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The Old Guy's Having a Birthday

Well, believe it or not tomorrow's my birthday.  My Dad fought as a tank commander in WWII and I think he made a request of my Mom to make sure I was born on Veteran's Day:P  I'm going to be 44, and it's true what they say about the years flying by.  It boggles my ming that I graduated from college 21 years ago!  I'm sure my wife will give me a serious, mature type of present for someone my age (watch, cologne etc.) then she'll let the kids get me something I really want (Simpsons Season Eight, video games etc.):P  Like they say, what's important is how old you feel, and I'm glad I can have fun playing video games and watching cartoons with my kids.  Hopefully it will give them good memories years from now.  Anyways, hope all of my good friends in Gamespot have a great weekend!