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  • Chemiker wrote a review of Mirror's Edge.
    User Rating 10
    Best parkour

    As for me the best parkour mechanic in this game is 70% parkour, 15% story (with cartoons) and 15% action shooter (flashy with bosses).And I’ll tell you, I liked how the plot (it was even epic ...

  • Chemiker wrote a review of Sniper: Art of Victory.
    User Rating 6
    Polish Sniper

    After passing the first part of Sniper Elite, I also remembered a series of guests from the Poles, I decided to compare, so to speak, wow, "the first pancake is lumpy", not like the British, but as w...

  • Chemiker wrote a review of Sniper Elite.
    User Rating 8
    Elit Sniper

    The game that launched a series of games, out of 5 and 4 in a side series (zombies), and I don’t know almost any more games about snipers, except for a series of Polish types like sniper price o...

  • Chemiker wrote a review of The Ship.
    User Rating 9
    Social Stealth

    I really liked the style, and the gameplay itself, it's a pity that I didn't see it at the time. in 2023, no one is playing anymore (.The single part of the game, I came in, the game is on the source...

  • Chemiker wrote a review of Godfall: Ultimate Edition.
    User Rating 5

    An illustrative example is the $70 AAA triple-ey game, in which the grind is elevated to the absolute, but the graphics are not the right word, there is some kind of story, but so little, literally fo...

  • Chemiker rated Godfall a score of 5.
  • Chemiker wrote a review of Operation: Tango.
    User Rating 8

    Operation Tango is not a bad game for two, it can be you with a friend, or with your soulmate!The game is not long, but what a rich one, in one mission, you have to work with a partner, dodging enemie...

  • Chemiker wrote a review of Half-Life 2: Deathmatch.
    User Rating 9
    The liveliest deathmatch in the half life series

    Before us is the 2nd part of Half-Life 2 multiplayer, the liveliest deathmatch in the Half Life series, because everything you need is there, graphics are normal, nice gameplay, people)Review:+ Many ...

  • Chemiker wrote a review of Degrees of Separation.
    User Rating 7
    Game for you and your partner

    The game is a local co-op, or a game with a bot in a team, where the duty of the bot is just to follow you), that is, it is better to play with someone. A very unusual idea to make people play for two...

  • Chemiker wrote a review of Deathmatch Classic.
    User Rating 7
    DMC good but old

    In DMC, Valve quotes games from id Software - You can immediately see that the intelligentsia are playing this)DMC - Devil may edge?) hah)Review:+ Like a quake)+ Nice gameplay even now+What is no onl...

  • Chemiker wrote a review of Ricochet (2004).
    User Rating 5
    Game without guides

    Actually, the game is called ricochet, symbolically, now I found out where the word finally came from)So why the negative review, and then that almost no one plays the game, and the game is multiplay...

  • Chemiker wrote a review of Day of Defeat.
    User Rating 5

    Take part in an intense team battle "Germans vs. Commonwealth", which unfolded on the territory of Europe during the Second World War.A popular modification of Half-Life, which is an online team-based...

  • Chemiker wrote a review of Half-Life 2: Lost Coast.
    User Rating 8

    Originally planned as a section of the Highway 17 chapter of Half-Life 2, Lost Coast turned out to be a playable tech showcase that showcases the addition of HDR dynamic lighting to the Source engine....

  • Chemiker wrote a review of Jumanji: The Video Game.
    User Rating 3
    Boring, boring, expensive

    The game is a game based on the movie. The game is cooperative, it will go on any bucket, and these are the only pluses)Of the minuses: 4 levels, the same, only the textures change and 4 characters, ...

  • Chemiker rated Jumanji: The Video Game (Collector's Edition) a score of 3.
  • Chemiker wrote a review of Dying Light: Bad Blood (Early Access).
    User Rating 8
    Death of perspective game

    What can I say, going into the game, I thought right now "I'll plunge", I plunged into the game where you need to become one of 12 players in zombie-infested lands and fight for your life or assemble ...

  • Chemiker rated Counter-Strike: Global Offensive a score of 10.
  • Chemiker wrote a review of Evening Surprise.
    User Rating 10
    Она мне изменяет?!

    Длительность чтения: ~20 минут.Не думал что успею удивится!Сначало было скучно думал живет пара у них все хорошо, но потом.........потом случилась не потятка, когда макс увидел в окне .......(спойлер)...

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