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Some translation stuff.

So, some of you might remeber the shadow art animation I posted back in the Amazing Animation blog. Well, if you were wondering what the idea of it was or anything, there's now a video of it with some basic translations as the subs for it. It's mainly accurate, but there's a few errors and stuff. But that's to be expected with any trasition form one language to another. lol. I really love what they did with the use of characters and stuff though. Most of the character picks fit to the lyrics for the early parts, and some of the things in the later parts fit too, like with Alice, but some of them are just there to fill the space. lol. I also really liked what they did with the Yuyuko part where they had the tree where she died with half the cherry blossoms still on it.

Anyway, here is a link to the video with the translation subs. Also, since some people weren't sure who the people near the end are, The one with the umbrella is Yuka, afer that is Elly, then Hakurei (PC-98 Reimu), then Kirisame (the first version of the PC-98 Marisa, aka 'Red Marisa'). Most people don't know them since most "fans" of Touhou never played the first 5 games. Yuka makes an appearence in the very late stories on Touhou 9, and I think she's playable near the end if you do some rediculous requirements in the Extra and Phantasm stages. She was one of the strongest PC-98 era characters, but kinda never showed up again after that untill 9. Elly is the final boss of 5's story, I think. It was either 4 or 5. I don't play either of those often, so I dunno. And it's hard to tell, but that is the PC-98 versions of Reimu and Marisa at the end. You can tell from Reimu's outfit being a little baggier and how her sleaves aren't detached, and Marisa's hat is was more bent up than her recent ones. Neither of then are the right height or shape in the video, but I guess the artist is another one of "those" kinds of fans. Oh well.

So yeah, just bored and wanted to share that before i completely forget till like 2 months later. lol.

Today is that day.

So yeah, today is my birthday. It's time to Get Down like Tenshi! My blogs were long over due for a get down joke. I wish Scarlet Weather Rhapsody was like that durring the Tenshi Vs Yukari stage. Actually, I wish any part of that game allowed you to do the get down. Someone needs to get to work hacking that into the game. lol.

I got some manga and stuff. It's just more of the usual though, so there really isn't much to talk about there. lol. I got some money that I wanna spend, but I have no idea what to buy. I was thinking about getting a PSP 3,000, since I'm still playing my 1,000-1 model. The problem is, when I went to get it, I just kept thinking that it's a complete waste. I mean, I only play PSP when I wanna play my Miku game, and that's literally it. I even re-bought Castlevania Chronicles on PSN last year, eventhough I have the PSX game, just so I'd have a reason to play my PSP more often. I was thinking about getting Star Ocean 2 if it get a new PSP, but I dunno. I keep looking at how it's gonna be around $200, and I think of all the stuff I could get for that.

I'm still really on the border of buying the Black Rock Shooter figure. It looks amazing and all, but $130 is a little much for a figure. And no matter how awesome it looks, I'll always see it as a $100 thing. lol. I was also thinking I might get the Miku figma they made for her birthday. They have the figma of her that comes with the stage set up and everything. It has a keyboard and a bunch of stage props, but that thing looks like it would take a ton of space, and it would be cheaper to just get a regular figma of her. I dunno. Any time I'm about to decide on what to buy, I start to feel really empty about it for some reason. I wanna get something special for myself, but I can't really decide on anything without feeling like I'll regret it.

I had other stuff I wanted to talk about, but I just kinda lost interest in the time I just spent editing what I had typed out before this.

Amazing animation.

So, I just saw an update at San Com, and when I saw it was Touhou related, at first I was thinking "Great. More generic weeaboo crayon animations with nothing but the same unfunny memes that everyone has been overusing for the last 5 years." So I decide to watch it anyway. Why? Cause I'm f*cking stupid. So I watch it, and I immediatly see that the animation quality was amazing. I mean this was probably the most artistic animation overall that I've seen all year.

Here is a link to an upload of it on Youtube. I would link to Nico directly, but you need an account, and a basic undertsanding of Japanese. I would link to San Com, but there's content that'll probly get me banned. Anyway, I thought that was really something worth sharing, even if only a few people read this. lol.

On the subject of Touhou, I have a new video of a Lunatic run I did on Mountain of Faith up in my video section on here. I'll be honest, eventhough it's a no death / no bombs run, Kanako isn't that impressive no matter how you look at it. I'd love to share one of my replays I'm very proud of, but unfortunatly, Gamespot says Imperishable Night doesn't exist, just like most of the games not featured on the Xbox 360 that I love. Kinda sucks how the Xbox 360 is the only video game console to ever exist, huh. If only some entertainment company like Sony or Nintendo or Sega or anyone would make a console of their own. I guess we can only dream.

Anyway, I think it might finally be time for me to retire from the series. I was thinking about it lately, and my interest has just stedily declined as time has gone on thanks to the increase in weeaboos who have to ruin anything and everything they find.I got into the series when Imperishable Night was out, and I loved it since. But after playing through UFO, I think Zun is officially out of decent ideas. I mean, yeah, a shape shifting youkai was interesting to finally see, but the whole christ thing was a little too out there for me. I seriously only got the game just to confirm to myself that the characters I love will never be back again. Mima will never be back, Sakuya is being phased out by Sanae, and no matter what, there will always be a thousand weeaboos ready to piss me off. They even started to invade my favorite forum, despite how well hidden it was for all those years. It's actually been fully abandoned by the admin at this point now just because of them. I just wish I had at least one person I could have an actual conversation with about the series. You have no idea how long I wanted to just have a norrmal talk about the games with at least one person like I can with any other series I love.

I'm gonna keep reading the ongoing manga series for now. I'm still reading Inaba of the Moon and Inaba of the Earth. I finally finished Silent Sinner in Blue. The series was great, except the final chapter. Complete let down. I don't really care about the other official manga, but the novel series has been pretty good so far, so I'll probly keep reading those too. I dunno if I'll buy any new games, if Zun does make any more. I just pray that he does the hybernation phase again like he did back between 5 and 6. The series needs time to go away and give it time for the weeaboos to leave it the hell alone.

So yeah, just wanted to share that video, and my pointless rant. It's just one of those things where I have a lot to talk about, but no one to talk to, so I just type it here so I can at least feel like someone might end up reading it. Other than that though, not much is going on. I got the original Valkyrie Profile as an early brithday present, and I can't even explain how happy I am to finally have a copy of that game. My brithday hasn't passed yet, just so the people that don't know me in real life know, in case they care to know. lol. I'll probly to a blog when my brithday does come, and I'll try to have some pics or something. I might try to do a live 24 stream, but I dunno yet. So yeah, the video, complaining, and nerding out over a 10 year old game. That's pretty much it, and once again I have no idea how to end my blog. Awkward.

That was the pilot episode?

So, I'm a big fan of the artwork that Huke does. I'm mainly into his Black Rock Shooter characters. So when I saw they were gonna make an anime about it, I was really excited, yet kinda nervous about how they would handle it. So, they release these OVAs of the "Pilot Episode" of the anime. You have no idea what a rip off it is for them to sell that for a profit. The pilot is literally the trailer they played during Hatsune Miku's brithday concert. That's all there is. It's supossedly three "Episodes" of the pilot, but they are all the exact same trailer three times.

I hate that kinda thing. They sell stuff like that to people who don't know what is gonna be on the DVD, and trick them into thinking they are getting something worth money. Then people get home and realize it's just a 2 minute trailer for full price. I mean, yeah, it might be nice to have as a collector's item some day, but that's bull sh*t to charge full price for 1/60th of a full play time. I mean, I can get 4 episodes of Gundam for that price. I can get a sh*tty 2 hour movie for that price. I feel bad for the people who bought it under the impression that it was actually new content or an actual episode at all.

There's not even any real changes to it. There's no VA demos, no new scenes, no new anything. It's still the exact same trailer with Miku still singing that song over it. I bet it still sells like crazy though. After seeing the sales of some of the things the same people threaten the companies over, I doubt any one that says they aren't gonna support something in Japan anymore ever really goes through with it. It's like some crazy illness they have. Eventhough they hate it, they still have to own every piece of it that they can. Also, just as a heads up, the DVD is reigion 2. Just thought I'd let people know in case they look into getting it anyway. lol.

Captain Lou Albano is dead.

I can't believe he is dead. He was my hero when I was little. I know he had bad health and all, but it's so weird to think he died when he was only 76. He was a really funny person in his old interveiws, and he seemed like he would be really fun to be around in real life. I'm kinda sad I never got to meet him though. He was a great man, and he will be missed by all the people who knew him as a wrestler, and all the people who (like me) knew him as Mario.


Top 11 and 1/2 Hardest Boss Fights.

So I've done the list of my favorite bosses, but I never got around to the hardest bosses before. Basically, this is a list of the hardest bosses I have ever had to fight in my history as a gamer. NOTE: I have not played every game ever. If you feel that something should be on the list that isn't, feel free to mention it in the comments. And yes, this will be long. Just a warning.

11 and 1/2 - The 8 Coin Luigi stage in Mario Galaxy

For those of you that don't know what I mean, in Mario Galaxy, one of the extra stars is an 8 coin challenge on the Luigi side of an 8bit Mario. I have never beat that mission, and it is the only thing in the entire game that I have never been able to finish. I consider that to be tougher than any thignelse in the Mario series to me. Maybe one day I'll go back to it and try again, but I don't think I can ever finish that one last star.

11 - Galamoth - Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

This guy was the thing that made me hate the game. He is so huge that his sprite doesn't even fit on one squre of the screen size. He has a huge range for melee attacks because of his size, and his electricity is the most unfair thing I've seen in any Castlevania game. There are items in the game you can find to equip that make the fight easier. One to make you take no damage from electricity, and one to make you recover HP from it. I had no idea these thigns where around when I first played the game. I sat around for over 3 hours the first time I got to him dying over and over again just because of this, and I hate the boss to this day. He is either extremly easy, or very difficult. It all depends on how you prepare.

10 - The God - Silent Hill 3 Melee Weapons Only

If you want the unlimited ammo sub machine gun in SH3, you have to beat the final boss with only melee weapons. The thign is, he's not hard at all, he just has a patern that is slightly faster than Heather. The damage he does makes it hard to keep up just for fear of getting hit and wasting health. Most bosses in the series aren't very hard, but for some reason, I always had trouble doing this with melee only on Hard and up.

9 - Musha Gundam Mk. II - Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2

Musha Mk. II

Again, another boss that isn't so bad on his own, but on some of the later missions, he just takes too many advantages. There is on mission in Extra mode where you have to fight him, the Musha Gundam, and 5 (if I'm remembering right) other random aces all at once. You can go around wasting your time fighting each one individually, but since the mission difficulty is level 10 on Extra and forced to be set on Hard on top of that, every ace will take at least a good 7 minutes to beat individually. On top of that, they will eventually all team up and you have to fight three or more at once. If you go straight for Musha Mk. II, you have to fight him and Musha Gundam at the same time no matter what, and every ace you leave on the fild will immediatly rush to help attack you. All your alies will die withing seconds, and you will be stuck with all 7 opponents at once. Even if you take each ace seperatly, you only have 90 minutes to finish the mission, and will be near only 20 left by the time you finish them and move to Musha and Musha Mk. II. It one of the most time consuming and unfair boss fights I have ever played.

8 - Chelsea - Bunny Must Die

Chelsea is the final boss of the first game in the Bunny Must Die game. The fight goes on for a bunch of phases, and covers many genres in her phases. From Platformer type boss, to Danmaku Shhoter type boss, Chelsea tests you with over and over with increasingly difficult paterns and attacks that get to the point where you have to perfect gaurd almost every super attack in her last phase to survive at all. If you die at all, you have to start the entire process over again. The game has a very limited ammount of extra lives, and if you run out, that's all there is, ever. If you wasted all your extra lives on the way to the fight, or during the fight, you will have to try it with just no second chances at all.

7 - Death - Castlevania: Lament of Innocence

I remember when I was in high school trying to finish this game, and I remember Death being the reason that I suddenly decided that the best armor in the game was now a manditory purchase. lol. Overall, he's not that bad once you get used to his attacks, and how to perfect guard them. The I tried it on Crazy mode. I think that may be the toughest boss in any Castlevania game. His attacks do huge damage as it is, but on Crazy mode, he is just too powerful. Buying any armor in Crazy mode is just pointless, and beating him with no armor at all was probably to this day the toughest thing I ever had to do in a Castlevania game. I love the series to death, but some of those bosses are just too strong sometimes.

6 - Bloodbane - Valkyrie Profile

One of the toughest JRPG bosses I have ever had to beat. If you play the B ending of the game, he is optional. If you go for the real ending, he is a forced fight. Bloodbane is a dragon that swallowed one of the most powerful treasures. He has insanely high stats, and has most magic avalable to use in the fight. If you don't beat him in under 6 turns, he will just heal himself back to full life anyway. This will happen no matter what. He has attacks that let him attack one person in the party, and then attack every one all at once, in the same attack. His attacks break the game, and he is immune to almost everythign you can use against him. Even if you do beat him, there is still 2 more bosses to beat right after him anyway. When you get to the fight, you will only be between levels 20 and 38 depending on how many time you revist areas to level grind with your left over time in the game. This boss makes most other thigns in the game seem extremely out of place due to how easy they are in comparison, and is only beat in difficulty by the post game bosses.

5 - Dr. Wily - Megaman VII

Most Megaman game, not that hard. Most Dr. Wily fights, not that hard either. Megaman VII however, is one of the games that decides to wait till the last second to completely change everything. Megaman's sprite is so large that it already makes most things harder to dodge, but the hight Dr. Wily can stay at, and the speed of his projectiles make this fight way harder than the rest of the game. If his attacks do connect, they take a good chunk of your life away, and leave you stuck either frozen, on fire, or other things, so that you can be hit again by soemthing else. Any time I think of replaying that game, I always thinlk of that boss first thing and always decide to not play anymore just because of that.

4 - Yukari Yakumo - Touhou Youyoumu: Perfect Cherry Blossom

Personally, I consider her to be the hardest non-forced boss in the series. The ammount of effort needed to just unlock her stage is itself more than enough to make anyone give up. You not only have to beat the game with no continues, and beat the EX stage, but to get to the Phantasm stage, you also need to get a perfect ranking on almsot every fight in the game, as every character, on every difficulty. Sure, the game can be beat in under 30 minutes, but the ammount of time it takes to go through and do it that many times in that many variations, and do it perfectly every single time, is just insane. Plus, once you get the stage unlocked, you still have to fight Ran again, and then when you fight Yukari, she throws Ran and Chen at you, while you fight her. In the commentary for the stage music, Zun himself even talks about how the fight drags on for a long time. Last time I played, it took about 10 minutes just for the part that Yukari is present. No boss should go on for that long in any game.

3 - Marisa Kirisame - Touhou Eiyashou: Imperishable Night

Marisa is probly my most hated boss of all time. She acts like a douche bag before the fight, runs away in the middle of it, and then goes on for one phase when you catch up before acting like a dick and mocking you even more, and then starts to fight again. Marisa is a reacuring boss in the series starting back in Story of Eastern Wonder Land. She is one of the fastest bosses in the series, steals attacks form other bosses, and for me, is the hardest boss in the main story in Imperishable Night, eventhought she is only the stage 4 boss. Her attacks start out simple enough, but eventually she starts to use Master Spark, which is a giant laser attack, for a lack of better words, that takes up literally 6/8ths of the screen when used. Later on she starts to use it as a directional attack, while using multiple smaller ones form the bottom of the screen, while firing stars in curving paterns that spin arouns her and move outward, while a chain of larger stars do the same in the other direction. I have never beat that stage without losing at least 4 lives in the process. Seriously, f*ck you Marisa.

So that people have some idea of how much I hate this fight, here is a link to a replay of someone else doing the stage.

2 - Dissapearence of Hatsune Miku Hard Mode - Hatsune Miku: Project Diva

I don't play very many rythm games, but when people need to build a robot, just to beat something on Hard mode with a perfect, you know it's a little too much. I strongly believe this is impossible to get a perfect on by any human being ever. There's just no way, and if you can, I 'd love to see it. I mean, yeah, it starts out easy enough, but that song is way too hard just on Normal. Maybe it's just me since I don't play those games much. I dunno. lol.

1 - Ethereal Queen - Most Tri-Ace games

Ethereal Queen

Every good RPG company has their cross over super boss. Except Square, becuase they suck ass at creativity, and just recycled the same stuff over and over after one point in their history. Anyway, Ethereal Queen is the super boss that shows up in most Tri-Ace games. She is in almost every Tri-Ace game, and is usually the most powerful boss. The fact that she is rediculously difficult is just a given, but as far as super bosses go, I think she may be the toughest one ever. Some people may say Baal form the Nippon Ichi games is, just because even at level 9,999 he can still one hit kill you, but I think Ethereal Queen gave me a tougher time. Beating her usually rewards you with the most over powerful item the game has to offer. It's also nice to see how Tri-Ace always works her into the stories of the post game scenerio for the game she is showing up in each time.

So yeah, that's my list. There are probly a few bosses that I will think of in the next few days and think "Oh, I should have had them instead," but whatever. lol. Like all my lists, I hope if you saw something new, it might inspire you to try some games you might not have before. With this kind of list, I don't see that happening much. lol. I wouls have used more pictures, but there are none of Bloodbane, and most of the rest are things people pretty much know already anyway, so it would have just wasted space. lol.

Latest Top 10 'Manly Manga' list missed the manly part entirely.

So today I saw a list of a poll in Japan for "The top 10 most manly battle manga ever", and I realized something was missing. They forgot that the point was to say a manly manga!! Where the f*ck is 'JoJo's Bizare Adventure'? There is no way that didn't make the list. There isn't a single pannel not full of giant muscles. Where is 'Bastard!!'? Where is Kodomo no Jikan...? Well, I guess that one not being there is okay. lol. (Note: Don't read that series unless you have a VERY open mind to sexual humor. Also, it's written by a woman, so it's not sexist, or a loli service, or any of the negative sh*t that the anime adaption got it associated with. It does end up dealing with psycological issues after so long, but most people are turned away from it before that point, or are too stupid to see the sybolism without it being pointed out to them.) But seriously, where is anything 'manly'?!

They did a survey of 500 Japanese males, and they were all ages between teens up to around 40 year olds. They divided the numbers of each age group evenly, and somehow, Naruto was on the list. Are you f*cking sh*tting me?! Where the f*ck is there anything manly in that entire series?! It's pretty much been decided that the only way that got there was for an overwhelming amount of votes for it coming from the youngest people in the survey. Still, there is no excuse for that, ever.

The official list was as follows:

1- Dragonball
2- Hajime no Ippo
3- Ashita no Joe
4- Kinniku Man
5- Fists of the North Star
6- Tiger Mask
7- Grappler Baki
8- Kidousenshi Gundam
9- Naruto
10- Shura no Mon

Personally, I did enjoy Dragonball way more than Z, and a hell of alot more than GT. It had way more focus on actual fighting, and it was manly for a good amount of the time. It had a good balance of comedy and action, and I can see it being on the list, but I'm a little surprised it was number 1 to be honest. Fists of the North Star should have easily been top 3 at least. I didn't really get too into Kinniku Man myself, but it does deserve a place there. The rest, I haven't read. I just can't f*ckin believe that f*ckin Naruto is anywhere above the top 50. F*ck you Japan.

I'm just amazed the Bastard!! series is not on there. The ammount of guro, sex, action, metal references, and anti-religion make this an automatic must read for any man born in the 80's. The old art makes it have a very different look for this genre, and it's comedy always has it's place, even in the very dark, action focused chapters in acts 3 and 4. It's probly my favorite manga series of all time, and has every qualification to make a most manly series list with plenty to spare. D.S. could take on Dio Brando and live, even if it's only becase he constantly comes back to life no mater how much mutilation his body goes through in every battle. I think the only reason it didn't make the list is that it ended so long ago. It only ran from the late 80's till 1994, but that's a good thing. It didn't have to give fans bullsh*t filler, and it didn't drag on any longer than it needed to. It got through the story, and that was it. Plus, how can a man that kills God, all angles, and pretty much every religous figure ever all by himself not get his series into a manly poll?

Anyway, on the subject of non-manly manga, I finally got my Vol. 1 Pre-order of 'Inaba of the Moon and Inaba of the Earth' in the mail. I pre-ordered the first volume back in Febuary, and it's finally here. I got the free limited edition Reisen mini figure with it too. lol. I'm really excited about this, becuase it got here a little sooner than when they said they were gonna release it back in Febuary, but I guess the pre-orders are sent out before the regular stock is sent to anyone who sells them in shops and stuff. I bought it back then thinking it would be here just in time to be a brithday present for myself, but it's a few weeks ahead of schedual, so the timing didn't work quite right. lol. Either way, it's problly gonna be my favorite thing in my manga collection for a long time. lol.

Also, since I haven't done one since August...

Special Bonus 43!

I love this video for a few resons. The main reason being, someone finally made something with Renko fan service. lol. Most people ignore her just because she doesn't show up in any of the games, novels, or manga, but she shows up on four of the CDs, so that should count for something. lol. I also like this because Maribel and Renko's theme translated pretty well to the electric flute cover. Most of the themes they did this way just turn out really bad. I love Keine's theme, but there is the part where it speeds up liek to steps, and it just sounds like sh*t on an electric flute. It seriously sounded like they did it bad on purpose, or just couldn't play fast enough. But yeah, I was just happy that after all this time, Renko finally got fan service too. lol.

Special Bonus 44!

This might be the best thing he's done since he came up with Cat Face. I couldn't stop laughing the first time I watched that, and I love how no one can take a joke and keeps flagging the video. lmao.

Replies for all the random messages I constantly get.

So, I got a ton of new PMs lately from a ton of people that I have never seen before asking me the most random bullsh*t. So let's clear some things up. First, yes, I use this sn on most sites where I frequent. If I don't use this sn, it's mainly becuase I wanna stay unknown there. I mainly only do this on art sites and things like that. If you see a sn that is some variant of "child of lileth", then 9/10 it's me. You can pm this account and ask to make sure if you want, I really don't care.

No, I will not give you links for games, saves, videos or anything in general upon request unless there is some reason. If we are friends outside of the internoots and I want you to try a game, then I probly would get it to you. If I mention anything you want, that does not mean anything like "hey, I'll give you all links for it". If you want something as in a game, cd, manga, or so on that I mention in my usual blogs, then pm me about it, and we will take things from there.

I hate children. I hate weeaboos. Most of all, I hate weeaboo children. If I do a small review here, then yes, I have probly done a better professional version of it somewhere else for work. No, I will not give a link to those. There really isn't any point to that for either of us. If you really want to see a review by me done on a professional level, I'll probly just do a proper one on here if I ever find a game that is worth that kind of time when I don't get paid for it.

Also, while we are on the subject of things I hate, no, I WILL NOT give links for games. Yes, I play a ton of doujin games, and yes, I do reviews for them and so on. If you have a game and need an English patch for it, I'll probly send it if I have it. If you want a doujin game that you see me mention somewhere, I'd be more than happy to direct you to the circle that makes that particular game. They have websites where you can find info for the game. If you want to just get a game for free just because you are a weeaboo and think that's the cool thing to do, then I hate you, and if blocking people was an option on GS I would.

I have no problem with new people that find me online and want to be freinds and so on, but I'm not going to give links to get a game for free just because they don't sell it in America land. There are many import sites that will gladly help you get games from outsisde of the country for a very cheap price. The postal service of Japan is amazing. Out of the dozens of times I bought items from the cities in the main circle of Japan, I recieved my items in under 4 days with just standard shipping. Whereas American postal service takes over a full week with 2-3 day shipping to get an item form one state over to me. It would literally be quicker to just pick it up myself in most cases with American mail. Trust me there is no reason to fear importing games if you want to play them. Also, the doujin games I review and play are usually under half the price of regular games. You can usually get 2 full games for the price of 1 PS3 game.

Anyway, now that the ranting is out of the way, let's move on to the usual stuff. I finally ended up getting a factory sealed copy of Valkyrie Profile 2. I've always been pissed at myself for not buying it when it came out, but I saw that it didn't sell for sh*t since it's semi-unique, and god forbid anyone play something different. I'm literally the only fan of the series within like a three state radius of here, so I figured it would be in the same small store for a long time, so I kept putting off buying it. Then one day they just got rid of all the copies. lol. So I had to settle for a used copy, and it is scratched to hell. The disk runs, but the music often just stops, and in some parts, the game just freezes. Like, if I have a certain spoiler character in my party, she freezes the game if the victory speach goes to her sometimes. The good news is that the factory sealed copy I just bought is only $19.99, so I got extremely lucky for how rare it is to find a working copy, let alone a factory sealed one these days. Of course, I will have to open it to finally be able to play the game normally, but it's not a high valued game anyway, so I don't care at all with this one. lol.

On the subject of manga, I finally got around to catching up on Silent Sinner in Blue. I'm only on chapter 11 right now, but I'm gonna read a few more chapters after I finish this. They have up to chapter 20 translated so far, and from the preview pic of Aya talking about how they need to start looking for a new miko, I'm gonna assume that 20 is the final chapter. It's pretty good so far. The jokes are very good if you like puns, but it's sort of slow at points. For those of you that don't know, it's a manga written by Zun that is made as a side story to the Touhou series that takes place in the time between MoF and SA. One of the only things I don't like is that some of the stuff Reimu talks about just doesn't hold up anymore now that they have shown story past that point in the time line. Like she makes a joke to Sakuya when she mentions how she hasn't seen her in a logn time, and Reimu jokes that she only plays with gods lately. I mean, yeah, it made sense then, but in SA she went right back to youkai again.

The art in the series is really well done though. They made a good scaling of the characters, which I was happy with since the games don't really define height between people very well. I know that's a small issue, but it get's confusing sometimes. lol. One of the other things I liked so far is that you get to see everyone in alternate clothes for once around chapter 9 when they all go to the SDM to celebrate the rocket being finished. It was a nice change to see everyone dressed differently, even if it was only for one chapter. Plus, they had corssovers in all the other offical manga where you'd see what some of them actually did when they weren't in the main part of the SDM durring that time. They also used the other series to explain things that SSiB didn't, like where Flandre was thew whole time. lol.

But yeah, this blog is kinda long just because of the rant at the start. I don't really have much to talk about this time, but I'm just frustrated over all the random spam I get here and wanted to write about it to kill some time. lol. I guess that doesn't make much sense now that I think about it.

Happy Yuyuko Day!

It's 9/9/09 today, and that means it's Yuyuko Saigyouji day!


I know most people are gonna be like "The hell are you talking about?", but just stay with me on this one. The Sega Dreamcast was released on 9/9/99, and today is 9/9/09. Also, the symbol on Yuyuko's hat looks like the Sega Dreamcast symbol, so since it's 9/9/9 again, it's Yuyuko day! lol. I know it's a stretch, but just go with it.

This is a day to praise Yuyuko Saigyouji, and celebrate her miracles... oh wait, wrong character (I know no one is gonna get that joke). Anyway, Yuyuko is very unique compared to most characters. She has unique abilities, and a sad story about how her life ended. Yuyuko has the unique ability to cause death in living people, and can use the power on anyone of her choosing. Her power is ironically what drove her to suicide.

The souls she invites to death are taken to Hakugyokurou, a netherworld for the "formerly living" instead of being taken to Heaven or Hell. When she died, her body was used to seal the tree, Saigyaou Ayakashi, to stop it from killing innocent humans. Humans also fear Yuyuko for her power, and general fear of the supernatural. Yuyuko is also known for her incredible appetite and seems to have a food-related metaphor for any situation.

So yeah, I was just bored and thought I should spread awareness of this literally once in a lifetime holiday. lol. Yuyuko is a really interesting chracter when you look into some of the more detailed info about her, and the pre-death stuff about her. Also, this is my favorite picture of her.


Anyway, enjoy the holiday everyone, becuase this is the only time any of us will get to see it.

Black Rock Shooter gets her own series.

They had the first ever live Hatsune Miku concert recently in Japan (I forget where it was exactly). It was at some big music festival out there, and with as big of an idol Miku has become, you can imagine how huge the concert was sicne it was the first time they did anything on that level with her. The concert itself was exactly what you'd expect. It was a live band sitting in shadows bellow a huge screen where a giant display of Miku played as she sang and danced along with the band playing the instrumental parts of her songs. The event started with her theme, and soon after, the screen when black, and Miku's voice could be heard annouceing Black Rock Shooter's name. This then lead into a trailer for the anime that will be based on the character. So far, I have no idea what the anime will be about beyond that. The trailer looks good in terms of animation quality, and how well it flows and things like that.

Originally, some people thought it was just an animated video for a song about her sung by Miku, since BRS is supposed to be a re-imagining of Miku herself. The anime has been confirmed to be a full series, and the pilot episode will be out shortly. They have released the figure of Black Rock Shooter, but good luck getting it. lol. The figure runs for about $130 when not on sale, and the limited ammount made means that it will be a huge pain to try to buy later on, if it is ever sold on something like ebay. It is very high quality detail though, and it looks great for the price. I'm just not enough of a fan to pay more than $40 for it at the absolute most for it though.

From what I saw in the trailer, it looks like it will be a semi-action series. It will be a nice change from the flood of moe anime that has been coming out in the recent months. I mean seriously, I know it's popular and all, but it needs to stop. I miss back when they made anime just becuase they had a good story idea, and they didn't do it just to make a profit like they do with eveything now. The trailer does make it look liek there might end up being drama parts to it, but the main character is a girl with a giant gun. When has that ever turned out bad? *thinks back to how horribel every manga and anime with a girl with a giant gun has been, with the exception of that scene where Seras had that giant two page big gun in Hellsing* Okay, I'll admit, other than Hellsing's manga, that has never turned out well, but this could be the exception. I doubt it though. Oh well. lol.

Anyway, here is a link for the anime news. It's the only one I could get that didn't have recordings of the concert itself in it (since it's probly some leagal issue to post stuff like a recording of a live Miku concert. lol). And for anyone wondering about the Miku concert, you can find videos of it all over Nico, but it's nothing really unexpected. It would have been nicer if they kept her onscreen more instead of making it seem like they had to keep loading a entirely new video. I'd like to assume they had one constant video running of her, but it wouldn't surprise me if it was just seperate ones for each song and the trailer.