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Finally found a way around international DLC conversion.

Long and pointless blog. Just sayin'.

A few months ago, probably back in November or so, they announced they will be releasing a ton of DLC for the Hatsune Miku game. They said there will be 9 new songs, a sidescroller, a custom PSP theme, and new PVs for the songs that were on the disc with no PV other than a bunch of artist images from famous artists in Japan. Plus there's also new objects and stages for the PV editor. lol. All this for about $10 USD. It'll probably be a little more since I'm bad at conversions for currency rates, but still, that's a ton of content for just $10. lol

Basically, the main problem I had was how I was gonna get US dollars transfered into yen, and get it onto my Japanese PSN account to buy all this. So I finally came up with an idea. I'm gonna send the money to my friend, Rin, in Japan. She gets the money in her bank account, and it will be converted into yen there. She takes the money, and buys the DLC with my PSN account on her PSP. Then, since PSN lets you download things 5 times before you have to buy it a second time, I'll log in on my PSP, and then I'll just download the data onto my PSP's memory thing. lol. It took us forever to come up with this, which is kinda sad for how simple it is, but we finally got a plan that will actually work out. lol

So of course, being the Mikutard that I have become, I'm really excited about the DLC. I don't really like most of the songs they are adding, but I mainly want it for the sidescroller. They said, "The pack will feature a sidescroller based on the PV for 'Hello, Planet'." Audio wise it's pretty fitting, but at the same time, I'm really wondering how this will turn out. lol. For now, I'm trying to just stay cautiously optimistic about it, because I've been let down by Sega a bunch of times before. At the same time, I keep getting all these ideas for what the sidescroller might end up being like. I just imagine a section where it's like "Rappidly press X to help Miku poke Corpse faster.", or "Help Miku reach the goal before her leprosy takes control, and brings her to her death." (No one will get the leprosy reference.) Also, if the part where she's flying over the lava isn't at least a little like 'Red Hot Ride' from Donkey Kong Country 2, I'll be extreamely disapointed. lol

They actually changed the price of the DLC at this point though. The official site took down the price info and just said it'll be put up later. They also finally gave a solid date for when it'll be out. Before they kept saying early Spring, and now they changed it to March. So everyone is expecting it to be out on Miku Day. lol. If not, I'll be even more dissapointed in Sega... again. But other than that, they haven't said much else about the other game projects. The Acrcade game is still in the final stages, so it's still on track for being released in the Summer with new PVs, extra songs, and new costumes. I dunno how the costume unlocks will work in the Arcade version, but i guess that's what the user cards are for with this game. They have some videos of the betas from conventions where Sega had it on the floors.

The touch screen controls are a nice feature.The only thing I hate about the Arcade game is the PV they put in for 'Disapearance of Hatsune Miku'. The PV makes her look like some stupid high school cheerleader, but the song is kinda sad when you know what she's actually saying, since all the really fast parts are about her thinking it's her fault Master sucks at Vocaloid, so she blames herself for everything wrong with him, and she's trying to get out every last thought she has about her regret before she gets uninstalled by "sacraficing sound quality" to get a condenced version of it out in time. I'm still amazed the program can speak that fast without losing it's ability to say every thing perfectly.

The graphics in the Arcade version look way better than the PSP game, eventhough the PSP game pushed the limits for what ingame graphics the system could handle, and they said they might port the Arcade version for PS3 eventually. Plus the second game is still being worked on, but Sega only says, "Hold onto the systems you have now." when people ask what it'll be on. lol. Probably a second PSP game, I guess.

So yeah, another blog where I have no idea how to end it, and I don't have anything interesting enough to use as a Special Bonus. lol. I guess I can put another of those Shift Change meme videos. This one is awesome because it has Mokou, and Gundam in it. lol

Too lazy to make a special title.

It's Valentine's Day, and I wasn't gonna do anything, but I had a picture one of my friends sent me that I wanted to share. I dunno if anyone will get the joke at all, but it was probably the best thing I've seen in a long time. It might be funnier to me, since it's was part of an inside joke, but whatever. Plus, it's on topic because of the holiday. So yeah, perfect excuse to post it. lol

tsundere mom

I'm sorry for the size. I couldn't make it any smaller without making it too hard to read the last part. I don't know who the actual artist was, but Tsundere Mom is my favorite thing ever now. Again, probably won't be anywhere near as funny to every one else since you kind of have to be there, but I already posted it dammit. lol

Special Bonus 53!

Miku Miku Dance ver. 7 makes this whole juggling thing slightly more interesting. Way better than the old ver. 2 stuff when everyone was always in a giant empty white room. lol. Also, Luka's English voice still sounds kinda weird. Especially when you compare it to her Japanese voice (example). Still, it was nice of her to warn people to not waste their life on trying something crazy, like playing soccer. You've saved countless lives Luka. I was gonna post a link for the song in that juggling video, but I hate Suika.

The song in the example link was out before the shadow art video that spawned a billion remixes of the song, btw. Plus it's a different song all together, lyric wise, anyway.

Top ten manga/anime characters of the decade. (Not my list)

So, apparently Newtype is still in business after all these years, eventhough it's gone back to just Japan in terms of avaialability. They made a list of "The top 10 charatcers in manga/anime introduced from 2000-2010". They did a male and female list to keep the 10 spots fair. So, some of these I really agree, some of thse just confuse the hell out of me.

Top 10 Male

1. Lelouch vi Britania / Lelouch Lamprouge (Code Geass)
2. Kira Yamato (Gundam SEED)
3. Athrun Zala (Gundam SEED)
4. Edward Elric (Fullmetal Alchemist)
5. Kyon (Haruhi series)
6. Echizen Ryoma (Prince of Tennis)
7. Shibuya Yuuri (Kyou Kara Maou)
8. Sakata Gintoki (Gintama)
9. Sagara Sousuke (Full Metal Panic)
10. Hei (Darker Than Black)

Well, I loved Code Geass. I thin kthea anime was very well thought out, and even though season 2 sucked ass at the start, it turned out amazing by the end. The last 10 minutes was probably the best thing I saw in anime in all that decade. Lelouch really was a great character, and I think he really did deserve one of the top 5 spots. Maybe not 1 exactly, but he's up there.

Kira and Athrun, on the other hand, shouldn't be anywhere near the top 20. All Kira did was complain, and Athrun let Kira steal his wife. What a douche. I hate both of them, I always hated SEED, and I can't believe both of them are so high up on the list. Hated Fullmetal Alchemist. Kyon was better in the light novels than anything else, but I think 5 is a little high up for him to be placed. The others, I don't care enough about to mention. I actually never got into Darker Than Black or Prince of Tennis though.

Top 10 Female

1. Cagalli Yula Athha (Gundam SEED)
2. Lacus Clyne (Gundam SEED)
3. Sheryl Nome (Macross Frontier)
4. Yuki Nagato (Haruhi series)
5. Haruhi Suzumiya (Haruhi series)
6. C.C. (Code Geass)
7. Sakura Shinguji (Sakura Taisen)
8. Shinku (Rozen Maiden)
9. Hitagi Senjougahara (Bakemonogatari)
10. Saber (Fate/stay Night)

What the f*ck is wrong with you Japan? Where to even begin. First off, why so much Gundam? I love Gundam as much as the next rabid fan, but why SEED of all things? Let's face it, SEED had horrible characters all around. Destiny wasn't much better either, but still Lunamaria at least had some purpose, even if it was just to provide support in combat. I'm not saying she deserved a spot either, but she's way better than either of the top 2.

I never watched more than the first episode of Macross F. So I can;t really say much about Sheryl. I just haven't had time to watch the rest of that series yet, since I put it pretty low on the priority list compared to other shows. Yuki and Haruhi... it had to happen I guess. C.C. I don't think was as good of a character as Lelouch, but she was really interesting, and she did have good development over the course of the plot and so on. I think she was way better than Yuki, but then again, I'm not Japan. Gonna skip 7, because I never watched that series.

When I saw Tea B*tch, I'm sorry, 'Shinku', as she likes to be called (Just so it's clear, that's a Rozen Maiden fan joke. I never use b*tch as an insult.) on the list, I seriously thought it was a missprint. My eyes went straight to the picture once I saw all the red, and I couldn't believe she made the list at all. I could see her in the top 20, but to be number 8 was just too strange. I loved the Rozen Maiden manga, so I'll pretend that's what they based her placement off of and not that horrible anime. Every one that knows me knows I love anything psychological, and Rozen Maiden had a ton of psychological drama hidden in it. It was a great series because it had it's obvious parts, but everything could be picked apart so many ways to display each psychologial issue and defect that each doll represented about people. Each one represented a different common psychologial complex. It was great. Shinku seemed to have more of the superiority or perfection complex at first, and it was interesting to watch her change when she lost her arm and couldn't handle the fact that she wasn't perfect anymore. At the same time, she still had the heart of a kid at times, with her love for Detective Kun-kun. lol. She was one of the only serious characters in most of the series (The others being Suigintou and Kirakishou), so she at least had a decent sense of strategy shown through the series, up until the last few chapters.

Shinku had more growth in that series than any other character has in anything I've seen in a long time. Then again, all this was lost and droped for the anime adaption. =__=' Anyway, I think she might be one of the only good picks they made for either list, just because she was something new, and something that hasn't been over used. If I made a personal top 10, she'd be pretty high up, eventhough I hate the way she acts and portrays herself before she changes.

I never took the time to look into Bakemonogatari. I think one of my friends likes it, but it never comes up in conversations or anything. lol. As for Saber, all I know about her series is that the one figure of her is worth like a billion dollars right now. lol

Anyway, I really dissagree with about 14 of the 20 characters listed, especially since the majority are just people from mech series. There's many characters they could have picked that had way more depth to them, way more growth as time went on, and just overall way more personality than the ones they picked. It's not like it really matters, but I just thought I'd share the list with every one, in case they were interested and see what people might say about the picks Newtype made. Oh, now I get it. Newtype. They are extremely Gundam bias. It all makes snese now. lol. I'm kinda kidding about that part, but it does explain the fact that there's way too much Gundam SEED, way too high on the list.

Mechs make everything better.

Today was my first test in my algebra class. It actually went pretty good, and I didn't forget everything 2 minutes into it for once. lol. The only part that I know I did bad was on the word problems. I forgot how to do those since I basically never payed attention too how to set those up. So I ened up writing a bunch of stuff out just tyring to make an effort, and at the end of the second word problem part I started to draw a picture. lol. There's only 3 word problem questions, so on the end of the second one, I drew Hulk Hogan with a crown of thorns around his Hulkamania bandana, and drew him crying. I wrote next to it, "Please give partial credit on this test, or you will make the embodiement of America cry". lol. I really hope he gets that I was joking, but I kinda wanna see what he'd say if he thinks I'm crazy or something. lmao. Other than those 3 questions, I know I got 1 other one wrong, but the rest I should have done pretty good unless I forgot negative signs and all that. lol.

Anyway, I was watching this video the other day (I'll link it later), and it got me thinking. Keine Kamishirasawa is way taller than I always thought she was. It's hard to tell, because when you see her in Imperishable Night, she looks the same size as everyone else. The main problem is that everyone is the same scale in the games for some reaosn. I mean, even Eirin looks the same size as Reisen, eventhough Reisin is like at least a full foot or two shorter than Eirin (if you don't count extra height from her ears). So the video I saw had Keine with a bunch of the other characters, and I never realized she really was ment to be so much taller than everyone. So it started bothering me that I coun't figure out her actual height.

So last night I was talking to one of my best online friends (I hope that makes sense. lol), and since he's an artist, I figured he'd know way more about scale and propotion comparisons than me. So I asked him how tall Keine would be compatred to Mokou since they are always shown together alot in official stuff like the Inaba manga. And he said "She's really tall. Half a head taller than Mokou. Like Meiling tall." So I told him from scenery comparisons in the Inaba manga, I was estimating that she'd be somewhere between 5'10" and 100 feet tall. lol. He said "5'10" to 100 feet?! Mecha Keine! Go!!" So ever since then, I've been having all these ideas about how awesome having a Mecha Keine would be. I mean, I could have it cary me to school, pick it up, head-butt it, and then eat the history of it ever existing. It would be so awesome. Plus, 100 feet is like, almost twice the size of a Gundam, which makes me think it would be better in a battle with one. lol. My friend drew a picture of Mecha Keine, but I don't wanna post it since I forgot to ask him about it yesterday. lol.

So yeah, assuming classrooms are the same scale size in Gensokyo as they are in America, I'd say from comparing myself to stuff that was in Keine's classroom, that she would be between 5'10-6'00" tall, not counting her hat or horns (depending on what day it is). I refuse to believe she's taller than that, becuase I'm about 6'2", and I can't accept the fact that she might be taller than me. lol. Also, I'm sorry for how pointless this whole blog is, but she's like my favorite character ever, and I get way too into thinking about this kind of stuff when I have nothing else to do. lol.

Special Bonus 52!

This is the video I was talking about earlier. I was gonna try to do a basic translation, but I'm too lazy. lol. Keien is the one in the blue dress with the blue hat with red things in the top / the one in the green dress with the horns in case anyone was wondering. lol. I really want that picture of Reimu kicking Keine in the face as my background on my computer. lol. Also, if you do that "I love you" action pose she does at Mokou in real life, I garuntee it will work on anyone*.

*Disclaimer: Actual results may vary.

By the way, this is my new favotire meme. lol. I love the parodies of it like this one and this one. lmao. The Momiji one has the meme in there, it's just a combo of the more recent Mario RPG thing and the RED ZONE car thing one. lol.

Quick rant and small news.

Edited out the rant, because once I got it out of my system, I really didn't care about that subject anymore. lol. Too lazy to fix the title since it won't change anywhere but here though.

Anyway, about the news thing I mentioned. I saw a thing posteed on the Escapist website a while ago about how they are looking for two people to do anime reviews for the site. I was really interested in that, since I can't stand the people I work for/with (with the exception of like 3 people), and I figured since I get lots of positive feedback from people that see the reviews I do for manga and anime, I should send them a demo like they ask for from anyone interested. I had one off my friends help me go over everything before I sent it, so I could make sure I did the best I could, and sent them the two reviews they asked people to do when they send the stuff. I also sent them another attachment about my other work incase they wanted to see how the finished thing would look in an actual webpage set up and everything. Anyway, they have the anime reviwer position applications open to the public until this Friday, but I got an email back from some one at the Escapist saying they really liked my work, and that if they don't pick me as one of the anime reviewers, they will keep my stuff on record for the future. So I might, and that's a huge might, hear back form them at some point later on in the year. I just really hope they get back to me at some point, even if it's just to confirm they won't be needing me. lol.

So, since this blog was pointless, I'll throw in a special bonus for anyone who even just skimmed through it. lol

Special Bonus 51!

Some people wonder why I hate anime adaptions so much compared to the manga. Just so you know, not only does she not say desu anywhere near that much in the manga, but only about 4 of the 20+ secenes shown in that compilation actually happened in the manga. The rest of the scenes are just pointless filler, or as some people call it 'an anime adaption'. lol

Bored and frustrated.

I know I've said this a thousand times, but I f*cking hate English cl*ss. I also hate the GS javascript error that keeps making me censor that word. I spent all week not doing anything for the class, because the assignments for the week just had a ton of reading. So I read al lthe stuff on Monday, and then today I found out that there was a fine print section at the end of the third thing we had to read where it said soemthing about this huge paper that was due today. So I had to spend all morning trying to bullsh*t my way through another paper about something that I have nothing to say about. I wouldn't mind writing so much if it wasn't always the same 'talk about how you learned this' kinda things. I cracked my skull open when I was four years old, I really don't remember anything about how I learned to do anything other than music related stuff. lol. I should send an email to the instructor and see if she will go easier on me for that. lol. Also, we have to put pictures with the things we write too. It helps fill the required space, but I don't have any relevant pictures. We get points taken off if we never use them, so just to see what happens I put this picture in the middle of my paper today.


So yeah, if I fail that cl*ss in the near future, I won't be surprised at all. lol. Other than English cl*ss, everything has been going pretty good recently. My Algebra cl*ss is still easy as hell. They want to move me up to the next level, but I only need the one I'm in to get my degree, so there's no way I'm gonna move up and get an F for nothing when I could get an easy A or B. lol. The other nice thing is that the cl*ss is only an hour long instead of 4 like every other one I took before, so it makes it alot easier to remember everything in small bits instead of like 3 chapters a day. lol.

There hasn't been much going on with games lately. I got my PS3 controller working on my laptop again, so if anyone wants to play with me on any doujin games that have netplay, let me know and I'll be around. I've been playing Scarlet Weather Rhapsody alot recently with one of my friends from over at the old Gensokyo forums, and I never realized how hard it is to use Reisen and try to win against a human player instead of the computer. lol. I think I pretty much have to just stick with playing as Tenshi from now on.

I was gonna order some new manga, but I had to buy new clothes instead since I realized I haven't bought anything new since like 2007. lmao. My shirts are finally starting to fall apart, so I think it's time to get something new. It kinda sucks though, because I have to buy stuff that wouldn't get me in trouble when I go to cl*ss. There was some Bloodbath shirts and some old Death ones I wanted, but I think I'd get sent home if I had soemthing with any kind of gore on them. Then again I might not, but I don't wanna spend money on something that I can't wear everyday, especially when I have to sacrafice manga and anime DVDs (and yes, I'm one of the whole 3 people that actually still buys them when I can). I still haven't finished readin the first Spice and Wolf light novel yet though. I'm on chapter 4, and I just kept forgeting to read more of it until last night. I still really like it so far, but the anime adaption is a little disappointing. I also wanted to get some old Gundam DVDs like 08th MS Team, since it's my favorite series and I never bought it, but I guess all that stuff will have to wait now. lol.

Special Bonus 50!

I didn't make that video, but I really, really wish I did. lol.


Yeah, like the title says, I'm making another blog just to procrastinate to avoid homework. lol. I have an English assignment due, and I hate writing essays. The best part is the topic is why you think your writting needs to improve. lmao. My writting is terrible, and that's why I can't write a full page on why it needs to improve. Seriously, who comes up with these lessons? English has always been my worst subject ever, by the way. I blame my grade school teacher for never being on topic, and always repeating the same damn lessons every year, and yes, we had her as the English teacher for like 5 years staright. F*ckin hate her.

I went back to college this week. It's nowhere near as bad as I was expecting. lol. I also seriously think I went at the wrong time last time. It's completely different than it was back then, and Ii like it way more. Also, I thought I saw Mary Elizabeth Ellis one day, but it was just someone that looks alot like her. lol. I thought it was her because her and her husband, Charlie Day, were doing a tour of Pennsylvania colleges a few years back to promote a show they do, but they wuit after like 2 places, and the ones they went to were near here. But yeah, since I don't think anyone would know who either of them are, you can google it or something. Charlie is my favorite actor ever, so that's why it would have been a big thing for me to get to meet him. lol.

Anyway, for now I'm just taking the English cl*ss (f*cking hate English cl*ss), and an Algebra cl*ss. Both of them are the last ones I'll ever have to take for either subject for the rest of my life, so I'm just really excited about that. The Algebra cl*ss is a lot of fun though. There's like less than 10 people in the cl*ss counting me. The teacher is awesome though, becuase he's still new to teaching cl*sses, and there's a bunch of times where he just completely goes blank in the middle of talking about something. lol. We had one day where everyone asked when we'd actually need to know any of the more out there forumlas for what carrers we'd be doing. I asked him when knowing how to solve for x, or knowing stuff like slope intercept would ever come up if I taught music. He had to think for a minute, and he finally said, "You can use that to impress girls when you aren't teaching them." lmao. The sad thing is, that's probly the only time it ever would come up in real life for me. So yeah, I haven't had any tests so far, so I don't know if I'll have the same test anxiety problem as before, but except for the first day of clases, I havent had any kind of anxiety so far. I'm actually really surprised about that. lol.

I got to play the Touhou Castlevania game the other day for the first time. If you are a fan of either series, don't play this game. It plays like Chi no Rondo, but you can fly slightly. You play as Reimu... if she were a mix of Black Rock Shooter, and a transexual. The game has English, but I wish I couldn't undertsand the pointless script. The music is okay, but it's just a mix of semi-Castlevania sounding stuff, and remixes of boss themes from EoSD for the bosses. The actual game looks great, but the characters are horrible. All the sprites for the actual chracters are way too big compared to everything else. Sakuya looks like she is a member or a generic emo band or something. Seriously, who thought Sakuya in a stripe suit would look okay in any context? I just can't get over the character portraits. They look awful. They took the art of HoD, and just made it way too literal when they made these. They tried way too hard for CV fan service in the game too. Like you get the orb at the end of a stage, but why? There's no point to it in the game. I just can't get over tranny Reimu. Her outfit looks like what Juste wears in HoD, but her face is just so wrong. They made her look like a demon or something, so maybe it's a reference to the altered version of her in UNL during Meiling's story? I dunno. Marisa is also around for no reason. Instead of sub weapons, you get "summons". They don't so anything, except waste whatever the hell the things you use instead of hearts are supposed to be. Marisa is the first summon, and I've never seen it be usful since it just makes a giant star that misses the majority of the time. I heard rumors that if you don't patch the game, the second boss is unbeatable because of some error in the game. I have no idea if it's true. I refuse to ever play anything by the circle that made this game ever again. They really have no excuse to release such a poor quality game.

I haven't had a special bonus in a while, and I still don't. Last night I watched this video for the first time in a long time. Every dream I had all night involved pocky in some way or another. lol. When I woke up, my stomach was growling all morning. So I'm just wondering if that happens to anyone else after watching this. I still like the Kagami version way better, because the sentence mixing had way better jokes thrown in, but this one works better as a song. lol

Also, wasn't Legedary Girl A a famous murder victim? I never understood why that guy kept calling Konata that name in the anime adaption. If anyone ever got the point of that reference, please feel free to explain it to me. lol.

I MUST own one.

I really didn't plan on another blog so soon, and I know they get annoying, but I have to talk about what I saw today. Usually when I get online, I have a few sites I always check first thing, even if I'm only on for a few minutes. I always check my email, and while I go through those, I check the updates at Yukkuri Place and Sankaku. So today, I saw a gallery they had featured on Sankaku about custom PSP jobs. Sure, they've been done alot, but these look f*cking amazing. The detail on some of them is just so high quality. I seriously wish I could pay to have one made for me. lol. Here is a link for anyone that want to see them (Sankaku is a 16+ site by the way. No one will stop you, but I just thought you should know. lol).

So after seeing those, I of course really want a few of the Miku ones, but before I saw any of those, I saw the custom Kirakishou PSP. I can't even put into words how much I want that thing. You know when you go to some anime forums, and you see people like, "Konata is my waifu.", and things like that? Yeah, Kirakishou is basically kinda like that for me. lol. She's like my favorite manga character of all time. She's so psychotic. I mean, just look at that smile. It just screams 'Ima gonna raep you now'. Well, at least it would if she spoke in internet speak. lol. And she probly doesn't seem anywhere near as threatening if you haven't read the manga, so I don't blame anyone that thinks differently. lol. I usually hate blondes though, but she's like the only exception I've ever made. Anyway, yeah, just wanted to get that bit of hero worship out of the way. lol.

I guess since now that I think about it, some people might not know exactly what picture I was talking about, so here's the Kirakishou one.


Oh Kirakishou, you are the greatest one eyed monstrosity of my lifetime. lol. But yeah, I just wanted share that link for anyone who wanted to see those. I don't really see people mess with PSPs like that very often. They usually go for the PS2/3 kinda stuff when they try it. But yeah, now I need to track down that PSP, steal it, and then use the 1:1 scale Gundam to make my escape from Japan. lol. I'd much rather have a full scale Zaku though.

By the way, I also got banned from Hongfire last night, just for having a different opinion from a mod about ONE game. So remember everyone, if you are on that site, make sure you think exactly the way the mods think, or else you might be banned for having a different opinion on a matter of life and death, like video games. Because we all know, you absolutly cannot think for yourself, at any time, ever. ESPECIALLY not on forums for a hentai site. lmfao. They are way too strict over nothing. Oh well.

If there's anything this series has taught me...

I just finished Rabbit Doubt a few minutes ago. Amazing. That's all I can say. It started out pretty mediocre, and I thought it was gonna be boring as hell like Saw, but it got way better near the end. I love it. I couldn't predict the ending at all, except the very last few pages since that's more than obvious once the phone is found with Mitsuki. But yeah, without spoiling anything, it's a great series if you like psychological horror in terms of people tricked into killing each other so the real killer doesn't have to do anything. lol. I can't really expalin it past that without talking about anything specific. It's worth checking out though.

I had a whole section here about what I learned from the series, but I dunno. I think it's just better to consider that a kind of thing to just refelct on for a bit.

Anyway, I go back to class on Monday for the first time in 2 years. I hate it. I'm nervous as f*ck. I started having panic attacks and anxiety attacks all over agin. I seriously haven't had any since back when I was talking about them in my blogs like a year or two ago. Basically, I'm terrified that I'm gonna f*ck up again from test anxiety. Last time I was in school, I could get all A's on my in class work, but then I'd forget literally everything 5 minutes into a test, and get like a D- on any test I'd take, even when I knew everything. So basically, this is what I've come up with. I think I need to find some way to give myself psychological validation for forcing myself to go to every class and so on. That's pretty much the only thing I can come up with to help myself this time around. The only thing is, I have no idea how to do that. So yeah, I'm pretty much f*cked this time too, I guess.

Rabbit Doubt

I started reading what could possibly be my new favorite manga ever recently. I found out about this series called Rabbit Doubt. I've only read the first 5 chapters as of when I'm typing this, so please don't spoil anything if you've read it. It's only 20 chapters long, so I'll probly finish it tonight. lol. It's pretty good so far, but it's a little slow too. I like the set up, and the chararacters too since they aren't the standard cookie cutter archetypes for this genre. There was one character I really liked, because I could kinda relate to her story, but then at the end of chapter 1, they show her hanging from the ceiling with a big steak through her chest and one in her hands holding her up on the wall. lol. I just really hope I don't end up disapointed by this one half way through like so many other series.

I finally got my schedual for school today. I only have 2 classes which is nice. I have the last Algebra class of my life every day except the weekends, and I have an online English class. They told me at the school I'll be in a class from 10am-10:50am, but my paper says 9-9:50, so I have no idea which I'm supossed to actually show up for. lol. I guess I'll go to the 9 one, and if I'm wrong, I'll just be really embarased and go home for an hour. lmao. I really didn't want to have class every day, but 1 hour a day is way better than sitting in a 3 hour class two days a week. My English is an online class, and I have to register on the school site for that before friday, so of course, I'm typing out a blog, and reading manga to procrastinate instead. This can only be a sign that this class will go great. lmao. Also, I just looked at the book they gave me for how to register, and it says the online orientation takes "between 4-6 hours". I doubt I'll finish it in that time. lol.

Other than that not much is going on. I finally got around to starting the Queen's Blade game, and it's so much fun. It officially beat SMT: Devil Survivor as my favorite RPG of 2009. It plays like a JSRPG, but you get a few things that make it really fun to mess around with. You can capture some of the enemies, but it takes forever. You can only take female enemies, and they have to be specific ones too. The ones you can take have an icon above them, and I have no idea what makes them different. I think it has something to do with Jan (the main male game exclusive character) having some kind of fetish for them specifically as far as I can tell. lol. Just to capture, you have to break all their armor, and get the last hit in as Jan. It just sucks cause he's a healer, so his only attack is a tackle move. Plus seeing him tackle a girl over and over doesn't make it any less odd to watch. lmao. The majority of the time I have to keep healing them so I don't kill them before I can break all the armor for a perfect knockdown. You can also get tons of bonus stuff in the game if you get a perfect knockdown on the main characters from the Queen's Blade series. They give you special art work done by the original artists for the combat books, and you unlock a bunch of info on the characters. Everything is in Japanese though, so I have no idea what the majority of the game says. I still didn't get Airi yet, but I'm worried because she only shows up on 4 of the 8 paths, and she betrays you on some of them, so I have no idea if she will stay around or not when I finally find her. lol.

The only weird thing about the game is the mummy enemies. They are girls, and only girls have armor in the game. The mummies don't have armor, but are clearly not traps, as shown by the presence of their chest. So, me and a few people I know from hongfire were talking about this, and I think we came up with an explanation. At first, everyone thought they were just traps, and that would make it so they couldn't fit in the armor, but logically, they can't be a trap since at least the upper half of them is clearly a woman's body. So we finally got it. The mummy girls are futas. lol. It was so simple this whole time.

Also, I had to start using an alt account on placwes liek hongfire finally. I will no longer be using this sn for absoultely everything anymore, because it makes it way too easy to track me down for people I don't want following me. So, I started my alt account, and no I have to start all over agin as a junior member there. :cry: I'll miss my account since I had it since 2006, but a 4 year run was nice while it lasted, even though I pretty much never posted with that one anyway. lol. But yeah, from now on, I will no longer use this sn for everything, and will probly be resorting to using my alt name I talked about back in my blog where I had a mass reply to all the random PMs people keep sendiong me on here. I don't mind the mail, in fact I love getting anything new here. It's just where there are so many people I have NEVER seen anywhere on the site all spaming my inbox, it gets a little old, especially now that even things like my Youtube gets an average of 20-100 veiws a day, when I have never even uploaded anythign there, ever. So yeah, I'll keep using the name here, because I don't wanna lose the friends I have, or my level and such, and if you know me on hongfire, or any other forums, let me know so I can get my new sn to ya. lol.

Like always, I have no idea how to end this blog. So... um... have some Kagami? *Shrugs and goes to start the 4-6 hour orientation for cl*ss*