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One thing that still bothers me about this site's game tracking system.

I know this is a dumb complaint for most people, but it's something that still kinda bothers me a little. I really wish the site would allow you to add a game to your list, depending on the region you bought it from. And by that, I mean, if I imported a game from Japan, I'd like to be able to add the game to my list any time afer it has been released, instead of having to wait a year or more becasue a localization might be announced in the future, and then have to wait on that localization to actually come out.

I don't even care if it just doesn't let me add it under the original title or not. I'd just like to be able to add my games as I get them. And I know that's probably not a problem for anyone else on the site, since I'm sure no one really cares enough about the collection lists to be OCD about it, but still. I dunno, I guess I've just gotten lucky with all my imports I've added to my list in the past either not getting even a chance of localization, or being addable by the time I gotthem before.

On the subject of lists though, I kinda wish they could allow a condition thing for the estimated price of a game colletion. It would be kinda neat to be able to say, 'well, I only have the cart itself for Castlevania 1, so that would be way less, but I have a complete set for Micro Machines' or stuff like that. Like, a check box would kinda work for that sort of thing, I imagine. I know that'll never realistically happen here, but it could have been a fun feature.

So yeah, another pointless blog out of boredom on a day off. lol

My PS3 melted...

So, I've had my 80GB PS3 since back when MGS4 came out. It was my second PS3, because my first was one of those 40GB releases that had the laser defect that got recalled and discontinued. The 80GB one lasted me until just the other day. I think Saturday was when it finally died.

For anyone that might ever have a broken PS3, that hair dryer trick doesn't work at all. I tried it, and it seriously just burned everything up, and changed nothing about getting the console to stay on for more than a second.

I usually wouldn't be too upset about this kind of thing, beyond having to pay for a new one, but this goes back to how I hated built in memory for games when that started. If they still used memory cards, I would have had no loses. All my trophies were synced, so nothing there was lost, and a memory card would have just allowed me to just move my saves to anything else. The problem being, I can't even move my HDD without it trying to reformat itself when I put it into a new PS3. I can't use a trasnfer thing, because I can't get the PS3 to turn on for more than a second. And that also means stuff like USBs are out. By the way, my 80GB had every memory input thing imaginable, minus floppy discs. The new one just has 2 USB slots. That's complete crap to me.

I seriously started to feel sick when I started some games over agan. The majority of my games were 100% completed anyway, so I have no desire to ever play them again. And if they weren't complete, I really didn't like them enough to play them more anyway, in most cases. But then there's games where I just had so much invested in them. I think I lost a combined total of over 600 hours just in saves between Disgaea 3 and 4...

So yeah, moral of the story: Don't play games unless you wouldn't mind losing everything, and then being stuck with a downgraded console when you get a replacement. (I'll miss you, convenient built-in backwards compatability, and stragely longer t.v. chord thing. ;_; )

Actually I still use the old chord, because my PS3 would literally have to hang from the back of the t.v. if I used the short one they boxed in with my new console. Which is really weird to me that they'd change something like that.

Too many blogs for good titles to be left.

So, it's be around half a year or so, so why not do another blog back here?

So, I've pretty much left Gamespot entirely at this point. It's nothing in particular about the site, but I just kinda lost interest after I left the main unions I spent a ton of time in. I actually don't use many forums at all now, which is really weird for me, since I'm pretty addicted to forums in general.

I guess the biggest thing would be just finishing another semester last Tuesday. I've mentioned it in passing before, but I'm currently majoring in accounting. I have at least another 2 semesters left before I'll be moving on to test for my CPA (meaning I'll be a Certified Public Accountant when I pass that [meaning I'll make HUGE amounts of money for basically the same work. lol]). The nice thing is I can make $80+/hr starting out with just my degree I'll be getting in the near future. And that's just in the Pittsburgh, PA area. So if I go somehwere with a decent pay rate, it would only grow from there. XD

Anyway, on to stuff that would probably be more interesting to everyone that might read this. As far as games, I've been playing a few random things here and there. Atelier Rorona, Binding of Isaac (I still can't comprehend sticker fingers, but I'm sure they make life amazing), And Megaman Zero Collection. Although games really aren't keeping my interest for as long as they used to. I just seem to finish them way faster these days or something.

As far as everything else, I get paid to go to school, so when I got my last payment, I went looking for DVDs of the G1 Tranformers series, and saw a box set of the entire series for 47% off. So of course I bought that on an impusle, and it was totally worth it. lol Although it really is kinda hilarious to go back and see all the early errors and so on, and especially the lack of explanation for so many things. Oh, this huge dude who turs into an entire space center who just suddenly showed up one episode? That's Ol' Kentuky Omega Supreme. And He's been there.

Oh! I also ended up finally giving in and making a tumblr account. I mainly just use it to follow some posts from a few artists that I love, but I did consider making a blog there for a while. It would be much shorter than these though. My main idea was just setting up an ask blog, but I really don't have many people to ask things on there that don't already talk to me on instant messangers or whatever often anyway, so it kinda makes that pointless. Still, I'll link it on here sometime if there ever is any interest in that.

But yeah, that's a super short thing of basically some of the things that have been going on the past half year or so. Kinda actually thought about going through some of my old blogs, but I'm seriously terrified of how god awful most of those must be. Not just in terms of the general content, but just how much complaining I'm sure I used to do in them. lol

And here I am again with no idea how to end a blog. So uh... I tried to think of something clever to link here like a video or something, but I can't think of anything good. But uh... here's this thing I really liked fromthe most recent MMD Cup? (I can't remember how to get links to open in a new tab automatically on here. :< )

And now I'm off to try to make a new avatar for here, or give up because the size limitation is rediculously small, and hard to make anything nice with using things I'd want to use.

Apparently I'm a pack leader?

So, I was stopping by to check for some new threads in a few game specific forums like I usually do when I'm trying to avoid 6 hours worth of accounting homework, and I noticed my badges in my profle were different. I haven't looked at my profile in months, so I was surprised to see a few new ones. I got Bad Taste at some point. Which apparently you get for owning anything Japanese. Oh, sorry, not owning enough generic FPS games. By going so far out of my way to not appease the GS Genie, I got that negative mark forever on my account. Oh darn.

I also got Pack Leader, which is odd, because I only voted to make a troll bracket of who I knew all the 7-year-old user base of this site would vote for.

[spoiler] The winner is always the same few characters in these things. Extreme user bias always determines the results. [/spoiler]

Apparently that was a good way to go. So from the description of the badge, I got it for beating "everyone on my friends list" at picking the brackets. Is there anyway to see who we voted for and compare them? Or do I just have to rely on memory and assume I actually did beat everyone? Also, did that event end yet? I'm just wondering who actually won it.

And now I'm out of relevant stuff to say, and no special bonus filler to put at the end. Uh... So how 'bout that Sonic Generations, huh...?

Oh, Konami. I don't even know what to think anymore.

So, I just watched most of the Konami trailer for the pre-E3 thing at the time I'm writing. this. I just had to stop it at Kojima's "brand new, revolutionary idea", because seriously, too much to already mention. First off, no Kojima, Capcom already beat you to the transferring save data idea. Wasn't that announced a few months ago? I mean, if not world-wide, it's at least been known in Japan for some time now. And even as bias as I am toward Konai, even I have to kinda just not be able to take them seriously with some of this stuff. At least, I'm almost positive it was something almost exactly like this. I'll have to come back and edit in a source later though. Maybe I'm just confused.

So, the whole reason I even decided to watch the video was because of people in a Silent Hill thread on SA talking about how the Silent Hill: Downpour trailer makes it look like it was made by competant people, and how we all know the final game will be nothing like this at all. And I have to agree. If the final game doesn't Homecoming the sh*t out of everyone, I'd be amazed. (Also, does GS allow curisng yet? I just don't feel like going back to fix everything if they still don't.) I mean, I had no hope for Homecoming, and I still to this day hate that game. And I have absolutely no reason to ever believe any new Silent Hill game will ever be any better than that garbage. Seriously, I still can't get over as boss that glitched into being invincible. And then did it again after I restrted the PS3. Not just re-loading the game, rebooting the whole system to make sure it wasn't my fault. No excuse for something like that. Also, whats with that waterslide in Downpour. I want a legitimate answer for that thing. Is this game just a mix of the second movie and SH4, like how Homecoming was just a fan service mash up of 2, the first movie, and that exact same copy/pasted half-corpse you see at least once per level?

As far as the Metal Gear stuff I saw, I really have no interest right now. I don't really care to play the same games again in HD, when I'll be skipping halfthe content anyway, and after 100%-ing all the PS2 games back when they were out, I'm to this day too burnt out on those games to want to even touch them anytime soon. I'm sure they'll look nice and such, but things like Yoshi easter eggs aren't really worth the money and time I'd have to spend on them.

I kinda expected a bit of Castlevania news since that was mentioned early on, but maybe it just comes up after the part I watched up to. And speaking of, I just played that DLC for Lords of Shadow (slight spoiler ahead that I'm too lazy to tag, by the way.). I'm happy they're at least attempting to explain that plot destroying secret ending from the main game, but still, VAMPIRES DON'T WORK THAT WAY. And seriously, fan servicing the Forgotten One into the plot isn't doing anything for me either. I swear this reboot is progressively doing more and more to make itself into a teen vampire movie every chance it gets. I just really, really hope that some day soon we can go back to Iga and every game's plot just being the best friend is possessed by/resurrects Dracula, and Alucard forced into every other game just for Iga's own personal self-fan service. As much as I hate how predictable the games were at the time, I never found myself in a situation where I had to force myself to play the game, just to say I completed it like I do with LoS.

Honestly, the only thing I saw so far that I'm kinda looking forward to is the re-issues of Silent Hill 2 and 3. I never actually got a chance to ever play 2, so I really want it just for that, and 3 is my favorite in the series, so I'd gladly buy it in that set again. I'm not getting my hopes up too high for the new movie, but at least the actress they were showing looks very accurate to Heather. So hopefully it'll at least look correct, but I doubt it'll have anything to do with the games beyond that. And I kinda want to get the Zone of the Enders re-issue, but I might as well just get the originals since I see them both for less than $1 all the time.

So yeah, just figured I'd do my usual pointless blog about stuff from E3 or whatever. And it gives me an excuse to link this from the SA thread I mentoned.

Special Bonus 65!

Seriously, some of those comments still leave me dumbfounded. And yes, all the text on screen is exactly the way it was written in the comments they took them from.

Also, the word 'thing' is a typo according to GS' spell check now. So I have no idea how many actual typos are in this blog. I'll just assume as many as usual though. So sorry.

Still exactly the same, huh?

So, after all this time, I come back for a visit, and absolutely nothing has changed. It's actually kinda sad. I don't know how to explain it, but I figured at least a few things here and there would have improved with the people and if I really wanted to be delusional, I could have expected some of the main bugs with the site to be fixed, but I've seen some new ones (to me) in the few times I've visited over my absence to add a few things to my list and so on. Like how I can be on a page for say, Sweet Home, I'll click the forums link, and it takes me to the reviews section for Modern Warfare (360 version, or course). How do you have bugs like that, and not fix it? But again, expecting way too much from this place if I actually expect basic coding like that to be taken care of. Also, how the hell did I gain an entire level while I wasn't here more than a few minutes on a few random days? I thought it went off activity, and not just how long you've been a member.

I'm not even sure what I was gonna originally say in this blog. I'm just so bored, and now disappointed by the complete lack of anything new. When I quit the site, I actually couldn't even leave a few unions no matter how many times I tried. I was apparently banned from one, and I couldn't quit the one I was leader of at all, even days after making a new leader and demoting myself down to member. But again, simple bugs Gamespot doesn't care to take the 2-10 minutes needed to fix. And I was checking on some of the people I used to know a little bit before I started writing this, just to see what's new. Unsurprisingly, even they are the same. Weeaboos are still weeaboos blissfully behind by half a year of what's even remotely a current trend, or news, or even relevant in Japanese entertainment, ignorant children are still just as ignorant, delusional fanboys still haven't grown-up at all, and so on.

Anyway, now that the entire 1 game Gamespot decress as existent is added to my list and out of the way, and I can now officially know the rest of what I wanted to add tonight simply can't exist or be at all real. I mean, how could any of it? After all, it's not even on the 360, the only video game console to ever exist. Also, I still can't stop laughing at the nude pictures and racism incidents M$ are getting themselves into in the past few weeks with Kinect.

Other than the boring sh*t no one would even care to read anyway, I have no idea what to really mention as an update. Progress in life, basically. Tons of new people, new things were going on constantly for a while, and so on. But why write that here when I'm sure only, at max, 3 people will even skim this, just because I haven't made one in so long. Also, I almost forgot we have to censor curses here. Because, you know, we're all children and we have to protect our innocent minds and all. Why did I ever spend so much time here? XD

I guess this is where I'd put a Special Bonus, but what would I even use? To be honest, there hasn't been anything too great to share here recently anyway. If anything, it would just be a Cat Face video. But there hasn't even been a new one of those in a while, so it's not worth linking one so old. And as a final random thought, I have no idea how I lived with the 80x80 avatar limits here. I'm so spoiled by basic standard features on every other forum these days. Like, technical issues being tacen care of, or actual discussion value in the community. Some day Gamespot. Some day.

Some small updates.

So, recently I decided I think I'm probably going to be leaving Gamespot sometime in the future. Not right away, but probably before the end of August 2010. For anyone wondering why, honestly, I'm just bored. There's next to no activity in the places I like. I used to stay for the friends I made here, but I lost touch with all the ones that were the most important to me. It's not that I don't care about everyone I know here, but they were the main reason I stayed around for so long. Plus, I'm level 41. It's getting kinda sad at this point. lol. Originally I was looking forward to even breaking the upper 30's, but now it's just a reminder of how it's been over 20 levels since I actually had fun here. I know they work at different paces for each user, but my levels here climb at a pretty slow pace, so that's been a while.

I dunno. There's just not really any reason to stay anymore, and I don't know why I don't just leave right now. Plus, there's just so many other places that feel so much more comfortable to spend time at. I don't now, nor will I ever, own an Xbox, so Gamespot just isn't for people like me. They've made that clear enough. lol. There's just new places that have actual discussions over stuff, instead of nothing but 14-year-olds spamming bullsh*t about how Final Fantasy 7 is the greatest game of all time, just because the chan sites told them so. I think the day the legacy forum here had nothing, and I mean nothing, but FF7 topics was the day that it just once and for all conviced me that I don't want to be here anymore.

Anyway, as far as games go, I'm finnally at the end of Star Ocean 4. All I can say is: Meh. lol. Once you play 3, it really does ruin the entire series. The whole time, I keep thinking,

[spoiler] This would be so much more awesome if it wasn't just a game. And just in one of the last scenes I watched, they had a part where the drawings Lymle was making the whole time turned out to be useful, and protected the Calnus from the Phantoms and so on, after Crowe makes that black hole. But I just kept thinking how much more awesome it would have been if I didn't know Lym's user probably did that in advance, for just such a situation. [/spoiler]

Anyway, that's pretty much it. I'll still be around for a while, but I won't be on the site anywhere near as much. Which will make no difference anyway, since everywhere I actually still bother to go is dead, or slow as sh*t around here. lol

Special Bonus 64! (The final Special Bonus?)

I don't remember if I ever used this or not, but it's here anyway. This is a video by Zun based on the Silent Sinner in Blue manga. It's actually surprisingly very acurate. It just won't make any sense at all for people who have never read it, and that's what makes this video amazing. It makes perfect sense, but not to people who don't already know what it's telling you. Also, if your wondering what the text that scrolls by says, don't worry, it won't help you understand at all, so its not worth writing the translations. lol

By the way, had to try to post this 15 times, because Gamespot can't understand that I didn't use tags. I never have. Yet another reason I want to leave sooner than I plan to.

More Summer releases news.

Sometime last night (I wasn't paying attention), SEGA finally announced the release date for Dreamy Theater, along with the price and the OP. Link, because Gamespot runs in 1732, and won't allow you to do convienient things, like embed videos. That song is god-awful by the way. Also, apparently they turned the game into a K-ON! rip off. Which I found out I have to reveiew season 2 of that now, and I'm pissed.

Anyway, Dreamy Theater. It'll be PSN only (of course), and cost ¥3,000. It'll be in the store on July 27th (Eastern half of the world time, so it'll be the 28th or so in America-land). Uh... I like the idea and all, but I don't think I'll be buying it right away, due to lack of money from pretty much everything else I ever wanted coming out in July. Specifically all at the end like this.

They also announced the AmiAmi exclusives for Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA 2nd. Along with the game, and Miku key chain thing, you'll get a Screen Cleaner, Pass Case, and a Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA 2nd Sepcial DVD. I assume the DVD is just a documentary on making the game or whatever. The exclusive version cost ¥6,090. I honestly don't think I'll want a DVD enough to cancel my pre-order, and hope I can get one in fast enough for this. Especially since I already got an email months ago that I'm guaranteed to get my reserve prizes already. lol Also, they have the Limited Edition of Project DIVA 2nd for sale by Sony and SEGA. You get the game, a leek green PSP (as in the food), and a sh*tty accessory set that looks like it was designed by a 3 year old. The set is also made of very poor plastic, and is pretty much made to break immediately. It also consists of stickers to put on you PSP, that will leave that sticky stuff on it for all eternity, and ruin your PSP, so you'll be more encouraged to buy a second one. All this can be yours for just roughly $220. I'm not even joking about that price. There's no way in hell any of that is worth the price.

Special Bonus 63!

Ever want to see just how bad the new Dead to Rights is, without having to suffer through it yourself? You're welcome. Also, Scrotality.

Oh, okay. So now we're all r*tarded

Apparently, 80% of something can now be decided for, by only taking about 3% of something as an example. Probably way less than that relistically. Link. Psychological issues =/= mental retrdation. I'll openly admit the problems I have, but just because someone's kid is retarded, doesn't mean 80% of a group of people are.

Besides that, how are they even taking 80%? There's thousands of hikikomori corpses found all year, just in Japan. So out of the thousands unaccounted for that died, the other unknown number that are still alive, and just aren't accounted for I nany way, and based on the less than one hundred people that check into a clinic to get help, 80% of us must be mentally retarded. Oh, I'm sorry, 80% of the tiny number of people studied are "retarded", because they are 100% mentally healthy. No sh*t. They wouldn't be going to a clinic if they weren't liek that. This is why I hate people.

So by their logic, 80% of Americans MUST be fat sh*theads that stuff their faces full of cheeseburgers 24/7. I mean, people buy Mc Donalds, therefore, they must all be lazy fat sh*ts that weight 1,000lbs each. There's just no way they can't. Right? Don't tell me that's wrong. I studied about 10 people, and at least one of them prove me right, therefore, at least 80% of the country must be like that.

/sarcasm (Since no one wants to understand that I like to make jokes.)

Plus, that report means that 2,800,000 people are retarded, in Japan alone. That can't be even slightly true. Learn to fact check before spreading your slander.

Also, I can't say the word I had to censor in the title on GS. Anything that is all stars in this blog is probably that word.

Why didn't anyone tell me about this? (Added Edit- R.I.P. Dio)

Seriously, why didn't anyone tell me how pointless my life was without an HD t.v.? Do you really hate me that much? lol

So yeah, got my first ever HD t.v. today, to replace the one that broke a month and a half ago. I love the sh*t outta this thing. I got it all hooked up. Now I can use it for my PS3, PSP, computer, and pretty much anything else ever. I had no idea how amazing anime was meant to look this whole time. I need to go re-watch every Gundam series I like now. I'm just so excited. It seriesouly looks 1,000% better now when I watch anything. It looks like I can reach out and finally be able to grab Holo's tail. lol

I tired out my USB connections on my t.v. just to see how well it would look, and it's awesome. I can play doujin games on my t.v. now too. I put on Imperishable Night, and I had no idea it was so damn colorful. lol. Queen's Blade in HD is hillarious to me too. The on the map sprites are so much more detailed than I realized. They even actually show armor damage in those tiny sprites and everything. Stupid tiny PSP screen, taking away from my experience. lol

So yeah, I'll finally be able to get back to Star Ocean 4 now. Which is basically all I'll be doing now that school is out. No reviews lined up for a while, so it's like vacation time for me. lol. Oh. I finally saw my final grades for the semester. I got an A in both classes. That's huge for me, because I haven't had an A in school since high school. lol. So I'm in a really good mood because of so much good stuff going on lately, and just thought I'd share my boring details with all of you. lol

Special Bonus 62!

New Nico Nico meme, you say? Truley, with all the good stuff coming out this Summer, and with everything so far, this may end up being the best year of my life. lol.

I'm a huge fan of the guy that does that artwork. He's my favorite Sakuya artist, and my second favorite online artist (right after Yu-cat). Still no Tako-Luka version of the meme yet though. But you can bet I'll make a huge deal about it, as if it's important, when they do make one. lol

-Edit: I just now, as of this edit, found out that Ronnie James Dio died today of stomach cancer. I don't know if I can get over something like that. :< Here's a link to a report about it. I wish I could have seen him live at least once before this happened.