Touhou games that came out at Comuket this year. I was amazed that there were two this year. I was only expecting Unidentified Fantastic Object, but they also had Touhou Project 12.3 Flawed Perceptions of the Natural Laws of the East: Unthinkable Natural Law Why is this title a paragraph long? lol). The game was announced only a few months ago, so I was extremely shocked to find out it was released last Saturday, but I found out why it had such a fast production. Basically the game is a new fighter, but it's a little smaller than the other two are. There's reasons for this though.

Anyway, UNL is really fun, and introduces five new characters to the fighting side games. The new playable characters include Sanae, Cirno, Suwako, Utsuho, and Chi.. I mean, Hong Kon... err, Hong Meiling. lol. Meiling was previously only available in the first fighter, Imaterial and the Missing Power, but only if you patched the game to include her when they made that available. The only bad thing about UNL is that other than the five new characters, you only have Reimu and Marisa to play around with, and that's it. The good news is, if you have the second fighter, Scarlet Weather Rhapsody, you can adjust a directory file in UNL's folder to not only include all the 15 characters from SWR, but you can also fix the game to import all your cards unlocked for all the SWR characters into UNL so that you don't have to start over again. UNL also features a multiple deck set up that allows you to keep seperate strategies saved for any custom deck you want to build, and it also adds new crads, and new animations for the older characters. The new animations look cleaner, slightly higher quality, and the characters have more expressive reactions in their animations for damage and so on.

The game is a huge step forward in terms of side story games, and shows that they can handle alot of new ideas by allowing players to link old data to maintain all the work they had finished in the previous game. There is only two problems with the game. The first being that on day one, if you import your characters from SWR, the game will crash NO MATTER WHAT when you finish stage 4 of Sanae's story mode. This is manditory to do if you want to unlock the other stories, since you need to finish all 3 new ones to get Utsuho and Suwako for a few modes. Anyway, the next day (US Time Zone), there was a patch released that fixes this problem, so by the time anyone here could even legitimately get the game, the fix was already available for free anyway. Probly 2 on the other hand was that when you do import characters, the game doesn't bring the cards over automatically. There was also a simple fix for this. If you put the SWR game in the same folder you keep UNL in, it fixes itself for some reason. I dson't qustion it, I just accept that's how computers work.

Anyway, the new game is really fun so far. The online mode works perfectly with no lag at all. And finally, I get an actual official Team Shanghai Alice game where I can beat the f*ck out of Cirno as much as I want. lol. The new story modes are probly the best new addition. Sanae's is pretty straight forward. From what i could read, she is basically just doing the usual Reimu thing of trying to find the person causeing the incident, and then beating them up to make them stop. Cirno, I have no idea. It looked liek she thinks she is imortal, and gets tricked by Marisa a few times into fighting people for her. Meiling has what might be my favorite story mode in any fighter ever. Hers starts out normal. She is guarding the SDM from intruders, but as time goes on, you notice things in the background start to turn more and more cartoony. Like the hills in the distance look like something made in MS paint. Then the characters she fight start to change, and the clock tower starts to blur. And Finally, she ends up in a MS paint wasteland and her final boss is a giant catfish. I'm not even kidding, you have to fight a giant cat fish that can use dankamu. It's not even a catfish character like the other animism characters. It's just a gaint catfish that talks and fights you. Here is a pic. He isn't playable, but there is a spell card you can unlock to use him as suport in the game. lol.

The only thing in the game that I really don't understand is that Sanae can use Kanako and Suwako as suport like Yukari uses Ran and Chen, but only Suwako is playable as aseperate character. Why not add Kanako? Was she just too big or too bulky of a sprite? And why can't I play as Ran and Chen yet? They should have had priority for that kind of addition. Anyway, UFO is also out, and the game is weird. I'll try not to spoil it (not like it matters) but I'm depressed that Mima is once again absent from the game. The basic story is that there is some treasure ship that the vilagers keep hearing rumors about. One day someone form the village goes near Reimu's shrine and she hears the story form them about the ship. She tells Marisa the next time she visits, and they pass it off as just some myth since they have never seen it. Later on, Sanae shows up to give her an excuse to be a playable character, and they tell her the story. After that Sanae conveniently points out the ship as it passes by overhead. The three of them take off after the ship, each one with a different idea of what kind of treasure the ship must hold. The problem is that the ship is so old and run down that there is a ton of confusion in if it even has anything in it anymore, or if it's just in bad shape because no one is able to find it to take care of it anymore.

So without spoiling too much, you find a girl who knows whats going on and she says that the UFO tokens (used as a bonus points, life fragments and bomb fragments supply gimick) that you have been collecting so far are used for some ritual to revive "big sister". The girl is dressed in what sort of resembles a Japanese religious outfit, and so it is later confirmed that she means big sister in temrs of higher rank than her. Basically, the final boss is youkai Jesus. As weird as it sounds, that is hat this comes down to from what little I could undertsand in the text so far. The boss is equivalent to a youkai version of Jesus, and she must be stoped for whatever reason. Maybe she is tryin to hide all the candy form the kids like Jesus did, and (insert character selected here) wants to stop them since the Easter Bunny gave his life in battle saving our candy form the original Jesus fighting to the death and can't be around to stop this new one (see my Easter Blog for this joke). Either way, the new characters are weird. Also, the EX boss is officially the first boss to ever appear as a midboss multiple times in one game and then be a EX boss. Ran appeared as a mid boss in the Phantasm stage after she was the EX boss in PCB, but this one is a mid boss around 3-4 times (I'm not posotive atm). Also, is it just me, or does the EX boss look like a mix of Aya and Goku (Adult version in the orginal Dragon Ball)? Something about the face and dark hair just looks way too familiar, but I can't figure it out. Overall, this game is fun, hard, and very strange at times. I'm sure it will make more sense when the English Patch is out.

One thing I'd like to mention, is a new inovation to games we needed for a long time. They finally made a color blind patch for a game. Yeah, that's right, now people like me can enjoy games wtihout trying memerize what off colors things are suposed to be. They made a color blind patch for UFO that was out a few days ago, and it's awesome. This is the first time I have ever seen this for any game ever, and maybe the first time in gaming history. The color blind patch will also be an optional instal in the English patch for the game. Since the main way to earn easy extra lives and bombs is based off of geting 3 UFO tokens of the same color, it makes it nice to have 5 different available color codes to fix the game. It affects nothing else in the entire game other than the UFO, and it works both in the English patched and original raw verisons of the game. I really hope the trasnlation staff gets some kind of recognition for their work, becuase while evry other dipsh*t is out there trying to rip off the motion sensing of the Wii and trying to find a way to get 360 fan boys together to make bannana wheels as convinient as possible, there are people out there coming up with new ideas that help out tons of gamers that no one ever even thinks about.

As a last note, since I didn't really talk about Comuket much, I'll add some stuff about a few of my favorites that I saw there. There is a new doujin Touhou CD, and the music is hillarious. They released this flash video, and atomicpuppy subbed it already. I doubt anyone reading this will get the the inside jokes, but the majority of them are pretty obvious. Utsuho's inuendos only get worse as the album goes on. lol. I have the raw version if anyone wants it. Also, one of my friends knows I'm a big fan of Rin and bought this mini figure they are selling at Comuket this year for me. (pics below) lol. They also have figmas of Touhou characters now, so I will officially be backrupt within the next few weeks just as a heads up. lol.

Rin figure 1

Rin figure 2

Reimu figma

Flan figma

If you want higher quality pics of the figmas, let me know and I'll send them. The blog size shrinks them way too much.

Why is there no Octo-Luka?

So the other day I finally found Hatsune Miku: Project Diva for a decent price. I got standard shipping, because it wasn't that important to need it right away. So I order it one night, and the next day it was at my house. I'll repeat that. I got a package from Tokyo to my house in Ohio, in under 30 hours with standard shipping. Japanese mail service is f*cking amazing!! I seriously couldn't believe it was there so fast. So I had to sit around and wait for the 7 hour PSP charge time for the battery, and had to enjoy every minute of the half hour life span of the battery while I played the game for the first time. lol. Seriously, I exagerate the PSP having a bad battery, but they could have done way better.

Anyway, this is my first non-Touhou imported game that I ever bought, so it took me a minute to figure things out. The buttons are backwards, so I kept canceling everything when I tried to select stuff for like the first 10 minutes I played, and now whe nI play anything else, I do the oposite with my localized games. The game also almost requires a firmware update to the 5.00(?) firmware. I already have 5.01(?) so it was kind of pointless since I was past what it needs. The game works without the update, but you need it for a few of the side features in Miku's room, and you might need it to put new songs in the game or to transfer songs from and to friends that you can make in the game.

The nice thing is that it has it's own basic Miku Miku Dance program in it, but it's very limited compared to what the actual program allows with imported characters and such. And there's a ton of unlockables. There's like 53 costumes, almost 40 songs playable in the main game (and extras that only play in Miku's room unfortunately), and every Vocaloid since version 1 is around in the game, including the two fan made Vocaloids Neru and Haku. Miku can even get game systems for her room if you unlock them. Since the game is made by Sega I expected the systems to be Sega stuff like a Dreamcast or Saturn, but no, she gets a White Game Gear, a master System, and a Mega Drive. lol. Personally, when I was a kid, I had a black Game Gear (and still have it), and so did all my friends that had one, so I'm not sure if the white one was Japan only, or if I just never saw it for sale. lol.

The game is really awesome though, and doesn't require any ready skill at all, thankfully, so if you are thinking of importing it, it's completely English friendly. The menus are all in Japanese, and the songs, costumes and so on are all in Japanese except for the song titles that have English names in them like Far Away. Also, on the subject of Far Away, I was really excited about that song being in the game, becuase I had no idea at the time that there were two different Miku songs called Far Away. lol. This is the one I was thinking it would be, but the one in the game is like some completely other song. lol. Thinking the other one was in the game made me hopefully that FL-chan would be in the game as a cameo unlockable or something, but only Neru (the blonde in that video) and Haku made it as far as unofficial and non-Vocaloid characters go. Also, Miku gets a outfit that makes her dress up like Alicia from Valkyria Chronicles, and I hate that game so much. That's probly gonna be one of the last things I ever try to unlock.

The only things I don't like about the game are that even when you unlock a new Vocaloid to play as, the voice stays as Miku. It was probly due to space limits and the fact that the others are just there for the cameo and fan service value, but it would have been nice to have them in the editor mode at least. The good thing is the game is compatible with the actual Vocaloid programs, so you can make songs with their voices (or use existing ones), import them, and then make a stage for the song. So far I only unlocked Luka which is the only other official Vocaloid I like, but I'm very dissapoited that there is no Octo-Luka in the game. lol. I mean sure, there's absolutely no reason to put it in there, but that doesn't mean you shoudln't put it in there. lol. It would have been fun for the fan service value. They have nenroid figures of a few Vocaloids for Miku's room, so why no an Octo-Luka doll or something?

Anyway, they finally released an English patch for Scarlet Weather Rhapsody, and I found out my computer refuses to let me change the Locale for anything ever. So, long story short, a friend form the Gensokyo forums sent me a rar of their game with the update patches I needed for the game, and the English Patch already installed. We ended up talkin on an instant messenger for a bit, and this guy is amazing at drawing on computers. Like I can't even explain the quality of this stuff. He sent me a quick sketch he did of Mima, and it was just the basic sketch lines and there wasn't much detailed other than the hands, dress, and face, but it was just such amazing quality for just that far into the drawing. He does really great details with everything in finished pictures. I told him how great ot looks, but he just thinks it's really bad. He asked me to give him a character to draw, so I told him Rin since my cat was climbing over me to get to the food I was eating at the time, and she's a black cat like Rin. So he's working on a picture of Rin and Chen (they are both cat characters in the series), and when he gets done, I'm gonna post it in a blog just so everyone can see how good he is. Like I would just post a pic he sent, but I don't wanna do it without asking him about it first. He's one of the best ameteure computer drawing artists (not sure how to term that kind of thing) I've ever seen. I just wish he'd believe me about how amazing his drawings are so he'd be more confident about them.

On the subject of Vocaloids and drawings, I saw this picture the other day, and it has inspired me to keep working at using Vocaloid till i can make something good like this, and not just Miku sounding like a dying moose mixed with a garbage disposal. lol.

So much time for just one series.

After about 6 years, I think I finally finished the entire first series of .hack//. lol. I finally got around to reading the rest of Another Birth, and now the title finally makes sense. I seriously was wondering why they would name it something weird like that till I got to one of the least chapters in th last book. After that I watched the last Liminality OVA. Liminality never really seemed very important, and the 4th OVA kept that tradition going. lol. Most of the information in the OVAs are pretty much useless to me by the point where I saw them, because I already new everything they said form other parts f the seires explaining that stuff. The only things I have left to now is that I need to finish the last 2 chapters of AI Buster, which I'll be doing later today, and then I need to finish the games. I just keep putting off the games because I'm like half way through disk 3, and the damn white noise on the screen every 4 seconds keeps makin me too sick to play it very often. lol.

Overall, I'm really surpised at the growth of the story as it went on. I mean, they really went extremely out of order in terms of what things were released and where they wen tin the timeline, but I'm kinda surprised they didn't have to retcon anything and that they could pull off stuff like Aura needing to be born twice without it not making sense. lol. I know a ton of people always say that the series never made sense to them, but look at it this way. The series is a mystery, so if for example, you just watch .hack//SIGN, it's not going to make any sense, because you are missing all the other information that makes things fit together. It's kinda like trying to solve a murder with only the information that it happend in North America. It would be borderline imposible to figure things out that way. lol.

The only things I didn't like about the story overall, where all the translation errors. I know I complain about localized stuff alot, but holy f*ck did this have a TON of translation errors. I can accept them getting stuff wrong when it had to go from German, to Japanese, to English, but some stuff was just too much. Like when I was reading one of the novels, they had a ton of spelling errors in each book of Another Birth, plus like there were so many grammar errors. I felt like I was reading something I wrote. lmao. Like the thing that bothered me the most was that in Another Birth, any time somone would ask a question, it would always say, "he said", or something like that after it. Not once did it ever have "he asked" in the entire 4 books. It just bothered me so much that they could let something like that slide so many times. Or another thing was that in some of the stuff they'd get names completely wrong. Like I have one of the eraly releases of the Legend of the Twilight Braclet manga, and there's this one error on the character desciption page in vol. 3 where they call Ouka Orca by mistake. It confsed the hell out of every one since Orca was already an established character that shows up in most parts of the series. So there was a whole thing over if that was really just some new character, or if Orca decided to start playing as some girl, since in the manga they even explain that only very high leveled players unlocked the right to play as that class of character (Ouka was playing as some kind of were dog). But yeah, things like that and translating the name Morganna as Herlad instead made the errors a little too confusing at times, since they'd get it wrong and make it someone else entirely and just make things more confusing.

I was looking around on the DVD for the 4th OVA last night for the first time, and I found almost two hours of hidden videos on it. lmao. Some of it was kinda fun to watch, but some of it was just weird. They actually had all the .hack// G4 station IDs. I know alot of people know G4, but how many of you remeber the real G4? These IDs were from way back when the channel first started. I mean like week 1 kinda stuff. I remember watching these and just being so confused on why they had something like that on channel. Then again, this was back when they had like 2 episodes of each show to run all week till they made a new one the next week. And this was back when they had all video game related shows on when they were on air. Now you get a 30 minute show with about 10 minutes of games in there in the middle of the 15 hour blocks of Cheaters and Cops. F*ckin hate Tech TV for starting this crap with G4. They brought ove rthe non-game shows, and they are the reason it was okay to do that stuff in the first place, so I blame them more than anything with that.

Anyway, I'm kinda dissapointed because the only part of series one I can never get to see is .hack//Epitaph of Twilight, just because it's a set of two Japan only novels about Herald's niece when she comes to visit and get's stuck in the early beta version of Fragment. The descriptions I read of it made it sound like the game she was in was a replication of the story from the Epitaph is about, and it would make sense since she would be the role of the human when they talk about there being a human and two half-sprites. I still don't get the half-sprite thing though. But yeah, since I can't read anywhere near enough Japanese to read either of the novels, I guess I'll just have to give up on ever reading that part. People keep telling me to get into series 2, but I played the first game in series 2 sinc ethat was the first thing to come out for it, and I can sum up the entirety of series two in one short description. Haseo is extremely emo becuase he got player killed, and now he cries about it forever. Thta's pretty much the whoel thing. I refuse to get into the series because of that, and because series 2 is made by completly different people anyway. Besides, the first series has an actual ending, and that's where I think I'm gonna consider the cannon ending to be and just continue to consider series 2 as non-cannon, since when it comes down to it, it is.

Overall, I think it was a great series. But you have to be able to overlook all the translation errors, and know what the original names were suposseed to be in the parts where they replaced names for who knows why. It might be a little too deep of a story for some peopel to get, and I say that because after talking to people on forums for the series and stuff, I realize that the majority of Americans are barely above functionally retarted. I mean seriously, I'm so tired of Narutartds being everywhere just so they can talk about Naruto. It's not like I go to random fan sites to talk about Bastard!! and stuff like that. But yeah, it's a very deep and involved story line, so some parts of the series are required to get the full idea of what happened, but not all of them are required to get all the information you need. Like I said before, it's a huge mystery series, so if you see part of it and don't understand a ton of things, it's probly explained in detail in another part of the series somewhere. lol. Trust me, I know how confusing it can be, especially when it came to what Arua was for and the whole Morganna situation. But yeah, I loved the series as a whole, and I think it's one of the best multi part series I've gone through so far. Some of the stuff liek the games are very hard to track down at this point, but if you just read Another Birth, you don't really need the games' story as uch since it's almost the same, just for mthe other main character's point of view, and with events from her real life put in the stroy too.

I wasn't gonna put a special bouns for a while, but I saw this last night, and I still have no idea what to say about it.

Special Bonus 42!

I like the comment some one made saying "My mind came". lmao. That's pretty much the only way to describe this video. Also, if anyone wants the song without the remix stuff, here is a link. Also, her name is Eirin, with two i's and not one. I can't beilieve they make a song about her without even spelling her name right. lol.

...12.3 already? Really?

So, I've been waiting for half a year now for Touhou 12, and last night I saw someone over at the Gensookyo forums post a link about the announcemnt of Touhou Project 12.3. I have no idea why 12.3 and not (number).5 like they do with all the other side story games. I guess they are planning to make another side story in that spot in the timeline in the future.

So far all they have is a few pages on the team that helped co-produce the fighting games' page (I'm too lazy to look at a game case to see the name) about the new project. I can't read most of it, but the cover art is already on the page. It's just some green image with an outline of Cirno. I hate Cirno almost as much as I hate Alice Margatroid, but so far the only confirmed characters in the game have been Cirno, Meiling, and Sanae. The basic idea for the plot is on the site too. This one's story, from what I could read, is just something about some fog that is stoping the summer, or something along those lines. It just seams kinda stupid though, since that's very close to the fog incident back in EoSD when Remilia used the scarlet mist to stop the sun, or like the fog related incident in IaMP (I never played IaMP much because the spell card system is f*ckin retarted and I could only get it to work like 8% of the time.)

So yeah, UFO isn't even here yet, and they already have the side story that takes place durring the same summer planned and in production. I think UFO is in the summer, but I don't know if it was spring or not since I only have the damn demo. Anyway, I'm happy to see Meiling coming back since I really think she should have been in SWR since they made a patch just to put her in the first fighter anyway, but I'm pissed about Cirno and Sanae. Why couldn't it be someone important like (insert almost any other main boss character's name here), or why the f*ck haven't they brought Mima back yet?! If Mima isn't the final boss in UFO, or at least in the EX stage somehwere, I'm giving up hope that she will ever be back. But yeah, I'm just surpised since there's usually at least a few months minimum before Zun is like "I didn't make a bucket loli yukai (I swear those are actually a part of Japanese culture) yet, so I'll make a new game to have one in it" or some other random drunken idea of his.

It still bothers me that Cirno is on the cover though. In all the games after 5, they have an outline of either the final boss, EX boss, or Phantasm boss, so I don't get why they used Cirno, unless it just looks like her. That, or this is just some troll against the fans, and this game will be all about Crino and her unfortunate mental retardation. Plus the fact that they confirm Meiling and Sanae, but no one other than those three really make me think it's a joke game or something. They already missed the chance for April folls day this year, and I'm still too upset over that amzing fake RPG they had last year to believe anything too soon. If it is fake, or some joke game to go along with Cirno's idea of "Eye am the strongets" then I want this to be on file as me calling it before the 24 hour mark. lol.

So yeah, since this blog was just kinda here for time wasting purposes, I'll add this.

Special Bonus 41!

Innocent Key has some really out there song ideas, but this is the strangest one I've seen so far. lol. I couldn't find a video with everything translated, so this was the best I could do. You aren't missing much in what isn't there. Just PAD jokes. I have a theory that Youmu is actually a futa though, but that's kinda off topic here. I just remebered about it since the song is made from her theme in PCB. lol.

Imports Galore

Recently I had an ass load of viruses suddenly show up on my comp.

Short Version -

28 trojans and 2 Worms
2 Touhou games being corrupted and taking all data with them
Same thing happening to all Vocaloid files
FireFox craping out
3 of 4 virus and Spyware scaners being infetced by what they are made to stop

BAD ENDING NO.9 Try Again Next Night

If anyone gets that refernece it would probly make me smile. I think I figured out what caused it at this point, but when they were here, it made pretty much everything un-usable. I ended up finally getting riod of everything, but there was a bunch of casualties. lol. I ended up losing the main files needed to run Subterranean Animism, and I lost my save file for Touhou Puppet Play. I wasn't too upset over SA since I almost never play that one anymore, but it sucks to lose all my replays and all my saved stuff, especially since GS deleted the video I had uploaded of the last stage on Lunatic difficulty. lol. 1 death the entire stage, and I still can't do it again to get a new replay saved. Plus I have to open the EX stage again, but I'm way too lazy to do that any time soon. I could have just had people form the fan site forums send me replacements for the files that got courrupted, but I'd just rather get rid of the entire thing to make sure there wasn't something that wouldn't show up until it was launched or soemthin like that.

Also, I realized the version of Puppet Play OI had was so old that it was actually the Japanese version's beta, so I updated that to the newest English version I could find. I was gonna just keep playing the moonspeak version since I was so used to it, but they ended up updateing the difficulty so that most bosses use lvl 100 characters from before the half way point and on, and I really didn't think I could finish the game liek that with all the items having new sprites and no idea what would do what anymore. lol. I got the newest English version, and it's not anywhere near as nice, but it's a HUGE imporvement over the original English one since at least now they have every character in the series, including novel and manga exclusive characters, minus all nameless people other than Tokiko (fan name for her). I have no idea why they put her in the game, but none of the other nameless people, but I guess it's just because she has a fan name since they'd need to have soemthing to display when you encounter her.

Now that I got everything fixed, all the stuff I lost back, and better versions of some of the games, I'm way happier about everything, and officially feel like Suwako.


I've been looking for an excuse to use that pic for months. lol. But yeah, I've been impoting a ton more stuff lately. I'm still trying to decide if I should buy the Miku game since I can get it for under $20, and only like $5 shipping and have it show up in like 3 days like that. By the way, for those of you not aware, Japan has the most amazing shipping rates, and time I've ever seen. I get stuff from Osaka 4 days sooner than i get stuff from one state over when they are both sent at the same time, at the same level of shipping. It's so awesome. Just another thing to add to the reasons I hate the way America has to do things. Seriously. It shouldn't take 7 days for a package to be delivered across what only takes 40 minutes to drive between. But yeah, I kinda want the game since I'm a Miku fan (I almost never mention it. lol), but rythm games are way too easy. Plus I can't find it without buying the reserve prize Miku figure with it. I don't mind getting the "limited edition" figure in with the price, but I HATE nenroid figures. What's the point? They just look weird, and if I do end up getting one if I decide to get the game, I'll probly just give the figure away or something.

I've been listening to alot of the stuff TAMusic has done on some of their albums, and for a doujin circle, they do some really great stuff with thier ****cal music albums. I heard a ton of somgs from a bunch of different Touhou cover albums they have, and most of what I heard is awesome. Some of it is just horrible though. They did a cover of Necrofantasia, and I seriously hope someone just mislabled it, because that was one of the worst covers I've heard of anything in my entire life. It had no sense of timing, the main sections had 1 guitar in the background doing the actual song, while there was like 3 other things drowning it out playing some bull sh*t over it. It's just such a piece of sh*t, but the rest of the stuff they did is anything form good to amazing.

Alot of the songs they covered have a different mood to them, but it fits to the characters better. here's a few examples of some of my favorite coveres I heard by them so far.

Solar Sect of Mystic Wisdom ~ Nuclear Fusion (Cover of song by the same title. From SA)

Remilia's Symphony (Cover of Septette For The Dead Princess. From EoSD)

U.N. Owen Was Her? (Cover of song by the same title. From EoSD) I like this one for how different is sounds. It's a little hard to hear the original in it though.

Lunatic Eyes ~ Invisible Full Moon (Cover of Lunatic Red Eyes ~ Invisible Full Moon. From IN) My favorite song in the series.

Silent Ensemble (Cover of Ghostly Band ~ Phantom Ensemble. From PCB) This one is my favorite I've heard TAMusic cover so far, just because they captured the feeling of the Prismriver Sisters so well, especially when compared to the song they play as you fight them. I kinda wish they would have kept in Lyrica's keyboard instead of a guitar, but it does sound good they way they covered it.

I've been trying to order a few of the albums, but every doujin site that I trust is always sold out of most of them. lol. They will probly have a ton around Comuket this year though. other than that, I've been tryin to hunt down the Silent Sinner in Blue manga volumes, but so far all I've been able to find is one issue of Rex magazine that had one chapter in it. It was insanly over priced though, just because Reimu was on the cover. It just kills me because there's only 3 volumes, so it's way cheaper just to buy them like that, but I might have to end up buy all 15 magazines the chapters were originally in. I just really hope it doesn't come to that. lol. Magazines are way to hard to fit into my manga book case. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I officially have so much manga that I'm gonna have to buy another book case soon. lmao. So far I have around 100 different volumes of manga, a few light novels and a bunch of art books form a few series here and there. Plus I got a bunch of pre-orders that won't be out till around Halloween, so I need to start saving manga money for another book case. This will be my 3rd one. lol. I don't use both that I have now for manga though. I think I'm gonna count up how much money I spent total on manga and art books alone and see how much it totals and put that in my next blog. lol. For reading manga for so many years, I'm amazed I have such a small collection. Oh well, I make up for quantity in rarity and obscurity. lol.

Also, since I'm in a good mood, I'll add some special bonuses I keep forgeting to show.

Special Bonus 38!

I was gonna try to translate this, but after doing the Alice Killing Spree video, I'm way too lazy to translate anything for a while. It's mainly inside jokes anyway though, but it might still be funny for people who aren't fans. Also, I don't get why they used Eirin's theme in the last part, or why they had the HELP ME EIRIN!!!!! thing going in the background. lol. Now everytime I get to the Eiring stage I get Meiling's song stuck in my head and can't focus on the fight and die a million times. lol.

Special Bonus 39!

This one is a sequel, but atomicpuppy put a translation in the description if you want to read it. The smile again part in this one made me laugh my ass off the first time. lol.

Special Bonus 40!

Does anyone else remeber 'Money For Nothin'? *Feels stupid when no one else knows what I'm talking about* Yeah, this video just makes me think of that. lol. I would translate this, but this one is just weird. Most of the spoken parts are kinda pointless anyway, and te lyrics are just odd. She's mainly talking about SDM, the basement, and how she isn't lonely because of the Sakuya, Patchouli, and something else, I have no idea what she's saying at some parts. It's just kinda weird since her wings arent what let her fly. The wings aren't even natural to begin with. She just made them to be more like her sister, and then forced them into her own back. Plus there's a ton of weird stuff in the back if you look for it.

Also, StarRodMan did this one forever ago, but this is actually 100x better than actually sitting through the K-ON! anime. The manga is better by the way. No fake ending, and no filler.

Boredom and Updates

I've been really bored lately, because I'm supossed to go to Pittsburgh with my friend, but we keep putting it off for one reason or another, so I just keep wasting all my free time ignoring guitar practice and instead playing Disgaea, which is officially the most addicting RPG I've ever played at this point. lol. I've been playing this game constantly every day, and I'm still only level 700. I'm still playing the post game's story mode, and I just got to the point where I got Asagi unlocked. She's way better than I expected her to be, and she has officially replaced Pram and Zetta as my favorite playable cameo character in the game. Also on the subject of Zetta, if you ever wanna feel like a failure in a game, just watch your entire party of your strongest members all get destroyed at once by a book with laser eyes using Zetta Beam. Zetta is an overlord that got stuck as a book as part of his game's story, so when you unlock hin in the DLC, he's still in book form. When you fight him, it's in a tiny room so you have to bunch together to get a good special combo against him. When I fought him, he used Zetaa Beam, and the animation made me die a little inside. He shoots out these lasers form his eyes, and the camer shows a shot of him from behind while a mushroom cloud explosion shows where you'r team gets hit by the attack. Then just to make it worse, he turns to the camera and laughs at you. What a dick. lol. After seeing that destroy all my strongest people in one hit. I just sat there in shock and eventually laughed at how stupid I felt after seeing that happen. lol. He is pretty awesome once you have him unlocked though.

I saw an almost complete translation of the trophy list we are supossed to get by the ned of July for the game. Some of them are just time consuming. Some are just insane. Do 10 Billion damage in one hit still makes me think I'll never get the platinum. I just saw one a few minutes ago that says "Play for at least 10 hours straight.", and it's only a bronze. You seriously have to be the ultimate NEET to be able to sit down, and actually want to play that game for 10 hours straight. I mean that's just insanity. There's no way I can do 10 hours in one sitting with any game unless I take a break for an hour somehwere in there. Sometimes if I'm starting a new character and am trying to get the up to the level of my main team, I'll play for about an hour or 2, but it only takes 20 minutes to get 400 leveles if you do it right, but the level grinding is just so boring that it feel like forever compared to how short of a time actually passes. So yeah, I doubt I'll ver get that platinum. lol.

I started reading more manga again lately too. I read the series K-ON!, because it's gonna end up being the next huge thing. It's ok, but it's pretty obvious where it steals a ton of it's character ideas, plot, and over all set up of a lot of things. I watched the anime and it's ok. It's a funny series an all, but there's just a few things here and there I didn't like. It really pissed me off that Yui gets a f*ckin brand new Les Paul for only $500 USD in the begining though. I mean seriously, I love my Gibson Explorer to death, but if I could have afforded a Les Paul, there's no way I would have passed that up, and then I have to see this girl get one for like less than half of what my explorer cost. Plus it pissed me off more cause her mom just gives her what is around $500 USD in Yen before Yui and her friends even go to look at prices, just cause she told her she wants to buy a guitar. I wish I could have had someone just buy a guitar for me. Seriously though, the Les Paul she got has a price tag of $2,500 when you do a currency conversion, and she gets it for $500?! I know of all the unrealistic things in anime to complain about, a girl getting a discount shouldn't be one of them, but f*ck! In all fairness, her freind's dad owns the shop and her friend is extremely rich, but it's just the idea of it. You know a million people are gonna see that series and be like "I can learn to be a master guitarist in 1 year just like Yui", and then they are gonna amazed at how it doesn't work anything like that, especially the whole not every one is gonna walk away with a f*ckin Les Paul! Yeah, I'll probly complain about that for years. lol.You need to earn one of them. I mean you can't just start out with some amazing guitar. If I started wit hmy Explorer, there's no way I would have appreciated it half as much as I do. They at least sound like they know what they are talking about since Mio tries to explain that she needs to pick out a guitar that will fit her body type and things like that.

Anyway, the series is pretty decent if you can look past how much it rips off Lucky Star's character set up. I guess it's just standard now to have the four kids who are all one of each of the basic things. The tsundera kid, the stupid one, the one no one even remebers the name of cause she's so boring and unimportant, and the other one. Then they had the extras come in half way through the series like Lucky Star. lol. Theives these days and their unrealistic guitar prices. But yeah, the series is about this high school girl that joins a very small music club at school and she leanrs to play guitar for them, and it's mainly a comedy slice of life kinda thing. I liked the anime version a little better just because you could actually hear them getting better as time went on. Aslo for anyone wondering, K-ON just translates to 'light music'. In japanese terms though, light music refers to like pop-rock kind gnere music. So like if you hear music by Aya Hirano, that's an example of K-ON genre music.

Other than that I just bought a ton more manga and light novels. I just got around to getting volume 3 of the Haruhi manga, since I forgot it was for sale already. lol. I also got volume 1 of Lucky star, again, I forgot when it was released, and I got more of Black Cat, D. Gray-man, and I got a few .hack// novels I couldn't find since they are so old at this point. lol. I'm still waiting for the next volume of Bastard!! to come out, and it's killin me that I have to wait so long. They pushed back the release date, and it figures they'd do it with the first volume where Dark Schnider finally gets back to fight God. lol. I serious can't wait to see how this all ends. I know theres like 6 volumes left, but it's so crazy already and I wanna see how they continue to out do the last story line. Also, the whole Porno Diano charcter still makes me laugh.

I've been tryin to finally get around to finishing the .hack// games, but I can't play them for a long. I get sick form light and stuff since my blood was missing some chemicals when I was born, so there's a bunch of side effects to it. I have a hard time finishing the games htough, because most of the story dungeons are in infected areas of the system, so when you go to infected areas, there's computer garble everywhere, and there's an effect where the display flashes this broght static screen and makes white noise every 4 seconds. It even does it in the cut scenes in the area. So if I play an infected dungeon it'll do that effect the enitre time I'm there. I'm on the 3rd disk of 4 right now, so the dungeons take forever. It's to the point where if I play one for liek an hour, my eyes are messed up for like a day and a half after. lol. I guess it's because it's such a constant effect or somethin. I just wish I could actually play the game more often though so I could finish it. It's so stupid to have like the lamest medical problem in the world. lmao. Oh well, I'll get the games finished at some point.

The good thing is that there are 2 series that run paralel to that one. There's .hack// Another Birth, which is a light novel series that tells the story form the other main charcter's point of view, and there's .hack// Liminality, which is an OVA anime set that follows this girl that wasn't affected by the thing that puts everyone else into comas when they play the game. I just finished the second book in Another Birth, and I really like that one since you actually get to see what the chacter does outside of the game, and you get to see alot of her life and she explains alot of things that didn't really make sense in the games. Liminality is just weird though. They come with each of the games, and they each kinda run at the same time as what's going on in the game the OVA came with. I try to finish that disk of the game before I watch the OVA, but even then it's just weird to try to figure out. It really seemed like there was no point to it at first since all that was in the first part was just the girl's bf trying to rape her or somethin, and then later on they both play The World (the MMO in the series) and the boy was the only one that went into a comma when they both saw the same event. After that there's some detective that goes into a short comma and the rest made no sense from there. I was really confused about why the detective got out of the comma so fast, but I guess I just missed something explaining it. Then the second OVA had like nothing to do with anything since they were trying to find some girl to interigate and the whole thing was about her running away in some random disaster in a giant bulding, but at the end of the second book of Another Brith, Akira finds out her dad is in the building from Liminality, so I guess all 3 paralel series are suposed to conect without the characters directly interacting or somethin. I dunno. I just hope it makes sense when I get to the end of all of them. lol.

I also recently got Vocaloid 2, and it seriously confuses the hell outta me. lol. I can't get anything to work without Miku sounding like a garbage disposal. I try to get her to say simple stuff like "Youtube is where the poop is", and it just comes out like "SHGSTYDSFHAGFHAFDG!!!!!". lmao. Everyone says if you get the program with the vocaloid that speaks English it will turn the studio into English for you, but I just don't want to waste the space on my comp. lol. Anywa, since the blog was probly a huge wate of time for anyone who read it, I'll put some special bonuses.

Special Bonus 36!

There really isn't enough Ran fan service out there. lol. Also I thoguht only guys were supossed to get nose bleeds like that. lol.

Special Bonus 37!

I can't remember if I ever used this one or not. If I did, sorry. I just really wonder where Mokou keeps getting those helmets. lol. I really really hoped the whole "pull tail, recieve head" thing would catch on, but at this point I don't think it did. I kinda want to learn to play that song now too. lol.

There's a 4 day Twilight Zone marathon on right now, so I'm gonna go back to watchin that, eventhough it's just those 90's episodes for right now. I guess they just wanna get the crap outta the way before the good stuff. lol

Screw Mikey J, Billy Mays is gone forever.

So I just got a text from my best friend a few minutes ago telling me that Billy Mays died. You have no idea how much that sucks. Withoput Billy Mays, who's gonna scream at me form the T.V. at night when I'm sleeping? Who's gonna inform me about the Ding King? Who's gonna let me know about all the useless crap I never knew I needed to buy?

Seriously though, I just watched the man on Conan O'Brian a week ago, and it's so weird to think wow, he's never gonna be back. He was funny on the show, and now I wonder what his show on, I think, the Discovery Channel is gonna do without him. He made that show worth watching when there was no good anime to watch, no Mythbusters on, no episodes of Life after People on, and no Halloween marathons on AMC.

Seriously, Ii'm really gonna miss the man. He became one of my favorite Youtube Poop fads, and even he thought they were hillarious when he saw some of the ones about himself.

Report about Billy's Death

Special Bonus 33!

Special Bonus 34!

Special Bonus 35!

That one is awesome. lmao.

I was gonna post the interview with Conan, but I can't find it now.

Also, does Marisa remind anyone else of the teacher from Lucky Star in this manga? She looks alot like her near the end to me. lol.

2nd annual Q&A and the death of one of my favorite series.

So, I decided I haven't done a Q&A since last year, and I got a ton of new people tarcking me out of nowhere. It's kind of weird beacuse when I got like 12 new people tracking me, I've only seen 1 of them ever. When I get people tracking me that I've never once in all my time at the site seen in any union or any forum ever, it's kinda odd to me. But yeah, I decided I'd have an open Q&A for everyone who reads this blog. That way, the people who haven't known me on here for very long can gte a chance to know me better if they want, or the people who have been on my friends list for a long time can ask whatever they want too.

Anyway, the rules are the same as last time. You can ask almost anything you want. Nothing is too personal so feel free to ask whatever and I'll answer. The only questions that will be ingnored are things like "What's your SSN?" and things like that. Those will be ignored for obvious reasons. If you have multiple questions, feel free to ask as much as you want. If ypu post and think of more questions later, you can make a second post with more questions if you want to.

I'll leave this blog up for a week or 2 and I'll try to not look at the questions untill I make the next blog answering them, that way it will be my first reaction, and my answers wont sound scripted or anything. Feel free to ask about anything from music, to favorite games, to favoitre characters, manga / anime, anime conventions, pretty much anything you want. The questions don't have to be game related, just to get that out there for anyone who thinks they might have to be since this is on GS.

So anyway, like the title says, I wanna talk about the death of one of my favorite series. I've been a huge fan of Touhou Project since around the time Imperishable Night was released. It was the first game in the series I ever played, and I loved the series ever since. So for a few years, it's been getting more and more popular because of fan stuff and doujin CDs and things like that. Plus, with 2 seperate anime projects out about the series, Zun himself was even saying he knew they were gonna ruin the series by "getting people into the series for the wrong reasons.".

Unfortunately, Zun's predictions were right, and the series is officially starting to hit it's "Let's Americanize this sh*t" phase, and pretty soon, it will be completely r*ped. There's so much bull sh*t out there making the most douche bag people find out about the series and ruining it. I wouldn't mind it if people who are suddenly pretending to be fans were actually fans and not just sheep trying to make it the next big thing. Theres so many people now who just try to bull sh*t and act like they know what they are talkin about, but they just have no f*ckin clue what they are saying. It pisses me off that I can't even have a conversation about the series with any real fans anymore, unless I got to really obscure real fan sites that the sheep haven't ruined yet.

The main problem was Mc Donald's Japanese adds being mixed go Scarlet Flandre's theme, and it all started goin down hill form there. I mean sure, the Flowering Night mix actually sounded pretty good since it actually sounded like the damn song, unlike the Flandre one that started the bastardization of the series in the first place, but it's not that great when you look at people who actually make good mixes out of really random things beyond the same damn fad over an over.

I'm just so tired of people who have never even played a single game in the series acting like they know everything, and throwin a fit when all the real fans flame them for being such a douche. Seriously, there's 15 games, f*ckin pick one and learn somethin about what you are gonna pretend you know about. It's to the point where I can't even go to the 24 Touhou Network anymore just cause there's so many fake Halo f*gs trying to pretent they belong there ruining the sh*t for the fans. I mean, I know the girl that set up the site personally, and she's a harcore fan of the series that made the 24/7 thing so that real fans could have a live chat, and have a place where there is 24 hours of music form the series, actual tracks and fan or band cover videos included, fan made videos, and amazing replays playing 24/7 for fans to enjoy. But it just pisses me off that I can't even got there anymore without a thousand f*ckers arguing over the most bull sh*t stuff. It was honestly a great place for the first like month it was around, but now I can't f*ckin stand it anymore, and it's all because people had to bastardize the series so much.

Within the next year, Playskool Hero will run out of bands who are willing to completely sell out, and they will realize after Lego stops selling to the sheep, they will have to move on. Eventually, Touhou Project will be so damn f*cked in the ass, that they will force a f*ckin Touhou version of it. I f*ckin guaruntee you that if they continue to try to force an Americanization of the series, it will happen. I f*ckin hate what people do to good series. There's a reason gaming hasn't been amazing since over a decade ago. Sure, we can lie to ourselves and say gaming is still just as good as it was back in the day, but seriously, when was the last time you played a game and it was just fun, without being a whored out franchise?! I miss real gaming, and I miss real gamers. This is why I was forced to start looking into doujin games, and now not even those are allowed to be fun anymore.

I'm one of the only people in the f*ckin country that actually buys doujin games instead of just downloading them, and I'm damn proud to suport the people making them. As a fan, I can only hope that Zun never decides to localise any of the manga series, just as a last bit of effort to save the series. It's already too late for the games, but at least I can say " I was a fan since IN, and I was there to see how the downfall started and spread like a f*ckin virus as it slowly killed the series." I really had high hopes to see where the story would be heading in the future of the series, but with things going the way they are right now, there's probly no way to save it now, and I might end up abandoning the series once it gets too far into it's r*pe.

I finally found it.

First off, this blog is gonna be pretty much all Touhou related. I just thought I'd save people some time if they wanna stop reading it now beacause of that.

So, last year I started hearing these rumors about this one video that was too much even for Nico Douga to host. I've seen some crazy stuff come from there, but then I started hearing about this one fan animation. People started talking about a video they all refered to as "Alice Killing Spree". When I heard about it, people said they couldn't keep it on Nico because it had too much sexual content and was way too violent since people were raped, mutilated, and other wise tortured through the entire video. So I think about this and the title, and I think wow, I 'd love to see Alice being murdered by all my favorite people in the series. lmao.

I tried to find the video for months, and no one had it anymore since no one saved it after they posted it, and they didn't think they would have the video taken down once it was posted. So the other day, shikitohnorrsl over at posted a topic about how he was wondering if anyone had a translation for the video. I asked him if he could send it to me, and for the first time I got to finally see the Alice Killing Spree video.

I gotta say, it was way different than what I expected. It was a 24 minute video of Alice Margatroid rapeing and murdering a bunch of the main characters over Marisa. It's crazy. Like I haven't seen murders like that in anything in a long time. The last time I saw somethin that extreme and out there as the way she did everything was in some old horror anime form the mid 80's. Like no one was safe. lol. Pretty much every one of the fan favorites gets mudered in these crazy and creative ways, but it was just weird to see her play with the corpses for so long after she was done with them. lol. This pretty much just reinforces my theory that Alice needs to be killed off in the soonest game possible. If we don't end her now, who knows how long it will be till she snaps. lol. Plus, I blame her for being the reason Mima didn't come back. I really don't understand why any fans like her to begin with. She's a girl that plays with dolls. It's not like we don't see that all the time. lol.

Anyway, if you want to see the video, here is a link to where I'm hosting it on my mediafire. If you can't get the video to play, you might not have the codecs needed for it. There is also an English subbed track at the bottom of the screen to translate everything, but most people have problems getting that to show up, so I posted the entire script and the basic idea of the scenes here for anyone who needs the translations (starts at the 6th post down). Just warning everyone, if you don't like blood, rape, humiliation, torture, murder, servered limbs, or people being left alive with half their body missing, this video might be a little too intese for you. It's not anywhere near the most gory thing I've ever seen, but it's a little more than most people might be used to. Also, Koakuma's torture made me laugh my ass off. I haven't seen that happen in anything since I was little.

I can't believe the industry sometimes.

So I was on suspension for 24 hours a few days ago, but it was my fault for not knowing GS' real rules are very hidden in a deep series of link that are almost a seperate site entirely. Basically the moral I learned was to never quote or report anything on the site, because in the actual rules, they say they can ban you for just reporting one offensive thing in the forums. lol. Such a strange place sometimes. Anyway, I saw on the front page while I was gone about how those whores over at the Fisher Price hero company think they are in charge of Sony now. Seriously, just cause you sell like crazy too all the sheep who buy your last gen quality games over and over again every year, doesn't mean you need to get a big d*ck and think you can tell actaul companies what to do. Who gives a flying f*ck what Activision says. What have they ever done? Tony Hawk was fun back when I was in like 8th grade and for a few years untill around like 4 or so, and they made a new fake music off timing and horribly covered by adding and taking out whatever they felt like while they release the same damn $30 game for $120 a million times game, or as you know (insert name here) Band Hero Guy. I'm tired of this sh*t. It's offensive to me as a classically trained musician, it's offensive to me as a gameer, and it's to the point where it's offensive to me as a damn consumer that they keep shovin this sh*t down everyone's throats. But wait, I think they haven't released Rock Band: Family Guy yet. Two things sheep love, neither of them contains effort or any remorse for the medium they r*pe. Seriously, I'm f*cking tired of sheep contolling the industry.

Anyway, now that I got that out... actually I forgot what the actual reason for this blog. Oh well. Just to get it out there, I got my PS3 issue fixed, and now I can actually see a display on my old ass t.v. now. lol. So I'll probly be around for anything online again. I don't really play much online anymore though. I went back to playin Disgaea 3 because I'm like 30 hours into the game and still haven't come close to finishing the main story. lol. Plus I got the post game to finish after that, which is just as long as the main game, and then all the DLC stuff I got, some odf it adds almost an entire other scenerio, and one thing gives like 4 new entire chapters as a side thing to do as an alternate new game+ kinda thing if you decide to leave the post game at anytime and don't want to start the main story again. I'm kinda happy about the flood of new characters available for the game, but most of them are from the second game, and I just don't care about those characters. They had a set to download of characters only in the anime, but again, I don't care about them. Plus they finally got the Survival mode in America so now I can unlock Plenair. She was my favorite to use in the first game just cause her speed is so high that most bosses can't even hit her if you keep her leveled right.

They got trophies for the game in Japan recently, and they are insane. One of them is Do one-hudred million damage. It's only a bronze trophy. lol. Then there's Do 10 billion damage. That one's a gold hough. Seriously though, 10 billion? I was getting happy I was doing around 1,000 in one attack, but that just killed me to realize how far I am form the normal level of the people who play all the time. I'm 30 hours in and myt characters are only around level 50 each. There's peopel that got all their characters to level 9,999 and reincarnated them, and did the entire thing over and over 5 times for each character so that they will get better stats each time. Those people are insane, and or super NEETs. If I ever get a character past like level 500 I'd be so happy. lol.

I spent some more time playing Shuusou Gyoku since I wanted to see how I could do if I didn't keep messing up the game with my forced death bombs. It's actually not that bad once you get the basic idea of the bosses paterns. The main problem is that they have no set rythm. So in normal danmaku shooters, if you die or bomb, the bosses and enemies are supossed to be programed to recognize this and act in a different way that contiues what they were doing, but it sets it so they won't be able to kill you immediatly after you recover form either thing. The problem in Shuusou Gyoku was that there's no setting to prepare the AI for what the player does. so when you die, you can't control your movements at all till you reset in the animation, so when you come back on the screen, the boss could be killing you a few toimes before you even have a chance to move or do anything to help yourself. This is a huge problem in the final boss since she does a few attacks that cover the area where you are forced to reset at and does the attacks frequently in all forms of her. I swear in the final for I lost 5 lives in a chain death that I couldn't even control since I kept reseting in the center of her attacks. It's so frustrating. I finally got a 1CC on Normal mode though, and I'm doing better at the EX stage, but the bosses keep killing me alot since I can't even beat them without dying in their own game when I fight them. Especially the mid boss since I've never beat her in any fight in any game she's been in without dying at least 3 times. lol.

I tried playing the second game, but I needed to install something when I tried to play it, but it was all in moon speak. My comp started freakin out though, because it can't display Japanese writing in some games for some reason. Like it works fine in most games, but if it tries to show something in a game like Story of Eastern Wonderland, it freaks the f*ck out and only shows crazy symbols and computer garble. The only thing I can come up with is that some people were saying the English patch I used for Moutain of Faith messes with a computer's, something or other, and it can't display that kinda thing anymore. It still shows Japanese right in the demo I play of Touhou 12 though, so it seems like it only happens specifically with PC98 games and things on the same graphic level, even if they were made for Windows.

The second game plays like a Phantasmagoria game though, so I don't think I'll be missing much if I skip over that one. I played the thrid game a little though, and they ripped off Reimu Hakurei so much. They introduce a shrine maiden, how just happens to be like at least 5 things that are things Reimu is mainly recognized for, down to the arm pit joke. Seriously, theives these days. Plus, they made it so the fake Reimu is the only one that can use the homig shot type (probly to be more like Reimu again), and VIVIT is so hard to use without it in that game. Her shot types make no sense. I'm still amazed the demo came out, and then it took them 6 more years to release the full game. It's like the doujin Duke Nukem. lol. I never finished 3, but I kinda wonder if they are ever gonna make more for the series. The story is wierd as hell, and I'm still a little confused by the final boss of the first one, especially after I saw the ending.

I know no one is gonna know what I'm talkin about, but the Get Down meme has been goin on for a long time, and some one finally got the one that I've been waiting forever for. If you don't know the meme it started because someone in Japan found a glitch in Golden Eye for the N64 that makes the character models freak out. So they put music to it and made a video. This is an example of it. So I've been wating a long time for someone to get to a really obvious fit for the meme. People do all kinds of parody animations for it, and this video made me so happy when I saw it. It was so obvious, and yet no one did it for the longest time. But yeah, there's basically a parody of it for everything ever at this point. I still can't remeber the actual thing I was gonna write about, but it probly wasn't important anyway. lol.

Special Bonus 30!

This is awesome because aparently Utsuho lays eggs. Now we can all say we learned something today.

Special Bonus 31!

This animation is awesome because it has Chen in it... for like 1 second, but it still counts damn it. lol. I never watched Negima, but I watched the real opening to see how close it was and it's actually really similar. I guess since the original was called 1000%Sparking! they thought they needed a Marisa joke out of it? I dunno. Yuyuko's "hungry for life" bikini made me laugh though. I just don't get the numbers. I mean, I'm sure it has to do with the original, but they parody didn't use the same numbers in the same places so I don't get how they determined who would be what number. At first I thought it would be in order of how strong they are, but then why would Yukari be 6? And Flandre has to be higher than 13. I mean, she can destroy anything and everything, but I guess she was lower since she can't consiously control it. But still, there's no way Sakuya would be 3. She's up there and all, but you take away the knife, and there's noithing for her to do, time controling powers or not. And was Alice even in the video? I just now thought about that. So many continuity errors. lol. Hmm...

Special Bonus 32!

Yeah, I know that's way too many, but atomicpupppy is just continuing to confuse me. It doesn't even make sense for them to be singing Mokou over and over since the meaning of that word has ntohing to do with anything going on in that clip.