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Top 10 Reasons for Becoming an Otaku (not my list + other stuff)

If you just want the list, skip to under the picture part.

So, before the list, I just wanna get the usual stuff outta the way. The semester is finally over. I'm really excited. I'm pretty sure I got B's in both classes I was taking, but I have no way of knowing at all. You can only see your grades on the school's site, but the log-in info they gave me doesn't work. So I have to wait till Monday to see what I got. lol.

Also, Rin couldn't get the Lum figma, because "All the old, fat otaku bought them all before anyone normal could even get one." She actually sent me a bunch of pictures of all of them in the line just to prove they really are like all the stereo-types. lmao. So she got me something else in place of it. They sell those mystery figure boxes of Vocaloid nendoroids, and she got me one of Akita Neru. Neru is my second favorite Vocaloid (Luka being my favorite), and if it was just based on the characters and not them being actual music things, Neru would still be my favorite. lol. Here's a pic below for any one that wants to see it *very sh*tty pic quality*. I love the face she's making. It's perfect for her. lmao. I wish I had a Miku nendoroid so I could have it with a crying face and Neru hitting her in the head, and Hachune on the other side hitting her with a leek. lol. But yeah, I love this thing. It's like my new little mascot thingy.


Also, I'll finally be buying a new t.v. soon, so I'll be back on PSN and stuff like usual if anyone wants to play anything again when I get that done. lol

Anyway, here's the list thing if anyone was reading for that. lol. They surveyed mostly high school students, and keep in mind, the majority of the people that answered were girls, so the majority of this can apply to fujoshi more than anyone else. So I guess from the results, this is meant to be more of "Why are you an otaku?", instead of a "What are the best reasons to be one?", kinda thing.

1. Manga (26%)

2. Anime (17%)

3. Friends (16%)

4. Games (8%)

5. Siblings (8%)

6. Boys Love (3%)

7. Novels (3%)

8. Seiyuu (2%)

9. Movies (2%)

10. Mobile Internet (2%)

Out of all of those, I read manga and light novels, I love the otaku-sect games (Disgaea, Touhou, and so on), and my friends get me into some series I wouldn't have looked into on my own. So even though I'm not an otaku, I found out that I can relate to some of the things they are like that for. At the same time, otaku are still really weird and scare me a bit. lol

So remember kids, if you don't wanna be some fat, old, creepy otaku, or some overly obsessive fujoshi, stay the hell away from those 10 things. lol

Special Bonus 61!

Here's a thing about Zun. He's playing the first Touhou game for the first time in like 15 years. lol He's so hard on himself. "People today will never be satisfied with stuff like this." :< I was.

Never again.

Entirely pointless blog. Feel free to skip it, if you don't already.

Recently I hurt my shoulder helping a friend out with fixing up their house a bit. So at first I figured maybe I just pulled some muscles or something from not using them for a long time or something like that. This was last Thursday. So for the past few nights, my shoulder has been getting worse and worse. It's to the point where the bone feels like it's being bent like someone is trying to snap it in two like how you can do it with a pencil, or something. I can't move any part of my upper body without it hurting, except for a few random spots like my hands. It's to the point now where the last two nights, I can't sleep at all because of this. Anytime I finally do fall asleep, I wake up from either moving in my sleep to get comfortable, and the pain waking me up, I'll make noise from the pain and wake up from that, or I wake up gasping for air, as if I got the wind knocked out of me after hurting myself in my sleep. I don't know why the last one is happening, but I assume it's some fear reaction instinct or something since I'm asleep, and my subconscious wants me to wake up when it feels something causing me pain. I dunno.

So yeah, I'm really confused on what I should do about this. I'm afraid to go see a doctor about it. I just keep thinking it'll go away on it's own, but I keep thinking it's weird that the bone didn't start hurting until Saturday, and the pain kept getting worse each day, instead of going away a little at a time like it should. I dunno. I'm even more worried if I go to a doctor it might eventually end up at them saying something like I'd need some kind of surgery. For anyone that doesn't know, I absolutely refuse to ever have any kind of surgery ever done for myself ever. I had one, and it was a minor one, but becuase of how weird my blood is, I got really sick after from the anesthesia. I also had a reaction to the metal they used for the IV thing, eventhough I was talking to the guy about that before he put the thing in my hand (and by talk, I mean me having a huge anxiety attack and screaming that I was scared sh*tless about how I can't do something like that because I'm allergic to that kind of metal. lol). I really don't want to go through everything that happened with all of that again, since it took a full week for my bllood to circulate out the anesthesia, and the whole time, I kept randomly blacking out for who knows how long (I was by myself for most of the time, so it was any ammount of hours at a time since I had no idea what time exactly I passed out each time).

So yeah, I just really hope it won't come to to that again. lmao. Anyway, I was just doing this blog, because I really can't do much else right now other than try to do my classwork from home, and I'm bored out of my mind. I hate how many blogs I've been doing so close together, but I promise, this time I won't do any till the semester is over, and after that, Rin might be visiting for a week or two anyway, so I'll at least have something interesting to talk about by then. lmao. Also, she promised if I pass both of my classes, she'd buy me the Lum figma as a reward. So at least I can accept that as the psychological validation I was talking about back when I started the semester. lol. Here's a pic of the figma since I didn't show it last time I mentioned it. I'm sorry, but Lum's eyes are just wrong. I don't know how to explain it, but they just don't look right. I guess they just couldn't get the exact look from the series to translate well to a figure version of her character. Then again, the series is like what, 30 years old now? I doubt most of the GoodSmile comapny employees even knew who she is. lol. But yeah, I'll be happy just to have another figure of one of my other favorite characters of all time. Now if only I could get those old Bastard!! figures for a decent price.

Special Bonus 60!

It's been forever since they made another one of these electric flute things. As much as I hated UFO, I kinda like this video. I still hate Byakuren though. She's just a Mima rip off when it comes down to it. The whole game was just Zun's way of pissing off PC-98 fans. Plus, the entire story was about a giant flying ghost treasure ship. How was Komachi not around for any of that? How was she not even mentioned at all in the entire story? All of it was perfect for her. I just really wonder about Zun's thoguht prcess sometimes.

Summer hates when I have money.

*Disclaimer: Blog only appears larger than it is due to huge pictures.

So, for the first time in... I don't know how many years, there's actually a ton of stuff coming out that I want to buy this year. lol. There's a bunch of games, new manga, new anime, new figures, new figmas. There's just so much at once. lol

So, they had that big festival thing in Tokyo recently (I honestly can't remember the name), and they had TONS of new stuff on display. The one thing I was the most excited about was that they had the demo versions of the Black Rock Shooter figma and nenroid on display. They look amazing. They had the other figures there on display too, but those are old news. lol. So today I finally pre-ordered the new figma, and I got it for only $22. I'm so excited. I haven't bought a new figma in forever (unless you count the SP one of Cute that comes with the Queen's Blade game). I thought about getting the nenroid too, but I honestly don't like nenroids enough to spend another $20 on something like that. The figma will be out in July, so I have a few more months to make it seem like a way bigger deal than it really is in my mind. lol Here's some pics for anyone wondering.

BRS figma

BRS nenroid

*The pics had to be resized by a ton to get them to fit in the posted version of the blog, so that's why they look cut off.*

I don't know why they categorise the figma as moe. I can see it for the neroid version, since that's pretty much the point of nenroids, but still. I really never saw her as fitting to that type, but whatever. They also have figma and regular Good Smile figures of Dead Master coming out soon, but I haven't seen pre-orders for those up yet. They might be out there though. Those look just as amazing.

Other than that, I just found out that they finally released the entire run of the cartoon adaption of The Maxx on DVD. I bought it this week for only $15, and It'll be here Monday. I can't even put into words how excited I am to finally have an offical release of that. I don't really talk about the series much here, but my friends in real life know I'm a huge fan of that series. It's the only comic I ever liked other than Spider-Man (up until Brock got cancer). The DVDs have every episode (un-edited and even the recap episode they usually cut is in there), the Mtv's Oddities intros and outros, and commentary on every episode. I love commentary, so that's a huge bonus for someone like me. lol

Also, there's actually a bunch of games I want this year too. My t.v. broke the other day though, so console games are on hold for now. lol. I'm planning on Resinance of Fate next, since I'm a tri-Ace fan to the point of being way too bias to pass up most of their games. lol. Then I gotta get Trinity Universe. I know nothing about it so far, other than it's a good version of Cross Edge, has 3D gameplay instead, and plays like Xenosaga. I loved the combat system in Xenosaga, so I'm basically looking into it just for that. lol There was a few others, but I actually forget what they were (great sign, I know). lol. I already have the pre-order for the second Vocaloid game taken care of, and I can't remember what else I wanted beyond that right now. It'll probably come back to me later.

Anyway, I'm just really excited and in a really good mood for once since I only have a few weeks of school left in the semester, there actually a ton of things I want this year, compared to the last few years where almost every game let me down, and there wasn't anything but over priced garbage when it came to figures and stuff (espically with the Touhou set). So yeah, trying to keep this blog short, because I know mine get annoying. I just wanted to talk about how excited I am since it's so rare that I'm ever this happy. lol

Stupid Spinx

So, today the Hatsune Miku: Project Diva DLC came out, and I'm already stuck. lmao. It's not that it's hard, it's just impossible unless you are fluent at reading kanji. =__=' I was so excited about this pack. I came home from class, and as soon as I got in, I turned on my PS3, and when the store loaded up, bam. A big add with Miku on the front page. I downloaded it, and 19 minutes of download time later (I'm not even exagerating), I had it. Then I had to instal it on my PS3, and then I had to transfer it to my PSP. lol. Seriously, why such a huge ordeal just to get this thing Sega?

Anyway, the first thing I did was try the sidescroller, since that's the whole reason I bought the thing. It's fun, but pretty short. Each level only takes like 5-10 minutes if you stop for every item and every treasure. Some treasures are manditory to pass each world, and some have random uses. The problem is, I get all the way to the end of the last stage, and there it is. A giant Spinx statue that comes to life, and quizes you with multiple choice answers. Not only does he quiz you, but he asks some of the most obscure questions I've ever seen in a game. I can't read kanji for crap in most cases. So I'm failing the quiz, and finally I see one of the choices say something I can read. It said "Megurine Luka", so just joking I picked that as an answer, and it was right. So I guess some of the questions are Vocaloid related. Some of them that I could read are about the Hello, Planet PV, and some of them are just way too weird for me to understand at all. Like he started asking about Master at some point, but I have no idea what, or specifically, who he means.

The main problem I'm having, is that the quiz randomly picks the questions each time, so you can't just trial and error your way to writting a cheat sheet (that was the first thing I tried. lmao). So far, I've seen over 40 questions. Maybe about 5 were repeates, but that's still a ton to try to guess at if you can't read all of the text. Plus, every time I lose, it takes me back to the room Miku is in at the start of the PV, and the mail box keeps giving me letters. I have like 23 letters now, and I can't figure out what any of them say. I was talking to a buddy on the forums about it, and we think they have to do with the quiz, but neither of us can read enough of any one letter to know what's going on. lmao

The rest of the DLC is great so far though. There's 9 new songs, but they are all Hard mode only for some reason. lol. Oddly enough, Hello, Planet is the only one I haven't passed yet. You also get the PSP theme, which Sega could have done way better with. You get MP3's of all the songs in the DLC, and high quality PVs made for the DLC. By high quality, I mean they used the actual cutscene level graphics instead of the in-game, pixly graphics. lol

Most of the DLC can run without the UMD, but you need to actually have it to play the new songs in the regular sense. Plus, you can only play them in Editor mode, which is a pain in the ass since there's tons of loading involved. On the plus side, they have a ton of new pictures made by more famous artists for the DLC like they did in the main game.

I dunno. I'm still kinda upset I can't just finish the sidescroller. It's just kinda frustrating to have so much fun with it, and then suddenly it's like "yeah, that's enough of that" and just makes you hate it. lol I asked Rin if she could write a translation guide for the Spinx's quiz, but she said it's gonna take a long time since no one knows how many random questions he has so far, and she'd have to make a list of every question in kanji, and then put what choice is correct with each individual one. Then she was like "You know Sega just put that there to piss of foreigners, right?" It's probably true to. Sega of Japan hates anyone who is non-Japanese. I'm on to you Sega. Seriously though, where is my leprosy mini-game, and my corpse poking simulator? Sega, I'm very dissapointed in you. lol

Anyway, with the 1,000 yen I had left in my Japanese PSn account, I ended up buying Rockman 10. Yes I have Megaman 10 on my Wii, but I thought it would be fun to play a Rockaman game for once. lol. Some of the menus are different, but most of it is exactly the same. The challennge mode is different too though. I was thinking of just saving the 1,000 yen, but the only things for that much were anime visual novels, and unless they were ero, which they aren't, I don't think they'd be worth it. lol. Even if they were ero, I probably wouldn't pay for them. Maybe I'dget them if they were free, but I doubt it. lol Plus, I hate visual novel "games". They bore me so fast, and they take forever to get to anything interesting.

Answers for the questions.

Boring, long blawg. The usual. Sorry in advance.

I'm ending the Q&A a little early, since I doubt I'm gonna get any other questions on Gamespot for this year.

The question I got the most this year (out of all the places I posted this) was of course:

"F*ck you!! Demons's Souls is the greatest game of all time!! I hope you F*cking die, you f*cking dego c*nt!!"

lmao. I love fan boys. You'd be amazed how easily a conversation can devolve into a racism fight in such a short ammount of time with some people. lol. Also, good job allowing racist terms Gamespot. (I did a preview check to see if dego would need to be censored or not. lol) Also, apparently you can say c*nt without GS catching it 100% of the time too. Try it out for yourselves kids.

Anyway, onto the Gamespot questions. Copy and paste powers! Activate!!

ZapperZrock: So what makes the miku game awesome for you?

Well, as a musician, I'm facinated by the concept of Vocaloid in general. It allows you to play a wide variety of instruments all at once, without needing to be trained in anything other than just how to read music. I'm classically trained, but I only know guitar when it comes to real life. But with the Vocaloid programs, I an do anything form drums to a xylaphone. There's just so much you can do with it. Plus it's fun to just play around and make them say things.

I think the game is really fun because you get a huge collection of the Miku library of songs from the time, I think 60(?) total songs on disc (maybe a few more or less), there's 52 unlockable costumes (counting the defualt for Miku, and counting the other Vocaloids you can unlock), tons of items to unlock for the Miku's Room mode, the hard mode is very challenging, you can import literally any song ever, and make your own PV and level for it, you have an entire PV editor mode to play with (which provides tons of options just on it's own), you can unlock the PVs for the songs on disc if you meet the conditions to unlock them, and over all, it's one of the only games that have been made on a specific source material that atcually tunred out to be a legitimitly fun and entertaining game. It will literally last you forever with all the replayablity added just form being able to import any song you want, and any PV made by anyone that they upload to the internet for people to use, or you can AdHoc (sp?) to share directly. Sega did an amazing job with the game.

Overall, I love unlockables to work for, it's a game you can pick up for as long as you want, and put it down anytime, and it's just fun to play when I need soemthing to help me relax. lol

SuperSmashBros79: sorry is this question sounds mean but are you a dude or a chick?

Don't worry, I'm not mad about the question or anything. It takes alot to make me actually mad about anything (other than school work. lol). Personally, I think gender is pretty irrelevant on forums.

Anyway, I don't think it really even maters to begin with. I put my gender anytime I'm on a forum that has some kind of indication thing. I'm a guy, but no matter what, I'll always just be "that dego c*nt", or if I play anything online, before I even say anything, or even get the game mode loaded, I have to listen to people calling me "that stupid b*tch or of course, c*nt. lol. I guess with games it's just based on my sn or something. Also, it gets really awkward if i do any kind of talking with soemthingother than voice chat when I talk to people outside of English regions. It's really awkward and embarasing to be called Lileth-sama. lol

That's the only two questions I got on here, so that's it I guess. lol. Not much is going on lately. I pre-ordered the limited editon of the second volume of the Inaba manga last night. This one comes with a nenroid of Tewi (the LE of 1 came with a special cover and a nenroid of Reisen). I have no idea when the release date is though, but I got it for 15% off, so it was really cheap, and free rush shipping. I love Japanese mail service. I knwo I say it allthe time, but seriously, American mail service "Next Dayt shipping" shouldn't take 8 full days to get here AFTER the tem shipps. God forbid the package actually be something important that had to be there the next day or something (it wasn't but just saying as an example). Also, the last chapter of the Inaba manga came out last month. It's kinda sad to see it end. It' probably my favorite 4koma I've read so far. It took them two-and-a-half years just to get all 30 chapters out. lol. The final chapter is a little dissapointing, but it was fitting for how Reisin has been treated the rest of the series. I just didnt expect them to portray the ending the way they did. It was a nice series for what it was though, and I really hate to see it go so soon.

I also pre-ordered Hatsune Miku: Project Diva 2nd. I got it for like 5% off (not much realistically), and I got an email about how I ordered it soon enough to get the secret reserve prize. lol. I got it form a store I never bought from before that Rin told me she uses all the time. They have a bunch of house specials they give away with the games they sell that no one else ever has. For the first game, they not only had the mini-nenroid that was given out as the standard prize, but they also had a Miku privacy screen they gave out too. lol. This year they have a special secret prize they haven;t put up on the site yet, but it's not really something I'm to excited about to be honest. lol

So other than that, nothing else is new. The DLC for the first Miku game is finally coming out this week. I think it'll be up on Wed. here because of time zone conversions, so I'm really excited to technically get it a day earlier. lol. The Hello, Planet sidescroller is the only reason I want any of it, and I can't wait to try it out. Sega even posted some new screen shots and the title screen for it. Link. lol.

World select makes me hope it's a little longer of a game than I expected it to be. That would at least justiy them doubling the original price they released and took down. I really hope the special PSP theme is more than just a wallpaper though. Otherwise, I'll just keep the custom Miku theme I have now since it changes the icons also, and the pciture is way better than just some 3D model just standing there. lol

Special Bonus 58!

I have to agree with the people against the idea. It's a little sad to force a comparison on something like that. Besides, we already have the Gundam out there wandering around Japan, do we really need a bullet train named after Miku, when it has nothing to do with her to begin with. I'm color blind, so the train doesn't look exactly the same as her colors to me, even when I specifically look at where the arrows are pointing out. lol. The majority of the train looks the same color as the rest of it to me anyway. Just the front part looks like a slightly draker shade compared to the rest (maybe one notch deeper on a color scale). Still, that's a huge stretch of a comparison to make.

Maybe if they made a train specifically like CoreFlood's idea he posted it would be more of a good idea, but the idea of a Vocaloid train is just way too stupid to make the funding seem like a good idea. Now if they could make a Tako-Luka themed train, that would be the best thing ever.

Some Updates and The 3rd(?) Annual Q&amp;A

First off, the updates. I have become the leader of the Ultimate Mega Man Gamers Union. It's dedicated to all things Megaman. Everything from the originals up to the more recent stuff like ZX and Star Force. Even if you are just a fan of the old Ruby-Spears cartoon based on the games, ironically or even unironically ("You haven't seen the last of Pharoh Man!" *Pharoh Man never appears in the show again after that episode.* =_='), you are more than welcome to join and have fun with all the members. We recently had a give away I hosted, with Megaman 10 as the prize, and I intend to host other stuff like it in the future for rewarding active members, and as a way to say thanks for people who support the union's activity.

The other update being Vocaloid stuff. You can skip this paragraph if you want, I'll understand. lol. Anyway, Sega finally announced the release date for the first DLC pack for the Miku game on Miku Day. They said it will be available on the Thursday the 25 this month. Of course, due to time zone differences, it will be the 24th in America. lol. The pack is named Miku's Encore Pack 1, or something like that. So I guess they plan more of these in the future. Sega also posted what the wallpaper for the custom theme in the pack will look like. They haven't confirmed if it will be a theme that changes the icons too or not yet though. They also started taking pre-orders for the second game, so I'm really excited about that. It doesn't come out till July 29th, but there's free shipping for it on most sites taking pre-orders, so that's always good. lol

And finally, the Q&A thing. For anyone who hasn't been around when I had the last one, I'll post the usually explanation of the few rules I have for this. I like to do these once a year because I get a lot of mail and tracking notices, and alot of the time it's form people I've never seen anywhere on the site. lol. I do these because I feel like people might not really know me or much about me if I don't talk to them outside of the site. So this is basically just achnace to get to know me a little better if you want to. You can pretty much ask anything you want in the comments in this blog. If you want to stay an anon about it, you can ask in a PM, and I'll have an anon section and answer them that way (some people on a different site wanted to ask that way, so I figured I'd offer it here too. lol). I'll reply to anything and everything asked. The only kind of things I won't reply to will be stuff like "What is your SSN?" Those kinds of questions will be ignored for obvious reasons. By the way, some people think some questions are too personal to ask, but trust me, they probably aren't for me. lol. Plus, I'm usually bored enough to answer anything. It might be sarcastically if I think the question was ment as a joke, but still.

I will ignore questions about downloading any doujin games. If you are interested in one, I can point you to where you can find them for very cheap prices, and since you can get like 5-10 for the price of a mainstream game, with the same ammount of content as mainstream games, there's really no excuse to pirate them like that. I won't give out manga links or anything either. I might link for fan translations if that kind of question comes up, but if there's an offical release, I for sure won't link to anything to get them for free. Doujin manga might be a different rule, but it depends. Also, I doubt I can directly link to anything with h content. I might be able to PM it, but I dunno since the Gamespot mods probably still stalk my mail from when they suspended me (I still say child pornography is bad, and I don't see why they can't accept that, but whatever, I got suspended for not being a lolicon like them).

Anyway, other than that, pretty much anything is open for questions. You can ask as many, or as few questions as you want. If you post something, and then come up with something else you want to also ask, you can make another post to add that too. I also might not give out alt. names that I use, just because I'm so tied down to using this name for like 7 years, that it's nice to be able to post somewhere without people immediatly knowing me as me. lol. I'll leave this blog up for 1-2 weeks, and I will answer all the questions in the next blog.

I think that's it for the Q&A stuff though. I'm probly forgetting something, but whatever. lol

Special Bonus 57!

I just wanted to share an example of the Miku Live event from this year. They did a really awesome job with the effects this year. Especially compared to last year when it was just some giant white screen with Miku on it. lol. Of course, I had to pick a Luka song as the example, since she's my favorite. Let's just hope some people get to see this before Sega takes the videos down again. lol

The song of course being 'Double Lariat'. Here's a link to the PV with subs for anyone who wants that also. lol And again, pKjd did the subs for this edit mirror. Also, Mike Haggar (you'll see him make a cameo in the PV) is still the f*cking man. I wish my mayor was that awesome. Just sayin' lol

Miku Day! And another FAQ thing.

Today is Miku Day! lol. Today is a day where we remember the legend of Hatsune Miku (or Miku Hatsune if you wanna put it in English Gramar. lol). Miku, like Space Ghost died for us all. Unlike Space Ghost, she left behind a legacy that not even Bruce Willis could ever live up to. Sure, Miku never screamed "Give me back my son!!" as intensly as Mel Gibson did (althopugh you could make her do it, and it would be 100x funnier when she tries to do an angry voice), and she never saved our candy from Jesus Christ like the Easter Bunny gave his life to do (see Easter Blog from a few years ago if you really feel the need to look into that joke), and I'm pretty sure she never defeated Char Aznable in combat using just a standard issue Zaku II, but Miku is still important enough to get her own regional holiday on her birthday, which is something that Sonicchu guy has been demanding for himself for years. lol

Anyway, I was gonna try to write some random story about Miku fighting a random evil leader from world history to save the world, or something, but I got lazy and couldn't think of anything interesting enough in time. Plus I figured it might come out a little more ignorant than funny, so I gave up. I was also trying to get Megurine Luka to narrate the story, since she can speak Enlgish, but I doubt anyone would wanna actually download a soundfile just for that anyway. lol. I was working on a video to upload to Nico Nico for the day, but that wasn't gonna be done anywhere near as soon as I thought it would, so it's way too late for that to be done, since at this point, Miku Day only has like 2 hours left in Japan's time zone. Also, Sega still hasn't given a solid day for the DLC release yet. They just keep saying March 2010. For anyone interested, here's a trailer that finally shows the Hello, Planet sidescroller in motion. Up until this one, we've only been shown a few still shots. I gotta say, the lack of quality makes me want it so much more. lol. I couldn't stop laughing when I first saw a still shot. I expected it to either be like a really nice one, or a really fun one with sub-level graphics. I guess we get the second one. lol. It fits the PV though, so I'm really happy to see it turned out the way it did. Especially now that I know it isn't just a game like Go Right was, where you literally just walk to the right until you get past all the small jumps. lol. I got my PSN account ready, and finally got some Yen on my account. The new price for the DLC has been put up, and now it costs 1,890 JPY. :cry: Oh well, it's still worth it for all the new stuff. lol

So, about the FAQ part in the title. well, I get a ton of random questions on the forums over on the site I work for, and alot of the time, people ask a ton of the same questions over and over, and one of the most common things I get asked is, "How do you make a Japanese PSN account / Buy games from the Japanese PSN store?" Well I figured I'd put the asner on here too, since I get PMs about it here every now and then too. So, I'll type out a walkthrough for setting it up. I'll tell you how to do it so you don't need a credit card check or an actuall valid email to get it to work.

First, create a new user for your PS3. Change to the new user you just made. Then go to the sign up icon where the sign in icon would be for your main account. Click create a new account. Continue until you see the page asking for your country and language and so on. Pick Japan. This will also set the language to Japanese. You can't pick any other language to use at this point. Set the birthday information. This will still be in English numerals.

Next page is the user agreement info. Just click next again.

The next page is sign in info. It will ask for an email first. Just put anything you want. As long as it has "@", and at least one "." in it, it will work. Under that, is password, and confirm password. Check the box to have it save the password. The last part is the security question. Like if you need to have your password sent to you. Just put anything.

Next is the user name you'll have. This is what displays as your PSN name. It' will check if it has been used already, and then lets you move on if it hasn't.

Next is name, name, and gender. Put whatever you want. Gender is optional. I forget if first name is first or not. I haven't looked at the updated sign up yet. Either way, anything works again.

Next is adress. Juts put in a 5 digit number. Any will work. The second thing is a drop down menu. It's important to pick the second option here. Random info for all the other lines in this page.

On the next page, DO NOT click the box. It is a check to make sure the info is valid, which it might not be, and will terminate this account you just made.

Next is the review and confirm the info page. Just click next again. it will load for a second while it creates the account.

It should bring up a page for the PSN store. Click the only option, it will try to sign you in. Let it. You will be taken to the Japanese PSN store.

Here you can find anything you want. There is a ton of anime games (To Love Ru, Haruhi, Cannan, and TONS of others), Japan only PSX games, Japanese DLC, and tons of other stuff you won't have access to in the US PSN store. Just a warning. Japanese DLC WILL NOT work unless you have a disc of the matching region. You can however, still download it no matter what region your PS3 is, and you can get the full PSP game downloads to work also. You can get those on your PS3 and USB download them to your PSP later, or do a direct download from your PSP if you feel like waiting for about a half hour. I'm not exagerating on that time. lol

That's all there is to it, so have fun. I hope that helped anyone interested in trying that out. If you have any questions, just ask. It should be simple enough though.

Special Bonus 56!

I had to have something Miku related for her brithday. lol. I like this video the most out of all the 4th MMD Cup enties, just because it shows off just how much Miku videos contributed to Nico Nico in just the last 3 years. lol. Also, the guy who made this has to be either a Super NEET, or an Ultimate Hikikomori to have the kind of time needed to make this. lol

So many new games at once.

I'm sorry for doing a billion blogs lately. This will be the last one for a a week or two, unless I get my project done in time for Miku day and post it here, but I really doubt it'll be done by the deadline. lol.

Anyway, there's been a few new games announced recently, and I'm officially gonna be broke again pretty soon. lol. There's a new Touhou due at this year's Reitaisai festival announced a week or two agao, the Miku DLC, and they finally gave more info and official detaials on the second Miku game, plus some new doujin games. The new Miku game looks like it will be 'go kill yourself' dificulty this time around. Damn Miku being such a strick musician. Even my teacher wasn't that strick. lol

Anyway, I guess I'll star twith the new Touhou since that was announced first. Zun posted in his last blog a week or two ago about a new project he's been working on. Of course, he was druink as susual, so it was a little tough to translate all of it. The basic idea is, the next game is pretty much already done, and this one will be another side story game... sort of. Touhou 12.5 will officially be named, 'Double Spoiler: Touhou Bunkachou'. So of course, since this is the second worst game name in hhistory, you can already tell, it's another Aya game. This is going to be the sequel to 10.5 Shoot the Bullet. Zun said "This game will torture you with so much danmaku that even if you thought, 'Forget stories or development or anything, I just wanna kill time with a short minigame,' you'll spend hours slaving away, loving every moment." He went on later to say that "[The game] will be on sale for 1,000 JPY at the Team Shanghai Alice Ensamble booth for 1,000 JPY (yen) at Reitaisai". He also had tons of redundant sentences like that stating the same informantion multiple times. lol. Of course, all the stuff I put here is just a slightly more understandable version of his drunken typings. So yeah, I hated STB, and I really don't think I'll buy this, even if it is just $10. Maybe if they gave it away for free I'd consider it, just to fill in my collection, but I doubt it. There's also some screen shots posted for the game, but honestly, his art reverted to pre-UFO quality, and the game looks exactly like the first Aya game.

So, the other news being they finally started to release official news for the second Miku game a few days ago. The working title for now is just Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA 2nd. Basically, there was like 2 pages of info in a magaizne. The info only stated two of the new songs, but it said there will be new objects for the editor mode, a more comfortable editor mode, new modules (costumes), and previous data can be carried over to the new game (Project DIVA 1 saves and possibly the DLC). The new game will feature use of the D-pad now also, so it will have 8 buttons instead of just the original 4, there will be drag icons, or sliders as some games refer to the gimmick, the score system will be redone like in the Arcade version of the game, and a few other improvements. They finally announced by "Hold onto the consoles you have now", they meant that 2 will be on the PSP also. They say the game is about 70% done in the development stages right now, and that the game's release date is on schedual for July 29th 2010. Pre-orders have't started yet though.

The set price for the 2nd Miku game is at 6090 JPY. I think that might have been a typo or something though. It'll convert to be about $60, like every other PSP game in Japan. There's no way it would be 600-something. Thye haven;t said if there will be a limited edition version for the second game or not like they had with the first. There are rumors that there will be a an actual cutom Miku PSP set with the game as a packin deal this time, since Sega released a PSP accessory set last time, but there isn't anything confirmed yet on that either. I kinda hope they don't go all out for an official Miku PSP, because knowing how I get with anything expensive and pointless, I'd probably waste half a Paycheck just to get one. lol. Either way, I'm really excited about the game. The first one is one of the only music games I ever liked, and is basically the only rythm game that ever actually had a sense of rythm. Which is great, because if you are a real musician, most of the games that have no idea how to keep timing are impossible since they are always at least a full second or more off timing, which makes them impossible for real musicians to play.

So yeah, I'm too lazy to post scans of the magaizne that all this was in. Besides, photo hosting sites have been uploading stuff a like 1/8th the original size lately, and I don't feel like messing with that to get it fixed today. I would talk about some of the doujin games I'm looking forward to, but seriously, no gives a sh*t about anything in this blog anyway, so why continue to waste both of our time with that? lol. Also, for anyone reading my older blog about the English class, I just spent 12 hours straight doing a new paper for that class yesterday, so I'm back up to an A now. lol. Just thought I'd put that there for anyone wondering. Also, never sit and type for that long. I'd seriously rather kill myself than ever do that again for any reason.

Anyway, I just wanted to post something since I'm bored and wanted to get some of the info out there before it got too far past the point of it being relevant, or even news anymore. lol. Like I said earlier, this will probably be the last blog for a while, since I'm trying to go back to like one a month, or like one every two weeks at the most again. I know my blog probably get annoying since they are neve about anything intersting to anyone but me. lol. I might do another one soon for Miku Day, but if I don't get the project done in time, I might not. lol. If not, my next blog will be the (3rd?) annual Q&A thing.

Special Bonus 55!

Nico Nico has the best memes, ever. And some one finally had the idea to put all the best out of those from last year into one big compilation video. lol. This really reminds me of how much I miss some of these. Especially the Get Down. That was probably my favorite thing form that site ever. Oh, Get Down, you brought me so much joy in my life. Why did you have to leave me?! lol The sad thing is, I can still name each individual meme in there. lol. Also, Chen look very similar to one of my friends durring the Hamster Dance part. I think it's the hair or something. lol

Surprisingly absent fro mthe video are RED ZONE, Shift Change, and Buri Hamachi. Too Lazy to find an old RED ZONE, or an origin RED ZONE video to link. Also, I picked the Luka one for Buri Hamachi, because she's my favorite. lol

So anyway, I'm officially on Spring Break, and Vacation from work. Now I'm off to spend the next like 8 days doing nothing but catching up on manga and games. lol Also, since I can't ever hear or think of the word without hearing slowbeef doing the line, "WOOOOO!! SPRING BREAK!!!". lol. No one will get that reference.

Beat Megaman 10. My thoughts on the game.

Well, this will obviously contain spoilers. Not spoilers that are obvious like "What, Wily was bad the whole time?", but more like who the Wily Stage bosses are, which by the way, was my favorite part of the gameplay. lol

So, Megaman 10 has already come and gone. Personally, I don't think it's the best in the series. That will always be 3 to me. At the same time, 10 is a huge improvement over 9. And I mean that in every way. Gameplay, gimicks, music, stage design. Everything.

So first off, Robot Masters in 10. Pretty lame overall. Blade Man is just a cheap excuse to hit you over and over. I swear the second time I got to his room, he killed me before I could even move, just because of contact damage. He is the cheapest boss in a long time. Strike Man. What the hell was with that guy? He's so easy compared to the rest of the bosses. His weakness even kills him in like 3 shots in Normal mode. He's just so out of place in the set of 8. Pump Man. Do we really need so many Wood Men? I mean seriously. At least his sheild is destroyable with the Mega Buster though.

Music wise, this game is amazing. I liked some of the tracks, but some of them I instantly feel in love with. Take 'Absolute Chill' for example. Personally, I think this is the best song in the entirety of Megaman. It just embodies the atmosphere. Not only that, but it makes great use of the sound board available for an 8-bit emulation. Yes, Megaman 9 and 10 are not true 8 bit, but Capcom seemed to put more effort into using all they had available in the emulation's ability. I'm pretty familiar with what they use to emulate the 8 bit sound boards, and I'm very happy with they directions they took when they did this soundtrack. The Wily stages have some nice songs too. There's one in particular, that starts after you beat Wily Archive 2. It just really fit well with the surprise that the stage still went on. The new battle theme is pretty good. It picks up as the fights go on, but it could have been better. Some of the stage songs are pretty forgetable though.

Story wise, this one is pretty basic, and very expected. I wasn't expecting some master story telling with this game, but a surprise or two might have been nice. There's one part where Megaman gets infected with the Roboenfluenza, or whatever the name is, and I was kinda surprised they'd do soemthing like that. The problem with this is, they resolve it not a full minute later in the same cut scene. I really thought they were gonna have a stage or two where you play as Protoman while they try to get some make-shift cure together or something. Or at least a Protoman side stage or two. But no. He gets cure immediatly. Another thing was, Protoman is finally sticking around for once, but he doesn't do anything. He just stands around in like 2 scenes, and that's it. They could have at least gave him a few more lines, or had him interject once. I mean, again, I didn't expect him to be huge in the story, but why even have him present if he's still gonna be just as uninfluential on the story as usual. They might as well just have him show up to point out the obvious, like they did when they forced him into his only appearance outside of the ending in 8.

So, what were my favorite bits of fan service in the game? The first thing I wanna talk about with that was Wily Archives. This is probably my favorite boss in the series now. Basically, in Wily stage one, you get to fight 3 giant machines that have 3 diamnds they release. Each diamond represents a different past robot master from 1-9, each shown on a screen to help you get who it is. They picked a different fight pattern and different movement set for each of the picks. Capcom did an amazing job keeping each pick different from the other 8 picks. Basically, you get Elec Man, Wood Man, and Gemini Man in one room, and then you get guys from 4-6 in the second boss room, and then in the thrid, you get guys from 7-9. They all share one health bar to keep it fair, and they all have their own weaknesses. This is kinda like in 3 with the Doc Robot fights, where you face each boss from 2, but in slightly altered paterns.

Another fan service moment that I loved was when you get to the end of the firt Wily fight, they have the scene where they line draws to a hidden point, but it just kept going. When I first saw the new castle, I laughed about how big it was. After the fight, the line draws to a giant tower, and just keeps going. And it doesn't stop. lol. It goes off screen at a speed they portrayed the screen not being able to keep up with. Eventually, the line stops at a space fortress. I thought it was a good joke, and of course this, and the inside of that stage are references to the Megaman World series, on Gameboy. It was a great joke for the older fans like me, and I think Capcom really went out of their way to make such an obscure reference, but still put a new twist on it for the sake of a joke. Also, from the data that can be found locked up on the game, you can expect more GB game references in the Special Stages. I won't spoil it here, but you'll get to fill those missing weapon slots with some familiar weapons when you get the stages.

The overall ending is pretty dissapointing. It's exactly what you expect. They kept the running theme of the virus in the ending with Dr. Wily, but of course, he just happens to find away out of the situation. It's not the usual castle crumbling on Megaman and Wily, or the usual "Look over there, as I run away" thing either. I can't really explain it without giving the entire thing away. But again, Protoman is absent. Why? He's in a total of 2 scenes in this game's story. The opening where he decides to help out in the open this time, and in one scene where Wily explains to everyone about how he still doesn't have enough parts to finish building the replacement vaccince producing machine. But this comes back to that same problem. If Protoman was gonna be such a small part of the story, why have him around at all? Just put him in as an extra with no story for his gameplay like they did in 9, and like they will probably do with Bass when his DLC is released.

Overall, do I think this game was pretty good. A huge deal better than 9, yes. Worth $10? Sure. Especially since it comes with a huge challenge mode in the basic pack. Is it worth getting the DLC? If you MUST play as Bass, sure, $2 is worth having him. The rest of it, no. I know all the secret DLC info they haven't released yet about what's in the special stages, and hidden bosses from looking into the data they locked up in the game for now, so I can honestly say, just wait and Youtube the rest of the DLC. Endless mode, might be worth it to you if you have the extra few dollars, but personally, I'll skip it this time.

Anyway, since I haven't had one in forever...

Special Bonus 54!

They finally released the DVDs for the 4th season of the M1 Grand Prix. lol. Some people might not get the jokes in the video, but whatever. For anyone wondering, 998 mon would exchange to about $99,800 USD. Give or take a few thousand for exact exchange rates, but that's the genral quick estimate. lol. Totally worth it.

Pretty sure I just failed the entire semester.

F*CK!! I f*cking hate school. I just today found out that I've been doing everything wrong in my English class for the past, I dunno, entire time I've been in the class. I do that class online, because I'm a hikikomori (and yes, there is a distinct difference between that, and similar things with different terms used to name them, and no, I don't leach money off of other people like the stereo-types, and I don't do or have any of the other misconceptions, but that's all way off-topic). I've been talking to the teacher a bunch, because even she is having a ton of trouble with hthe site we have to use for the class, and we need to keep talking to sort out how to handle what I have to turn in, and so on. Basically, it's the first semester the school has been using this, instead of the old one they had up until now. So of course, none of it works right. It crashes constantly, it will delete entire assignments when you post them, and the discussion board never works, unless you are extremely lucky.

So today, I get an email form one of the other people in my class. She was talking about how our teacher needs to talk to everyone about whats going on. I already talked to her a few times though, so I figured I was okay. Then the email went on to mention how we are supossed to ignore all the stuff in the ASSIGNMENT SECTION of the site, and only do the work listed in another section that crashes almost everytime you go to it. So now I'm stressing out because I have no f*cking clue what I missed this whole time. I check what's there, and I find that I missed about 7 weeks worth of assignments because I trusted what the f*cking orientation for how to use this thing told me. Not only that, but i've been working on a thesis paper for the past 4 weeks. It's 20 f*cking pages long (required ammount), and I just now saw that it's not even what we need to do. I just found out that instead of that, we needed to do a 20 page research paper, and the first 10 pages of the draft are due by tomorrow night. The first 3 pages were due last week. So now I'm f*cked, because I did everything wrong.

I can't f*cking believe it. Every time I think I'm doing okay with something important, I f*ck it up beyond the point of being able to fix any of it. I swear, the now useless 20 page thesis I wrote, was probably the best thing I will ever write in my entire life. I put so much work and care into every part of it. But no, that's worthless now. Just another who knows how many hours of my life wasted on something that has no importance to my life at all.

I emailed the teacher a few minutes ago when I saw all this. I'm basically just asking her if I should just drop the class and accept that I just wasted another $700, or if I should just spend my entire last week of classes, and all of my spring break doing nothing but working on English when I don't have to work on my other classwork. I seriously hope she just says f*ck it and let's me at least turn in my thesis in place of the research paper. I dunno. I'm still having a mix of a huge panic attack and one of the worst anxiety attacks I've had in years.

I just can't even put it into woords how f*cking confused I am right now. I dunno. I don't even know why the hell I'm even typing all this. I guess it just helps me or something, but still. I just can't even believe all that sh*t. Like, the entire shock of it still hasn't even set in yet. I figure she would have at least said soemthing when I was sending all those wrong assignments, but she didn't say anything about any of it. It just pisses me off, because she always offers to help with pretty much everything in the class. Like she actually will talk to everyone in the class in real life, just to make sure you can get this stuff done. And I mean she will actually call you, and talk to you on MSN and stuff just to check and make sure you are doing okay with the class, but she never once mentiioned anything about me doing everything wrong. I just don't get it.

I dunno. I need time to let this all set in. Seriously, I don't even wanna think about how much time I wasted on just writing that thesis.