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chettyharish Blog

Nothing still new

life is well still still boring nothing new exams coming gotta study yep its same message above life is same above

btw complete whole hl2 hl2ep1 and hl2ep2 at hard in the meantime lol

I am in training in :D

W00t guys i am now into training for malware fighting at

guess willo be come expert in like 6mnths then i can help my mates with their hijackthis logs and stuff :) and u will get special preference maybe lol

New Vid And New Icon

Woooo ha i got my new icon according to my mates choices

and to than kmy mates

i uploaded a video which u love it

so guys make sure u enjoy


New avatars

i have set of new avatars should i change the avatar to these or should i keep the present one

i will make some more and add them also search web for some