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Three punks terrorize Florida tourist attractions!

I'm a bit late in posting this blog thanks to some trouble I had with photoshop, but better late than never! A week ago last Saturday my friend Jude, known to many of you as Lightfellower from the RPG Temple, was down here in Florida checking out the sites before he made his trip back to Edmonton and then finally back home to Singapore. My family and I had the pleasure of getting together with Jude and spending an afternoon with him. That's my son Dylan (Nelo100) on the left, and yes, he's already taller than me:evil: Anyways, despite the 90+ temperatures we had a great time! Jude is a very polite, thoughtful and intelligent young man who has a great future - reminds me of myself 23 years ago, where did I go wrong:P My 12 and 8 year old daughters really took to Uncle Jude and were feeling pretty low when we took him to the bus terminal (he headed for Miami the next day) but now we have a reason to visit Singapore!