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You'll never guess what this blog's about!

OK, I was tagged by my good friends xwest06 and phoenyx9 so here we go, but I'm telling you - these are deep dark secrets so horrible, so terrifying, so disgusting that you'll probably go mad! You've been warned!:shock:

1. I'm of Irish, Scottish and Welsh decent - hence the name Celtic

2. My wife Shannon and I use to see each other literally every summer of our lives growing up. Our parents use to rent a cabin at the same lake in Maine at the same time every summer and we were playmates from the beginning. When we were older we went a few years w/o seeing each other but back in the summer of 87 we both happened to be there and the first thing I noticed was "Shannon's all grown up!" We were engaged about a month later and then married in June of 88. Now we're approaching our 20th anniversary! Isn't that just the sweetest thing you've ever heard?:roll:

3. I grew up in Newport, RI. If you're a fan of Family Guy then you'll know that's where Peter Griffin's in-laws live. It's true that Newport has many mansions, yachts and rich people. I sold my mansion 13 years ago and sailed my yacht down to Florida, where I now live. OK, part of this is not true, I'll let you try to figure out which part:P

4. My father was a tank commander in WWII. He first served as a volunteer with the British in North Africa under General Montgomery, then later in the war fought in Germany under General Patton, and spoke with Patton many times.

5. Have spent most of my career as an accountant but I did try my hand in retail for awhile and was an assistant manager at a Wal-Mart store. I can't recommend that to anyone that wants to have a life outside of their job.

Well that's it. Hopefully everyone that read this survived, but I did give a warning:lol:

Oh, almost forgot - I'm tagging my son Nelo100 - you're way overdue for a blog so get cracking!