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Last Blog of 09.

I'm sorry for the mass posts of blogs lately, but after this one it'll go back to one every other week or so. it's the last day of 2009, and the end of the decade also, and honestly, I'm kinda dissapointed with this year. There's was lots of awesome things hapeeing this year, but everyday life was boring as hell this year for me. lol.

Anyway, I got my last game for 09. I got the collectors edition of Spiral Chaos in the mail today. I had a big discount for my account at a store I always buy from in Akiba, so I got the $120 package for about $50. lmao. So even though I ordered stanard shipping, it was sent out on the 29th, and it got here this morning. I LOVE Japanese mail service. They are always ahead of schedual, and it's so nice to actually get stuff on time, or actually not need to worry about it being sent to the wrong house. I hate when I order something being sent out from 1 state over, and it takes over 6 days to get here with rush shipping. I don't know if I mentioned this enough, but American mail service is probly the slowest, and in my experience, most unreliable (due to packages always being sent to an entirely wrong neighborhood instead of anywhere near my house, and then being forced to wait to see if it is ever returned to the Post Office to be sent to me again, or if I just have to lose money on something I'll never get delivered) mail in the world.

I wanted the game because I like the Queen's Blade Combat Books (I only have the Airi book), I like SRPGs(mainly just Disgaea though), and everyone says playing Japanese games that require a ton of reading (like RPGs) help you learn the language faster, which I'll really need if I don't wanna have a friend around to translate the whole time, if I ever actually go to Japan. lol. The anime gave the series a bad name though. I don't blame anyone at all that hates the series based on the anime.

So anyway, the collectors edition of the game comes with the game, a CD, a figma, and I got an art book. The art book is supposed to be only for pre-orders, but I geuss they had extras or something. I like to collect figmas, so that was basically the only reason I went for the collector's edition. lol. The whole package except the book is in the figma box, and that's all in a big plastic wrap, so I guess I have to open the box to actually play the game. lol. I wanted to keep it selaed if I could since it's a SP figma, instead of just a regular mass production one, but there's no way I'm gonna get a game to just have it just sit around. I had no idea who the character they made the figma of was for the longest time, but it's the main character you play as in the game. I guess her name is Cute. I have no idea why they gave her a name like that, but that's what it is. lol. Also, her eyes are weird. There kinda like Melona's, but with stars instead of +'s.

The only thing I don't like about the game is that not every chatracter is in the game, and not all the ones in the game are playable, unless you hack it like the people from Nico Nico have been doing. I really wanted to get Airi since she's my favorite, but you only get her on a few possible paths in the story, and she won't stay with you in some of those paths. I'm just happy she's playable at all though. lol.

Sega also recently announced another sequal to the Hatsune Miku game. They will have the arcade game out in Spring (or Summer) and they said there's another home game on the way, and to "hold on to the consoles you have now". No idea what that means, but maybe it'll be a PS3 game. Or maybe Sega just doesn't want people to be stupid and buy a PSP-Go on accident or anything. lol. They also announced DLC for the first game that should be out in early 2010. No actual set date for anything yet though.

So yeah, this ended up being way longer than I though it' would be, and I know people hate to read, so I'll just skip everything else till some other time. One last Special Bonus for the end of the year.

Special Bonus 49!

Yes, I posted this back in my Summer Comuket blog, but I love this video, and I figured some people might laugh too. Just so you know, 97% of the subs are wrong, but this was on purpose since atomicpuppy was seeing how many weeaboos would blindly believe, and argue that those were the actual lyrics.The actual song was IOSYS using a cover of Utsuho's theme to encourage the Japan work out act to get more people to actually exercise daily like the act was trying to encourage (similar to the Cool Off act they had to encourage less AC use in the warm seasons).

Also, this video has Rin (doing the Megaman slide at one point. lol), Chen, Reisen, and Eirin. So again, I like it more because a lot of my favorites are in it. lol. Angry German Kid is there too.

So yeah, I'm going back to watchin the 24 hour Three Stooges Marathon. lol

Late Christmas, Early New Years blog.

I was gonna do a blog on Christmas, but I couldn't think of a good enough joke. lol. I wanted to do something like the story I had on Easter about the Easter Bunny fighting Jesus Christ to the death to save all our candy form that greedy man, but I just coudn't top that story. lol. I'd link it for those of you that wertn around for it, but it's not worth the trouble, and it's not funny enough to waste time reading anyway. lol.

So anyway, Christmas. This year was pretty good. I got tons of money since that's all I asked for. lol. I was gonna put it toward the Gundam trip, but I'm gonna hold off on that since it'll be around Japan for a long time. One of my freinds was joking around saying I'd probly die from a huge anxiety attaxck if I ever got to see the thing in real life. It's probly ture. lol. I'd have a massive anxiety attack from a mix of hero worship and fear of the Gundam taking a step forward and crushing me. lmao.

I got some good stuff this year though. My dad got me a big frame to put vinyl records in, so as soon as I decide where to hang that up, I'll put one of my limited edition prints in there so I can display it and keep it more protected. lol. I have a bunch of records, but I haven't listened to any in almost a year. I really need to start buying some more soon. I ended up buying Dragon Ball: Raging Blast also. That game has so many issues wirth unresponsive controls and the camera decind to spin in endless cricles or getting stuck on a wall. I don't even know if I'll finsih the whole game or not. lol.

I've been kinda paranoid and sick today though. All last night I was really tired, and when I went to lay down, I was wide away for hours. Around 3 am I kept wondering if I closed the garage door, and kept being paranoid about it for a long time, eventhough I was posotive I closed it. A few hours later I finally went to check it, and it was closed. And then I still couldn't sleep cause I got this bad head ache out of nowhere. My head still hurts, and my eyes hurt form not sleeping very long. lol. Then today I heard someone pounding on the front door. I went to check, and nothing was there. There werent even foot steps in any of the snow, and it's not snowing fast enough for it to cover anything like that, that fast. Then I thought they were back, but it was just the sound of my heart pounding in my chest for some reason. lmao. I think Higurashi made me way too paranoid.

Last night I also found this awesome RPG I've been playing all day. Someone made it in RPG maker 2000, but it's a extremely deep game for something like that. The sriptes are like 8-16 bit, but the system it uses is deeper than most RPGs I've played in years. Like Poison not only makes you lose helth, you also lose 20% ATK, you can't move as good to the point where you might have to crawl on your hands and knees, you can't use charge attacks, and your attack speed is way slower. There's a bunch of status stuff like that that makes it really challenging to play untill you get some money for better items, since all your stuff breaks so fast. The equipment even changes you character's sprite and portait. There's also some joke items, and events, but they take forever to get. It has a bunch of characters to play as too, but I just use the Miko, because I have no idea what the hell any thing else is since it's all in Japanese.

Anyway, here's another Special Bonus for the hollidays. I should probably put a 16+ warning on this one though.

Special Bonus 48!

I coudn't think of anything holiday related, so here's something that will cater to almost every "interest" at least once. They got you covered no matter what oyu like, unless it's something oddly specific. Also, see if you can spot the moment the Bad End happpens. lol. I wish the song was mixed better so I could hear the lyrics, but I can only hear parts about oppai, and stuff like that.

But yeah, this has all my favorites, Rin (who is almost never in fan animations), Reisen, Eirin, Yukari, everyone. lol. Also, Rinnosuke scares the hell out of me ever since I watched that the first time. lol.

I hope everyone enjoyed thier Christmas. I hate winter so bad (mainly the ice since I always hurt myself somehow every year), but at least there's free stuff to make up for it. lol.

The Gundam came back!

I just saw news that they are going to set up the 1:1 scale RX-78-2 Gundam again in Japan! I'm so excited. I might actually have a chance to see it this time. lol. They are going to put it back up in the city where Bandai makes all the Gundam model kits, so I'm praying this means it will be a permenant thing this time. I mean, seriously, how can you make a almost 60 foot tall Gundam, and then just take it away after only 3 months of it being on display?

I was trying to save money to go to the Winter Comuket this year, but I think I'll just say f*ck that, and go visit the Gundam when they get it set up again. lol.


Night Ver.

I think seeing that would be better than a trip to Comuket and Raitaisai festival combined. lol. I just really hope I can get the rest of the money for the trip in time to see it if they don't keep it around this time. lol. And just like my blog header says, donations are always welcome. :3

Also, I just got a Master Grade Crystal Ver. model kit of the RX-78-2 for free from one of my friends last week, because "It's impossible to build", so this news is really motivating me to finish it now. lmao. I'm so excited.

Easy mode in Megaman? How bout the game just beats itself next time?

Seriously Capcom? Why the hell does there need to be an Easy mode in Megaman. Shoot thing, thing dies. That's not that damn hard. I saw the trailer showing the comparisons, and they block of all the spikes and have less, and weaker, enemies. Do we really need that at all? Is the casual fad really that influential these days? I mean, why even play the game at all? I know some people don't like tough games, but Megaman isn't hard. 9 was one of the easiest, and the only ones easier than that were 2, and 6. The point is, if you suck at a game, either don't play it, or get better. It's not that damn hard. I mean f*ck, even Super Hero difficlty in 9 wasn't that bad. Things just took more damage.

I dunno. This is why I hate newer games so much. I'm just waiting to see them make another one where they have all the pits sealed off, the spikes blocked off liek in 10, enemies go out of their way to avoid you, and there is no boss in any stage. Maybe then the games won't be 'impossible' like all the 'retro' and 'hardcore' 12 year olds think 9 was. If you even have to call youreself a hardcore gamer, you probly aren't. More than likely, you're just some stupid ass kid trying to sound like you know something. I f*cking hate kids. There almost as bad a s weeaboos. If you had an N64, who gives a f*ck? That doesn't mean sh*t. If you are 10 and bout an NES, or play NES games on an emulator, that doesn't mean sh*t about you as a gamer. Stop saying that makes you old school or retro. You completely miss the point. I love how so many people swear PS2 and sh*t like that is 'retro in a few years'. No. F*ck you. That's not how it works. It's not like we rename the Atari and Intellevision era ever 5 years to keep it up to date. I don't really even agree that Dreamcast would have made the retro cut off, but whatever. People are sh*t and 'gamers' are just as bad.

It's getting to the point these days where I don't even have any interest in most of the new games announced. "Yay, Demon's Souls" some may say. While I look at it and say, "Wow Atlus, you used to make really fun, and unique games. Why have you suddenly decided to make Western games? I don't need to save Harry Potter from dragons more than that one time I did when I tried Oblivion." And people f*cking shoot rockets out their ass if you even point out that the game is just a Western RPG made by a Japanese developer company. It's not my fault almost every Western RPG is the exact same thing every f*cking time.

I can't even trust the series I love anymore. Castlevania is getting it's God of War game thanks to whoever the f*ck finally said they need someone who isn't Iga to direct the series. I mean, I like Iga as a director, but I get it, the best friend turns out to be bad. Yes, yes, fine. He does that in pretty much every CV game he directed. Time for a new gimick. Megaman is gonna start getting the fake 8bit retro treatment in every game now. I mean, I liked the idea, and it was nice to see it for 9, but if you are gonna do it every single time, it loses it's fan service charm, and just gets old fast. Even the RPG series I love get sh*tty updates. I mean, look at the Valkyrie Profile fan fic they put out on the DS. It completely invalidates it's own main plot in the first few minutes of the game. There isn't a single thing related to the cannon of the series in the entire game what-so-ever, and in the post game, Hrist even points out how horrible the game is. She even mocks it in her rant saying "It is called Valkyrie Profile, not Mortal Profile." and she's right, why do I have to play as some generic Square emo kid, when I could have had a decent continuation of the series from the open ending that 2 leaves off on. At the least, let tri-Ace and Enix make the game, instead of leaving Square incharge of everything.

This is why I started playing doujin games so much. At least the circles that make a game are free to do whatever the f*ck they want with thier series. But then you have the whole weeaboos eventually finding the game and ruining the fanbase thing. I remember when back when I could talk to fans of games like Shuusou Gyoku, and have a decent coversation about the game. But now weeaboos ruin any f*cking doujin series they can find. I miss when Touhou was a big secret to the rest of the world, and I could talk to real fans. I swear the other day a friend was doing a stream, and when they played Idolmaster, a radom person in the char said "OMG!! That girl has a black dress. It's just like Touhou." How the f*ck does that have anything to do with that? That would be like me walking around, seeing a building, and saying "That building is made of bricks. This is just like Contra." It just makes no sense to compare the two based on something that random.

Anyway, this rant is just gonna keep going on and on, so I'll just stop here.

Another year at GS.

So, tomorrow is the 14th, and that will mean I've been at GS for two full years now. lol. I seriously thought I was here for longer, but Iguess it just feels that way. So it's been two years, and I'm already at level 36 as of when I write this. lol. I would be a full level higher, but I got modded that one time for reporting some one for posting child p*rnography in the DS forums. Why did I get moded for reporting it? Because the lolicons in charge were mad that they had to take it down I guess. It's not my fault it's disgusting.

Anyway, not much to talk about GS related this year. I haven't done anything on here in a long time. lol. I'm gonna be starting a new union soon, but I'm still working on the banner and stuff. I had two ideas, and finally decided on the one haven't mentioned anywhere. I haven't really talked about the union yet except in a PM or two with one of my friends, just because it'll be the first of it's kind on here, and I wanna make sure it stays that way so we get a better chance of getting a decent ammount of members at the start. lol. As long as I get enough charter members to actually start the thing, I'll be happy though. I haven't put much work into the banner recently just because I'm lazy though, so who knows when I'll have that done. I wanna try to have it by the end of December though. I haven't used any kind of photo editing thing since like 2003, so it's taking me a long time to get used to how to use the newer stuff. lol. Plus the 50k limit for a file size is insane. How do you get a picture that size to be that small? I make it under the full isze limit and it's still a few hundred over the limit. lol.

Game wise, I'm pretty much stuck in everything I'm playing. I give up on Valkyrie Profile: Silmeria's post game. I spent over 15 hours just level grinding and skill learning for my final team along the way through the last area, and I still get stuck. Basically, I got every possible treasure in the first run of the Seraphic Gate, and I'm up to the Ethereal Queen, and that's it. I aboslutely cannot beat her. My team is all level 88-94, and I just can't win. Right now my set up is Lenneth, Hrist, Silmeria, and Zunde. Zunde is only there becuase he's level 94, does tons of damage, and I don't feel like raising a replacment for him, which is my main problem. I'm using everyone's best possible weapons, I have Lenneth using the Levantine, with Psychosoma skill on her to get it to be better than the Dainslief, and Silmeria even has that armor that gives her ghost staus so physical hits can't hurt her since she's my weakest character in the team. It's just way too hard becuase Ethereal Queen is almost completely surounded by things that take dmage for her. If you attack from behind, her wings block everything, her spear blocks her right, and attacks form the front and left are just regularly gaurded by her. So each attack is doing about 1,000 damage until she stops gaurding, and then they do way more if we break her guard.

The main problem with the fight is that she is level 90 and has 1,400,000 HP, and even after 30 minutes of fighting, she was only at a little less than half health. I hate it. Even Hrist does like no damage even when she uses Trial of Existance. Everyone keeps telling me to use Freya, but she's level 50 when you get her, and I really don't wanna spend the time it takes to get her caught up just for one fight. I give up on the fight. I tried my best, ran out of itmes to heal after 40 minutes of fighting, and since Lenneth is the only one with magic, it's just not possible with my set up. It's not worth wasting the AP needed for Heal anyway since it only helps one person at a time in this one anyway. Plus, even if I do beat her, I have to do it again 9 more times, each time with her stat being doubled over and over, and there's no way I can do it. lol. I just hate how in the first game, I could destroy her so easily, and then in this one she is like made of Skintanium Armor (horrible reference, I'm sorry). lol. So officialy, I beat the main game, and almost the entire post game, so I count that as finished. lol. So for now, Touhou 12 remains the only game I have never been able to completly finish, but that's just because the gimikcs in that game are way too difficult for no reason.

Anyway, Special Bonus time! lol.

Special Bonus 46!

One of my friends sent that to me a month or two ago, and I kept forgeting to share it here. lol. They did a really good job wit hmaking the new objects for the MikuMiku Dance program, like the knives and stuff, but Sakuya looks way too much like Miku. You can really see it in the face especially. I guess it was just easier to edit the existing model that to make a new one though. lol. Other than that, it's pretty good. I always liked the voices SOUNDHOLIC gives to the characters since they fit really well most of the time, and this is probably the best Sakuya voice anyone has ever used. It's way better than that tsundere one IOSYS uses for her. Plus I'm really happy someone fianlly remebered to put in Sakuya's Luna Dail. Everyone forgets it, just like how no one remembers Chen's earring, eventhough she's the only character in the whole series that even has an earring.

Also, here's a link to the original song if anyone wants it.

Special Bonus 47!

I haven't had anything Neru related in a long time, so here's something I found the other day form back in the dark ages of MMD animations. lol. It's still kinda funny to go back and see how bad Miku's English used to be. lol. I love the way she says 'home' in the disclaimer. lol. Do they really need a disclaimer though? I mean, is there really some otaku out there that's gonna take up juggling and and waste their life on that pointless skill, and then blame Miku for it? That's their own falut. lol.

Progress... sort of.

Today I finally got to get everything sorted out about the stolen card number and stuff that I was talking about before. The good thing is that almost none of the charges went through, and I don't have to pay anything he did. The bad thing is that the only thing that showed up on the statement I got from the bank was the Warcraft thing (of course). So based on just one charge for only $14.99, they can't really follow up on it. They said since it's such a small amount, the people in charge won't take it as a serious enough thing to look into it. I guess that's fine though since I didn't lose anything. I was really looking forward to being able to press charges though.

Anyway, I had other stuff I wanted to talk about before, but the whole incident Friday just pissed me off, and I wanted to blog about that instead for the time. So also on last Friday, I got another of my giant boxes of manga on my door step when I got home. lol. More of the usual. I also got an advance copy of the first 'Spice and Wolf' light novel that's gonna be out Dec. 15 (shameless promotion. lol). I hate the English cover. I saw it in the box and I was like "Hey, you got furry in my socially acceptable media." Why did they decide to go with the live action cover? I mean, I read the thing on their website about how "no one in America reads manga, and we did this to get more people into manga", but really? Was a live action Horo really needed? I mean, they could have at least had the woman cosplay as her in clothing. It's not like Horo is nude the entire series, it's only for like one night. Anyway, other than that abomination of a cover, they did a really good job with the translations. I haven't read any of the manga adaption yet, but I have seen a few episodes of the anime adaption. I don't completely hate the anime yet, but that's just because it's hard to hate Horo. lol.

The good thing about the novel's cover is that they have learned from all the death threats the fans sent, and you can get the original cover for the English release too. To do this, you have to buy the magazine published by the company that has the rights to the novels. lmao. Way to be greedy. They say you can also get it if you get the novel from one of their "on-line distributors", and of course, they don't mention who thse people might be anywhere. I'm pretty sure most bookstores websites will tell you if they will have the dovers in stock or not since the novels are on-line sales only, and they won't charge for the slip cover at all if you get it. I really prefer the original cover to the live action furry myself, but that's just me. lol. The illustrations are really good quality on the original cover too, so it's worth trying to get one.

I was also trying to get a copy of the first volume of 'Zero's Familiar' with my free stuff, but it's been on constant back order since it came out, and I never requested it before then. lol. I'll have it by the end of January, hopefully. The rights to publish the light novels in English have been bought back in 2007, and they still haven't even started on the first one yet, so I figure the manga would be better than nothing. Eventually I'll probably just read the novels on-line or something. I hate doing that though. Also, I hear the anime adaption is sh*t. Go figure.

This is why I hate internet shopping.

So, today around 3pm, I get a courtesy call to let me know that my credit card number has been stolen. Forst off, shouldn't that be more of a personal emergency or something? Courtesy just makes it sound like, "Yeah, just reminding you about that doctor apointment" or something. But no, to them it's like "Yeah, someone could buy a car, a house, a gun, or other things in your name, but it's no big deal". F*ck credit unions. So the guy calls me and tells me that since 8am this morning there have been over 9 pending payments that they had to cancel my card over. Out of all this, the guy only tells me that the first few were $1 charges to make sure the card works, and the rest were the dude paying for World of Warcraft. ARE YOU F*CKING SH*TTING ME?! Out of all the bull sh*t in the world, you steal a credit card number for that?! If you play that game, you need to claw your f*cking inards out right f*cking now!! I f*cking demand it of you, because you obviously have no purpose in life! I f*cking hate people.

So I ask the guy if I have to pay for all this sh*t or not, and he tells me I have to call customer service about any questions. Fine. I call them right after I hang up with that guy, and I eventually get transfered to a recording telling me they are gone for the day when it was only like 3:20 something at the latest. The f*ck kind of credit union closes that damn early in the day?! If you aren't 24/7, at least be open till 9pm. So they eventually call me back after I left a message, and the woman tells me she made sure my card is canceled, and she ordered me a new card. The main problem is that now I have to wait until Monday to go see if any of the charges went through. She said they can help me dispute the charges if any did go through, so at least there's that.

So after all that sh*t I went to file a report about it, and I gotta wait till Monday again so I can get an updated statment from the bank over all this to show the police so they will have it on record, and they can track the guy because he was stupid enough TO BUY F*CKIN WARCRAFT WITH MY SH*T! HOW F*CKING STUPID DO YOU HAVE TO BE?! All afternoon I've been trying to figure out how my number got out. It's come down to this. It was eaither Gamespot selling my number from when I upgraded my account, or Borders book store. I use Paypal for literally everything else I buy online, and unless Paypal sold the info, there's no other way they could have got it. I only used the damn thing in a real life store once in my life, so I doubt it was that store.

I'm still pissed because my entire life I was the kind of person that never wanted any kind of credit card because of sh*t like this, and that's what I get for trusting peopel for once. Every f*cking time I get f*cked over. I still say the fact that the charges were not only started at 8 am, but that they were all in English should have tipped the credit people off sooner. Almost everything I buy with that card is billed in Japanese, and if it's not, it's from the book store. I never used the card unless it was in the late afternoon or at night, and I'm never even up at 8am anyway, unless it's for work. I never even make multiple purchases with it, ever. I only use it once a month at the most. I mean seriously, they could have called before it got to around 10 charges instead of waiting all f*cking day. They need to pay more attention to spending habbits to stop this sh*t sooner. That's just extremely basic psychology. For all they know, someone could have murdered me and took the card, but f*ck no, they don't care untill it's amost 12 hours after the first part of a f*cking spending spree. I f*cking hate people, I f*cking hate how everything is dependant of internet transactions, and I F*CKING HATE PEOPLE!!

Well, now that that's over.

I just finished watching 'When the Cicadas Cry' a few minutes ago, and I just wanna share some of my thoughts on the main episodes of the series. I won't spoil anything in this blog, just so you know. Also, I guess most English audience fans know the series as 'Higurashi', which is the name of a breed of cicadas only in Japan. So if you saw that, that's what I'm talking about here. I haven't watched the OVA episodes yet, I'm just too tired to keep watchin any more right now, and I'll just watch those tomorrow. Anyway, I was gonna do a professional review of it, and then just link it here in case people wanted to see it, but since the series is like 3 years old, that would be kinda irrelevant at this point. lol. Just so you know, my real reveiws are better quality, but I'm just really tired right now, and GS gives me trouble when I try to do anything special in my blogs, so it's not worth the hassle right now.

First, I gotta say that it was a very good series for most of it. There's a few parts that I think they just needed to cut the filler and just get to the point. I mean, yeah, I get the reasons they would show them just playing club activities and so on in between plot. It gives a sense of humanity, and gives a feeling that you can relate to the characters. That's fine, but it just slows everything down way too much. I mean, there were so many episodes where at the point that I saw it was a new chapter, I almost just skipped the whole episode since every first part to each chapter is 80% filler and the other 8 minutes was important plot. Filler is something that I have hated in anime ever since I was in 6th grade. I especially hate filler in anime adaptions of manga series. It's just a personal problem I have, so I can't really hold it against the series since they did keep very important story in those same episodes. I'm also very happy the filler wasn't anywhere near as bad as The Endless Eight.

The multiple chapters were a very nice element for the story. It kept me guessing for a long time, but eventually I got what they were doing with that. I also started to think they were going somewhere else with that set up, but I was happy to see I was wrong, since it was something a little better than what I expected. At the same time, some chapters were just annoying as a whole. The Satako chapter just pissed me off. In fact, everything Satako was involved in pissed me off. I can't stand characters like her. The scene with her near the end of Shion's chapter was the worst part of that character for me. I can't stand characters that do nothing but whine, and then they think they are better for suddenly stopping. F*ck that. Again, this is something that irritates me in real life, with real life people, so again, I can't blame the anime for my own irritations. Another thing I really liked was the Shion chapter in general. It seemed very well thought out, and Shion was a way better character than I first expected her to be. She had way more development story wise than I first expected, and her chapter was by far my favorite. It kept me guessing at a few parts, and it threw me off my trail of figuring out the mystery a few times with every twist Shion ran into in her discoveries.

The entire parasite thing freaked me out. I never mention it to anyone, but I actually am terrified that something like that could happen in real ife. Not to the extent of the purpose of the parasites that Rena talks about in the last chapter, but the whole parasites living and forcing their way back in no matter what. It just freaks me the f*ck out. lol. I'm not sure if the series was ment to be horror or not, but that was pretty much the only part that actually got t me. The psychological references were very well done. I'm a big fan of anything like that, and I was very happy with how they handled that kind of thing with each character, and some of the plot developments. It's really hard to go any further into that without spoiling a ton of stuff, but I really wish I could since I have so much I loved just with that part of it.

The other major thing I wanna talk about was how they tied all the chapters together. At first, I had an idea of what was going on, but as time went on, it started to not fit, so I just kinda sat and waited to see. Eventually, I think after the Shion chapter, things didn't fit my theory of just showing new events from the same days. Without spoiling, I liked and disliked what it turned out ot be for different reasons. First why I liked it. The main reason was, it fits the story well, it keeps continuity, and it fits what was going on with Rika. I can't really think of a way to explain it without just giving it away unfortunately, so I can't really talk about anything specific.

Now for what I didn't like. I'm a huge fan of old horro, and pschological drama. I have watched literally every episode of 'The Twilight Zone' at least 20 times each, as well as tons of other things of the same genres as 'When the Cicadas Cry'. Because of this, the ending was very predictable for me. Again, going back to the Shion chapter, that's where it all clicked for me. Eventually, it was just the only thing that was left that could fit. don't get me wrong, I really liked the ending and all, but I've seen it before a few too many times in different things. I think at least 4 or 5 episodes of Twilight Zone end that way. At the same time, I'm kinda disappointed with it. Rika's thoughts to herself in the last scene just kinda... I don't know how to word it correctly. It's like, she was confirming what I figured out already, and what the last episode confirms, but at the same time, it feels like there should be something else to it. Like so now it's her turn? Why is this happening? Why doesn't the god change it? Exactly how much is this way? I know if people read this they might get the wrong idea of what I'm trying to say at that last part, but I can't put it into the right words without giving away the entire last scene. I think the only way I can try to word it right, would be to say that I want more out of it.

The last scene accomplishes many things though, which is very good. It ties together the chapters, it confirms what is really going on in the village, and it explains why some things just don't seem to fit in the theories I had along the way. Without spoiling it, the ending is something I don't see very often personally in any kind of entertainment. It has an ending, but it has a special way of closing things. The only things I can compare it to are the ending from the series 'The Maxx' (The comic ending, not the cartoon adaption one), and the ending in the original 'Rozen Maiden' manga (BTW, the manga's story and events are completely different from that garbage anime adaption. I just need to clerify that for the sake of the example.) These are also psychological series, even though Rozen Maiden may not seem like it till the way later chapters if you don't pick up on what each doll represents right away, so maybe this kind of ending is just the standard thing for this kind of genre. Again, I can't go into too much detail just because it would give away parts of each of those endings, but I love when a series ends this way. It just feels more unique, and it's nice to see when someone can actually pull it off correctly.

Overall, I really recommend that you check out the series if you like psychological drama. It kept me guessing for a good majority of the story, and I was very surprised with how good the series turned out to be compared to what I thought of it from a few random clips I saw every now and then. It get's a little boring durring some of the filler parts, but there are no full filler episodes, or even any scenes that are just pure filler without leading to something important. Some of it is a little predictable, but it does a good job of making sure nothing is left unfinished or unanswered by the end.

I knew those cicadas were up to no good.

I started watching the series 'When The Cicadas Cry' recently, and holy f*ck. Why didn't anyone tell me how awesome that series was? I always thought it was just yet another loli comedy or something, but I was completely wrong. Most of the time I ever saw anything of it was because some of the people I sub to on Youtube would use clips for stuff like this. It might not make sense if you don't play Megaman. lol. Anyway, I've only watched the first 8 episodes as of when I'm typing this, so please don't spoil anything for me. At first I was just watching it because Funimation was promoting it and showing it, but I got hooked when I saw episode 2, and the further I watch the more hooked I get. I seriously might end up watching the rest of the series tonight in one sitting when I finish this. lmao. It's like when I really get into a light novel and end up reading the whole thing right after I get back from the store. lol. I really really hope this one doesn't just turn to crap in the middle of the series like so many other anime I watched with such high hopes.

So anyway, yesterday was Thanksgiving. For me, that means I get to go to like 7 different places, and have a ton of food. lmao. I had about 2 lunches, and 4 dinners yesterday, and I seriously haven't gained a single pound. I dunno why, but I never gain weight, and it kinda worries me since I'm underweight and since a nurse I used to work with said it's weird for someone of my height to be able to be so thin and be healthy. lol. For anyone who hasn't seen me, or doesn't know me outside the internoots, I'm 6'2" and I weight about 156lb. lol. So yeah, I'm not sure how much someone like me is supposed to weight, but everyone says I'm underweight or something. I dunno.

Anyway, since pretty much no one in the entirty of my family ever stays married, I have like a million places I could go to eat every year, but most of my family either doesn't talk to me, treats me like sh*t because I'm not their kid, or I just don't talk to them. So if I ever do eat with any family, it's usually with my dad, who takes me to his gf's house, cause god forbid we not go there one year. This year I skipped eating with my dad, because I would have had to be up before 9 am, and there's nothing worth that, unless I have to work or something. lol. Also, I hate his gf and her family, so I just made up some excuse when dad called. I ended up going a few places, and had pretty much every kind of turkey you can think of. I still say deep freid turkey is the best though. One of my best friends invited me over, since she invites me over for like every holiday ever since high school, and then we went to visit a few other people later on. Also, one of our friends invented this game when she was drinking that made me laugh until I cried, but I can't really mention it here, because GS will probly mod me for it or something. When the game become the new fad, I'll at least know who started it. lmao.

I wanted to have some kind of special bonus at the end of this blog since I haven't had one in like 3 months, but no one did anything interesting enough to link for a long time. So anyway, here's an old Miku / Castlevania thing I still really like. I hope eventually I'll be able to figure out the Vocaloid programs enough to be able to do stuff like that. lol

Special Bonus 45!

Out of time is my favorite song in the original, and one of my top 3 favorites out of the NES games.

Also, here's one more.

I might as well add that since it's like right there on my favorites list. lol.

Boredom, Mokou, and other stuff.

Another random blog from being bored. Before I forget though, I'm kinda wondering about something. We have this restaurant around here called King's. I've never been sure if it's a local thing or not. I've seen them pretty far away form here, but I'm not sure how far out the chain goes. Anyway, if you guys have one near you, does the food always make you sick too? I've only eaten at the one closest to where I live, but the food there used to be awesome when I was in high school, but the last few years it's made me sick every time. I don't mean like oh man, my stomach hurts, I mean like I throw up and there is some black semi-solid mass in my toilet. Just wondering if this happens to anyone else, or if it's just special to the one here only. lol. One of my friends was in town, we ate there, and both of us got sick from it (big shock), and it just reminded me that I wanted to see if anyone I know on GS has the place near them, and if the one near them makes them sick every time too or not. lol.

Anyway, I finally beat the Extra Stage in Imperishable Night. I've been playing the game for years, and I could never beat Mokou. I finally beat her, and then, out of habit, I hit no when it aksed if I wanted to save the replay. =__=' I never wanna play the stage again. I love the stage theme and Mokou's theme, but it's like a 8 minute fight, and it just feels like an eternity in that kind of game. I think she might be harder than Yukari, but Yukari takes way longer. Also, you do all that work, just to get some stupid pun about a word that sounds like the word for jelly doughnuts that doesn't even work in English anyway. So yeah, even if I had the video saved, I wouldn't upload it, just because I died like 7 times in the fight. lol. I lost count of how many bombs I wasted. I might upload other stuff soon though, but I dunno. It's kinda pointless though since the view counter has been broken for like a year, and I never get comments anyway. My first video on here got over 100 views in the first day though, so I guess someone liked it. I took it down a few weeks ago just because the quality was sh*t, and I can do way better on that stage these days.

So anyway, I'll be going back too college in the spring, I guess. I'm gonna be going for arts this time, and I already have a bunch of the classes done, so I guess that'll make it way faster. At least with less classes working at the same time won't be as hard as it was. Plus since all I do for work is review games, manga, and anime, I can just get it done anytime I need to, and get paid the same for just like 30 minutes of work. lmao. I still can't really find any other jobs to do because of my injury from when I was working at the hospital, but I'm happier doing this instead of any other job I've had in the past. lol.

I also decided I wanna try to get some games I never finished done before I start back at school again. I was playing Valkyrie Profile 2, because I never actually got past chapter 3 before I quit out of frustration. I love the series to death, but that game's difficulty just jumps so fast out of nowhere in the middle of that chapter. So right now, I'm trying to get 4 spoiler characters to level 45 each before the end of the chapter so I can get the best items they give based on their levels when they leave. My main team is only level 23, but I found a guide that has a way to get the spoiler characters form level 8 to 45 in about 40 minutes, and it's been working great so far. The only problem I have is that you need to learn specific skills through the whole game. To learn skills, you need to have specific items and equipment on to start learning the skill you want. The problem I have is that it goes by a system of runes and colors each item has, and I'm color blind. So for the longest time I was waiting to get green runes to learn some vital stuff I needed forever ago, and it turns out the stuff that looked like it was dark brown was green this whole time. When you equip it, it changes colors and looks bright green, but when you just look at it, it look like a darker shade of the grey runes or like a brown color.

I hate color coded systems in games. That's why I was so happy Team Shanghai Alice made a color blind patch for their games a while ago. I really hope some day they get some kind of recognition for coming up with an inovation like that. I'd like to see mainstream game companies catch on to how much that helps a ton of gamers. Then again, leave it to the mainstream companies to only give a sh*t about how many of the same Guitar Hero games, just with a new name, they can sell to sheep in a month. More specifically, Western game companies are all that matters in the world of gaming, so why the hell should I expect people who put effort into thier games to get any kind of anything. I bet we'll have someone win the Peace Prize for just talking about stopping a war before that could ever happen. It would have to be someone like a president or something at that. Oh wait.