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chettyharish Blog

Runescape New House :D

At Last I Got A Topic

All Welcome To My New Runescape House Fully Gilded Wasted My Lifetime Earnings On It lol@

And btw why dont i join a runescape union here lol lol just got the idea so of to the unions

Hi bak

i am still playing runescape lol i am 84 range now so if anyone joins in watch ur backs mwhahahahah!

Woot Its gizmo time

woot now my studies include programming and c++ rest so i gonna experiment here btw i am in computer engineering now dont know my future in it so anyone here with clues lol i just stuck to computers for my marks sufficied to everything lol.

Monday April 28 2008

Nothing Special

Morning -classes :S ended at 11.30am :)

Afternoon -pc ppc pc runescape rulez killing avianssies!

Evening-Sleeping lol

Night -IPL Match Banglore Vs Chennai Wooo Chennai!

Woot day over a time machine will help me :(