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Lee-Enfield Rifle Mk.4 (T)

Lee-Enfield Rifle Mk.4 (T)

Year: First developed in 1903
(known as the “Long Magazine” version)
Weight: 8.62 Lb (3.92 KG)
Range: 492 Yd/ 400M
Calibre: 0.30 (7.7mm)
No. of Rounds per clip: 10
Rate of Fire: N/A

There were 3 versions since the early patent in 1896 (and the first production model of 1903); leading up to the favored Mk.4- this model was used by the British Army from 1942.

At Last I Did It

After About 1 and a half year of trying, i was atlast able to pass vietcong without cheating on VIETCONG difficulty it was a hell of a job but atlast i did it thanks to everybody who helped me the list is below

Pterodon ---> For Making Vietcong

My PC---->For allowing me to play the game

Me---> For doing The hard work