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Sunday April 20

Morning Yoga :P- Aww i didnt wanted to go there lol my dad forced me to go :( grr lol anyway i got thru sleeping half way had to get up at 6 0 clock in morning :X

Sub Morning Classses-The Day Just Continues But Hey I Like studying Btw Lol So Wasnt That Bad It Started 10 : 30 Ended 12 not too long

Next Came Home-Woot Playing Runescape lvl 87attk Here I Come!


I Am Still unsure about the union so go to my union and pm me should we abandon it?

Hey mates Join Runescape

I welcome u all to Runescape mates please join and I bet u will love this game forever. I would love u mates to come with me and I sure help you :) so if u are online make it to runescape it doesnt look great neither did super mario but both are great games :P so u will love it and I would lve some gamespot mates to join :) besides i will help u thats extra lol and u can see my strong stats :D all mates go to the union and pm me fast plz :)