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chicagocub_101 Blog

First Blog Of '07 and some of my boys on XBL have made a clan for RainbowSix Vegas..we are called Forged in Fire [FxF] and are a total of 2-1..we are 1-1 on the US ladder for survival and 1-0 on the EU ladder for survival..We are quite good and definately are doing alot better than i expected. Im lookin forward to future clan matches..and we are recuriting 1 or 2 more if u think u got game hit me up on live and we will try u out!

until next time,

ChicagoCub101 aka oX ToP GuN Xo

ox top gun xo's Gamercard

ps. to get ur own gamertag with clan tag go to

Capping off '06 and Kicking off '07!!

This year was a good one for me and i enjoyed it..i started highschool and made new friends...i told my baseball coach he was a jerk! (lol)...joined some clans..played some 2nd in my league in wrestling...and also made the league baseball all star it was a good year..but maybe next year the Cubs could win some games...hopefully!!


Newest and Last Name Change

As most of u friend changed my name to EL SH*ZZLE on XBL..well..he finally gave me points and i chose to make my name EAGLE ya..i gotta little new flavor in with the old i am happy with my choice..and i WILL NOT change my name at least until next July! lol

XBL Name Changes

Well this topic i know all to well the past month i have had about 4 different names..and just recently my friend changed my name to EL SH*ZZLE (its censored?!) and is buying me m$ points so i can change it to DELTA ST0RM like origionally ya i decided id make a list of names i had, in order:

  • bigd121
  • SRU Strike
  • Us Strike
  • xBCx Venom
  • Xx TA D3ADLY xX
  • xI KARNiVOR Ix
  • RiS TaKe DoWn
  • xX SLiCK iCE Xx
  • iCBxUnLeAsHeD
  • xI KiNG DAVE Ix

is that not rediculous? that like about $110 in just name changes!!! its a good thing my parents love the next name i change it to which will be DELTA ST0RM will be my last...and its also a good thing my parents dont know that all that money they have spent on m$ points has gone to this!!! anyway..i know its rediculous but if there is a name u like feel free and invited to use it..i would be flattered lol!!

My Clan's Website **Fourums!!!**

hey everybody!!! lol...well i started my own clan and we are recruiting and have some pretty good members right now in the ghost recon lms ladder and the saints row ladder on gamebattles...the website adress follows and feel free to visit..sign up for the fourums and talk about games and life in general..this site is for anyone so dont feel bad about posting there if ur not in the clan!!! also..please no trolls!! lol thanks


see ya there!

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