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So much can change in just one week.

So the new job is goin great. Ive met a ton of great people, most of whom are crazier than anyone ive ever met, and thats serisouly sayin alot comein from me. But yeah, i love workin there so far. I got a bunch of new buddies, and everyone there jokes around with ya all day so it helps the time pass. The only down side is that im one of the only 4 guys workin in the dietary division. Now i know most guys would be like "id love to work with all girls all day" and i thought that at first too. lol. But then i got to a day where like 7 of the 8 girls workin the same time as me all had pms and all that jazz. It sucks so bad. I just get yelled at over nothin. But like Ive said before, the pay is great so it makes it worth comin home with bloody ears from people naggin at me all day about how much they hate thier bf's and whatever the hell else they talk about (i try to ignore most of them when they talk at this point). None of the guys workin there are my age so that kinda sucks but we still talk about the same basic stuff, mainly games. lol. And all the girls around my age seem like whores so that sucks, except one of them, but shes kinda out there sometimes,but shes like my best friend there. One of the best things is that i come home with a million quotes from each day that im up all night laughin about. Everyone there is really f*cked up in one way or another, so for once i feel strangly at home bein there. The whole silent hill makin me scared of hospitals aint gettin any better though. We have to keep the elevator lights turned off so people know not to use em when we get off, and #3 is always messin up. It starts makin noises and getin stuck and all this sh*t. And when ya stand in a dark elevator and it drops past your floor and keeps goin for 4 more floors it really makes ya think its gonna crash and kill ya. lol. Plus bein in the dark and hearin all those noises and scrathes makes me think the doors are gonna open and im gonna be in the alternate world (thanks alot sh3). Good times. Other than that not much is really goin on these days. By the way, I really hate how gamespot makes me censor everythin. If I didnt have to my blogs wouldnt sound as lame. Just puttin that out there.

i hate workin

so i finally geta new job. im workin at a hospital in WV. (i live in ohio like 40 mins outside of pittsburgh). so yeah its not too bad except the fact that silent hill has made me really scared of bein in those giant empty halls by myself in the bottom floor. lol. but yeah the pay is amazing for just startin out. the only bad thing is that i dont have much time for anythin else. i have no time for guitar, and if i dont get to practice guitar then i sure as hell aint playin any games that day either. most days i come home and have to go straight to bed just so i can be ready for work and not be passin out from bein tired all day. but like i said the pay is really good, it just sucks that it takes so much time out of my life. other than that not much else has been goin on thats really worth mentionin here. lol

i really dont get this

ive been on this site for years and never made an acount. then i finally decide to give up and make one. but then i found out i made one in the middle of a levelin glitch or somethin like that. so my rank didnt go up for a week and then this morning i was starting to get some points on my ranking. now i long in later the same night and my level shot up to 7 and i got around 51%. i just dont get this system. lol. but maybe its just rewarding me for all i did while it wasnt moving. oh well. at least im notstuck atlevel one anymore.